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Full text of "Transcript of Copyright Entries for the District Court of Massachussetts, 1800-1809, with Bibliographic Notes"

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f li c* 14- Jan., 24th yr # of Ind, 1300 - 1 

By Thorns Paine, as Author 

Paine, Thomas. (Afterward, Paine, Robert Treat, 1773-1811) 

An eulogy on the Life of General Goorgo Washington who died at Mount 
Yemon, ’December 14, 1799 in the sixty ninth year of his Age. ’Written 
at the request of the Citizens of Nevrburyport and delivered at the first 
Presbiterian {Presbyterian* Meeting House in that Town, January 2nd 1800. 
By Thomas Paine, A . M 0 

Ms Printed at Newburyport, by Edmund M. Blunt. 1800, 

DLC, Mil, MHi, MSaE, 1.WA , 

Union catalog. 

A, 1. 1. Author file. 

Evans i 176th Mass, copyright. 

Sabin: 58199. 

f 2; c. 18 Jan., 24th yr. of Ind. 1800 - 2 

By Barnard B* Macanulty, as Proprietor 

Biglow, William* 

The Child’s Library. Part first; containing Lessons for spoiling and 
reading, stops & marks, numbers, &c. By William Biglow. 

MSaE* Salem: Printed by Joshua Cushing, 1800* Sold at the Book Stores 

of T. C. Cushing, and B. B. Maoanulty. 

A, 1,1. Author file, 

Evans s 177th Mass, copyright. 

Deposited Dept* of State, July 1, 1800. 

r3) c. 21 Jan., 24th yr* of Ind, 1800 - 3 

By Samuel Holyoke, as Author 

Holyoke, Samuel. 

HarkJ from the Tombs, &o* and Beneath the Honors, &o. adapted from 
Dr * Watts, and set to music. By Samuel Holyoke, A.M. Performed at 
••Wburyport 2d January, 1800: the day on which the Citizens unitedly 

r© e sed, their unbounded veneration for the memory of our beloved 


lH * Copyright secured. Exeter jN.II.j Printed by H. Ranlet t n.d.j 


® n ion catalog. 

n"* 1 * Author file. 

n 8: 178th Maes, copyright. 


t 4 > 

o, 25 Jan,, 24th yr. of IncI 
By Solomon Howe , as Author 

1800 - 4 

I * , A : 

jlovJU> Solomon, 

The Worshipper's Assistant, Containing the rules of Music, and a 
variety of easy and plain psalm tunes j adapted to the weakest capacities, 
and designed for extensive utility, as an Introduction to more critical 
an d curious Music, By Solomon Ilowo, A.M. 

Copy Right secured according to Act of Congress. Printed, typo- 
graphically, at Northampton, Mass. 3y Andrew Viright: - For the 
Author. Sold by him ... 1799, 

Preface dated Greenwich, Mass. Feb. 14, 1799, 


Metcalf , 

Union cat alog. 

A.I.I. Author file. 

Evtmsi 179th Mass, copyright, (v. 12, 35643) 

Deposited Dept* of State, Sept. 20, 1800. 


c, 3 Mar*, 24th yr. of Ind. 

Bv John Russell, as Proprietor 

1800 - 5 

Russell, John Miller* 

Washington’s Political Legacies, to which is added an appendix contain- 
ing an account of his Illness, Death, and the national tributes of respect 
paid to his memory, with a Biographical Outline of his Hie and character* 
Eft j i_ funeral oration on General Georg© Washington, By John — iller i^us— 
cell. Esq. Boston, Printed by John Russell, for Joseph Nancrede* 


A different title, but probably it is the work: which was deposited 
for copyright under a diiferent oitle* 


Union catalog* 

A. I, I. Author file. 

Evans s 




180th Mass, copyright 

74 348. 


c. 25 Har., 24th yr. of Ind, 
u.r film i>1bh I j . Sunnor, as Aut 

1800 - 6 

•^urnnor, Ciiarlos Pinoicney* , , 

Eulogy on the Illustrious George ’./ashington pronounced at Hilton, 

twenty ceoond of February, 1800. By Charles Pinckney Sumer, 

lJi * « Dedliam ; Printed by H. Mann. 1800. 

dedication dated Iiilton, 11 Maro , * 

M, MB, JsiBAt, MH, HU. 
ftion catalog. 

'^vang, Mass, copy light* 

‘^bint 93693. 

^Posited Dept, of State, May 1, 1800. 

I f 100 - 7 


Kl Mm*,, Jtltih y»\ nr' Ind* 

'#tiu»u\\ It, Mnonuully, <vn l*vnpft itlior 

Ht *\Vnw , W t \ 1 1 mu* 

i’lu* rtO\il*o 1 I'm I it on t,n t n 1 1 1| rt no I «H'M < mii of 

i\*i n)H’ t l Oiji.j at t\l iipoftK 1 Of* „ liy Vi 1, 1 1 1 rim til f low 

Vfl\l : t ilkiitoil h\ Jitftlmo lhtj|hluj t 1 MvH)„ llnlhl it I 

(t(‘ l', 0* v'uuMttf iMtil H, 11, tlinutitti t ty „ 

t.\*iim 1HIM Mwuft* copy . 

\VsHtVtnil Vi‘ oil , it (' .''litiliit^ July t 4 l(U)0* 


\t. I t Apr* , HI Mi ,v t , or Owl* 

1 1 \ 1 1 itltanl Wit I alt. ttft All 111 It '1* 

I.Im j In* tit Ml.ormi 

If UK) - fl 

ViWlnt\| NlQ 

A \i‘r. ts\rti« t iti' UtnA'nut l 1 it AtM 1 lu u» t* 1 it tut l.lirt (Joumuj •*! Mm 

1 ilv.Vt M til oit lu 1 i M iWviOlittO Wild t*n ihi l fit rnlntlmui. VO till 1*0 HUH <>.! 
MiWOtmto itud oUi r wi*l| ln;" ( n umtnlly OooVmMoj, lu brudo* 

’ ' t N*nd’npyport t IVlutod by liilniiuul 1 1 . blunt) ( IT**! 1 )' i f bor) .ml<l by U1 


Hint ofa , i mu * 

ijiOV Nn\vlturyp u, ‘ti« Uooommoudn l i now did.od 

# w pf 



-i t n t it»: t tMoi , nod b\ Mu» jirlnolpitl Hr toll no Horn lo tdi«> llulttid 

PrntVop ilot ml Jiumnry 1, 

t.wv 1, ltlOO* 

% * 

Httlvtw i'ntnlof,* 

1 tlOl i Vtr»m JUKI* IiOoivii l onu rooot'dtd 

k % \ ,1 , V n t*i„ l liiprl tit ft , 

tntitm 10*\1 onp\ < i bt , 

tittup piYfUIn 

t\»jv*it<nt IVM't. or :Hitt»o f Mny '1, 1 WU 

0\vn# Imprint dnlio nn IHOO, Util, no loim- 

,o . 

nth yv, of liul 

o. ill Hay, 

tW Jo tc*pH Htory, «n Author 

1U00 m 0 

it wry. Jonoph* 

TUp lWvr of Solitude*, * ln tlW ° 

:k, : vM i. rrintmt by ■’">«> 11 ■“ 


! nUui otttttlof*;* 

1 1 * 1 * Ai i Aho r fl 1 o * 

ttt \Mt h nnftt oopyrlfht * 

ftblkii US 31(1* 

pur t (i 

tl * ) 

{ Oil I'ttpti, of f'ti t‘% 

July l!l, l ' u)0 - 

Hy Jottttph t ' t, ory 


.. »0 M«.v, i’ll tilt yi\ Of I'"'. 

U Nntl'o"' 1 " 1 WB ^ ,,,,,or 

1U00 - 10 


K niJiiliirttil ¥ 

V % 

. .. nrtnotploit '>'>‘1 Dmitri no » or Tm# Holl K lon 

. ,v.!tr « 'r !»«• 1,1 '• v, '" kUu ’ «“”• 

Nwthtml«l wnd Hurtjw*^ 1 ' Jlnwtu'n # 

inn mu* oo punto o 
f hiMirtn ,1 Kt iiumti # l^» ■ 

WronbhWU Nt|l$ Urintod by 


iffl-AH, MHi. 

Union catalog. 

A.I.I* Author file. 

Evans: 185th Maos. copyright. 

Depooitcd Fept. of ftato, Aug, 14, 1800, 

o# 31 llfty, 24th yr. oi* Xnd. 1800 — 11 

By Jonathon Leavitt, as Author 

Leavitt, Jonathan, 

A oonc i do vlav/ of the now Covenant under tho Adanio, Abrahanio or 
Mosaic, and Christian Institutions, in four Somons on Phi: 2d, 12th, 

13th, am two addrencoc to tho Church in Heath; in which are pointed 
out tho true door of Entrance into tho Christian Churoh; tho churches 
rohurch ? g j duty to all hor Mcnbero and tho essential and funda .ontal 
duties, both of opinion and practice, of pure Chri stianity; and exposing 
soma Error®, both in faith and practico, which, at this day, are very ; ;wv— 
a lent among nominal Christians; and is calculated for tho use and bonefit 
of Heads of families and other pious professions of tho Cospel of Christ. 

To which v/ill bo added a discourse upon 1st Xho3Si 5th, 9 th shewing Hi vino 
Grace to be free, but sovereign. dy tho Lev. Jonathan Loavitt, A.H. 

MS* A ooncise view of tho now covenant; tho churoh' s duty; and of divine 
appointment , or doc roes. Printed at bortharapton, 2!aos. By Andrew 
Wright. 1801. 

Tho copyright title entry is ir-ciudad in this wor'c undor Contents in 
approximately the nano words, p. fill -Ivj. 

Union catalog. 

A.I.I. I'hbo. imprints, 1801 j Tt<*n 160. Locations recorded. 

Evans: 186th Mass, oopyrirhti Horthar.ptan, V, : . But lor, 1800? 1 o locations 


r 12j o. 12 Juno, 24th yr. of Ind, 1800 - 12 

3y R. Fields, as Author 

Fields, R. 

A practical Treatise upon the Banicrupt Law of tho United State 
R. Fields, Attorney at Law. 

Nil: Boston: Printod by B. Ldes & Son. 1800. Copy right sooured. 

Advert i semont verso titlo-pago dated Uay ol, 1300. 

MH-L, UHi, JvflVA . 

Union catalog. 

A.I.I. Author flld. 

Rvons: 187th Mass, copyright. 

Sabin: 24302. 




c. 22 July, 25th yr. of Ind. 

3 y Thomas Pike Lathy, as Author 

1000 - 13 

vfchy, Thomas Pike. 

Reparation; or, tho School 
sts. By Thomas Pike Lathy. 

for Libertines. A Dramatic Piece in three 


\m : 

As performed at the Boston theatre with groat applause, Publ^fl © 
for the benefit of the author. Boston, Printed by John Pusro 

DLC, MB, MH, Mill , NN, 

Union catalog. 

A.X.I* Author file. 

Evans* 188th Mass, copyright. 

o, 14 Aug*, 25th yr. of Ind. 

By iGaiah Thomas & Ebonezor T. 
Andrews, as Proprietors 

1800 - 14 

Alexander, Caleb. 

The Columbian Dictionary of tho English language in vrhich many now 
words peculiar to tho United States and many words of genoral uso not 
found in any other English Dictionary aro inserted. Tho words aro divided 
as thoy aro pronounced, and auoh word is aooonted according to tho most 
approved Authors and Speakers; with abbreviations used to denote onoh pert 
of Speech* All tho irregular vorbs are properly arranged and mado plain 
I to the reader. The whole is calculated to assist foreigners in acquiring 
a just pronunciation of tho English language; and to be used as a School 
! Book, by any who wish to study the Language grammatically. To v/hloh io 
prefixed a Prosodial Grammar containing a short dissertation on Vov/ols 
i and Consonants. To the v/hole is added Heathen Mythology; or, a Classical 
j pronouncing Dictionary. By Caleb Alexander, A.M* 

HKA i Published according to Act of Congress. Printed at Boston, by 
j Isaiah Thorns & Ebonezor T. Andrews... Aug* 1800, 


Union catalog, 

A. 1,1. Mass. imprints, 1801* Item 325. Record of nevfspaper advertisement 


I Evans* 189th Mass, copyright, 

I Deposited Dept, of State, Sept, lo, 1800, 

f 15j c, 30 Aug., 25th yr. of Ind. 1800 - 15 

By Samuel Holyoke, as Author 

Ho lyoke, Samue 1 . 

The Instrumental Assistant, containing instructions for tho Violin, 
German- fluto, Clarionett, Bass-Viol, and Hautboy, compiled from late 
European publications. Also a election of iuvouritc Airs, Marches, &o. 
Progressively arranged and adapted for tho use of learners. By Samuol 
Holyoke, A.M, 

MW A* Published according to Aot of Congress. Voltmio I, Printed at 

Exeter, N.H. by H. Ran let, and Sold at his Book-Store - Sold also 
by most of tho Booksellers in the United States, pi.d.j 


A. I, I. Ma ss . imprints, 1801* Item 357, Record of newspaper advert iaom©nt 



Kvnnfl * 

f l6j 

190th Mass. copyright, 

Newburyport, Angier March, 1800. No locations riven. 
"Af roomont between Samuel Holyoke, Box ford, and Iionry 
Exeter, N.1T. for printing, dated Hov, 11, 1600.” 

o. 30 Aug., 25th yr. of Ind. 

By Daniel Bolknap, as Proprietor 


1800 - 16 

Bolknap, Daniel. ^ _ 

The Evangelical Harmony containing a great variety of Airs, sui e 
i'or Divine Worship; besides a number of favourite piooos of nusio selec e 
from different Authors; oiiiefly original. To which is prefixed, A concise 
Introduction to the grounds of Music* By Daniel Belknap, Author of the 
Harmonises Companion* 

jrflA* Printed, typographically, at Boston, for the Author, by Isaian 

Thomas and Ebenezer T* Andrev/s, Faust's Statue, Fo. 45, Newbury 
Street - Sopt. 1800. 

MH, MHi, m. 

Metcalf . 

Union catalog. 

A. 1. 1. Mass, imprints, 1801: Itom 328. Record of newspaper advertisement 


Evans: 191st Mass, copyright. 

Deposited Dept, of Btate, Nov. 18, 1000. 


o. 30 Aug., 25th yr. of Ind. 

By Benjamin Waterhouse, as Author 

1300 - 17 

i’aterhouse, Benjamin. . .. «. , * 4 . 

A prospect of exterminating the Snail ioxj oeing x he ..i story 01 t. 

Variola Vaccina, or Kine Pox, commonly called the Cow Pox. as it .as 

iDDcared in England; with an account of a senes of Innooulations oe 

formed for the Kine Pox in Massachusetts. By Benjamin T.aterhouse U.D. 

n'‘”L“rtdr"o.' e Printed Mr th. Author .« the Cuubrlds. Pro.,, by ItlUln. 
Hilliard ... 1800. Copyright secured according to lav;. 

)IC, MH, MHI. 

Jnion catalog. 

l.I.I. Author file. 

ivanet 192d Kass. copyright. 

deposited Dept, oi’ State, Dec, 2 , • 

f 18 1 

o. 9 Sept., 25th yr. or Ind. 
t* , vMlliam Andrew®, as Propr 

1800 - 13 

The rules of' Work, 
most accurately 
the Tovm. 

Of the carpenters in the town of Boston, fomod, and 
corrected, by a large number of the first workmen of 


KhAl Pub H shad sgraoRbly to Aob of Oonr.rona. HoeUun ivl nted, nur th" 
Proprietor*. 1800 „ 

Print nr* a dovlao on the title-page apneam bo bo that of U. Kiln** 1 1 fig! 
!*, RPJCfl. 

Union catalog. 

Kvan b : 19 5d Mac a. copyright* 

Deposited Dept. of State, Jan. 15 # IflOl. 

f l 9 j 

o* 9 Sept#, 20 tli yr. of Ind. 
8y Iimifth X human . 

1 / 1(H) - 19 

Jun'r. ow proprietor 

Smith, Amnsa. 

A abort compendium of tho duty of Artllloriutn j allowing tho method! of 

hxoroise with lip lit fluid ploaooj of Atjimrln I n i uj; tho to run l tun of d l 
tion and olevnti on, oorroapondtng with tho bon of A Gfuni wl fh A ietiorlp- 
tion of tho Instruments for tho proouoa, ALao an oaiiy method Of finding 
tho distance of an Objoot, by a plain Table, yjIUi l to particular clotiarl p** 
tion. Also observations on oxpo rlfttmtu 1 Gunnery, By AfflAnu ' ii hh. Major 
of Artillery in tha Militia of tho United 3tatt«« 

KKt V/oroostorj Published aooordinp to Aob of Ooni i „ !>y InaiAh Tho mao, 

Jun., Proprietor of tho V.ork. Sold wholesale. nnd rot Ail by him - 
5opt. 1800. 


Union oat a lop;. 

A.I.I, Macs, imprints, 1801i Item 384. Kooord ol* nmvtipnpor ndvorb I eminent 


Evans i 194th Maos, copyright, 

Sabin i 82527. 

Deposited Dopt, of fits to, Fob. 17, 1805. 

f 20, 

o. 20 Kept., 25th yr, of Ind 
Jly Goorgo Chlpman, nu Author 

1800 - 20 

Chipmon, Go or go, compiler. 

Tho American Moralist, containing a variety of Moral land rulirious 

fe 1 I 

lessons together with humoron:. And on tort A i nlng pluoou doul|;nod prinol 
pally :or tho uoo of schools, by Goorpo Ohlpman. 

h: i Published acoordin^ to Aot of Confrnna* YUrontlmm (Miimi.J Printed 
Nathaniel Honton, Jun, for tho author. - 1301. 

Preface datod Apr. 20, 1800, Bridge water. 

Union catalog. 

A#., I, Mass, imprxdbs, ldOli Hum 87# Loo at Lons rooordoil. 




c. 4 Duo., 25th yr, of Iud# 

By Nathaniel iimxton. Jun# f as Author 


- 21 

Hep.ton, Nathaniel, Jr, 

The Columbian Proooptor, cental i' lug a variety of now pieOfl in 
Poetry^ and Dialogue*, with rule* for reading* 8« looted from the 

Approved Author! for the use of fohoola in the United Btatee# iiy 
Nathaniel Iloaton, Jun. 

Pro no 


gH-Ed.T.i Published according to Act of Congress, Wrenthaun, (Maes.) 

Printed and sold by tho Authors sold also by D. Heaton, Prov- 
idence, and v vious other Book— 30 I lore in the Uni tod S taboo •* 
January, 1801. 

Preface dated Nov. 27, 1800. 

Union catalog, 

A.I.i* Mass, imprints, 1 0‘Lj Item 129. Locations recorded. 

Deposited Dept, of State, June 8, 1001. 

f 22 3 

c. 25 Kov. , 25th yr. of Ind. 
By John 'host, as Proprietor 

1800 - 22 

Stani f o rd, Bani el. 

The art of Headings containing a number of useful rules, exemplified 
by a variety of f elected and original pieces, narrative, didactic, argu- 
mentative, poetical, descriptive, pathetic, humorous, and entertaining* 
Together with Dialogues, spooches, orations, addresses and harrangues ; 
calculated to improve the Scholar in Heading and Speaking with Propriety 
and Elegance; and to impress the minds of youth with sentiments of virtue 
and religion. Designed Cor the use of schools and families. By Daniel 
Staniford, A.M., author of "A Short but comprehensive Grammar." 

This title vras recorded as the sixth entry in 1801 but was dated 

25 November, twenty-fifth year. 

: Boston: Printed by John Hus sell for John West, 1800. 

Preface dated Boston, November 1, 1800. 


Union catalog. , . 

A.X.I. Hass. imprints, 1801s Item 336. Record of newspaper advertisement 

(only). , _ . 

Evans: 202d Hass. copyright. Incorrect. : oo auove. 

Deposited Dept, of State, Hay 11, 100:L - 


o. 6 Jan., 25th yr. of Ind. 

By Thomas C. Cushing, as Proprietor 

1801 - 1 

Kir.bail, Jacoo, Jr. inal Composition, in three and four Parts. 

The Essex Harmony* E author of the "Rural harmony." 

By Jacob Kimball, Ju ^ , » \** Aot 0 p Congress. From tho Musio-Press of 
jf. 'A* Published according - p iYto( j" f or T. C. Cushing and B. B. 

&ES l ° 180 °- 

Pro face dated Tops^-ield, 

DLC, m, MSoE. 

I’etcalf . 

Union catalog. . Record of newspaper advertisement 

A. 1. 1. Mass, inprints, WOli e 


Sabin* 37756. 1Q ioql 

Dopositod Dept, of State, May 19. 1 


t 24 » c » 6 25th yr. of Ind. 1801 - 2 

^ Thonas C* Cushing and Joshua 
Cushing, as Proprietors 

Cleveland, Charles, 

Tables exhibiting at one view tho different Duties ad Valorem arising 

oia v * °J 8 , ° merchandise, In such foreign Coins and Currencies as are 
established by an Act of Congress of the United States, of July 2d, 1799, ,t 
by Charles Cleveland, Deputy Collector for the District of Salem and Bever- 
ly* 0 ' 10 added a List of Duties payable on all Goods, Wares, and 
; ‘ore hand i so imported into the United States after the 30th of June, 1800, 
With other information necessary for merchants, masters of Vessels, &o. 

MSaE: Published according to Act of Congross, Salem i Printed by 

Joshua Cushing, and Sold by Thomas C, Cushing. 1800, 

DLC. | 

Union catalog, I 

A, 1. 1, Mass, imprints, 1801* Item 338. Record of newspaper advertisement 1 


Evans* Seme title, 1800, clSOl. 

Deposited Dept, of State, May 19, 1801, 

r 25 l o, 8 Jan., 25th yr. of Ind. 1801 - 3 

By Samuel V/orceeter, A.M, , as Author 

Worcester, Samuel. 

Six Sermons on the Doctrine of future punishment. Ey Samuel Wo roe a tor 
A*M., Pastor of the Church in Fitchburg. * 

-JA* Printed at Worcester, Massachusetts, By Daniel Greenleaf 1800, 

At end of work* Copy right secured according to lay/. 

Preface dated Fitchburg, 27th October, 1000. 

DLC, NN. T . 

Union catalog. 

Evans i 199th Mass, copyright. 

f26j o. 14 Jan., 25th yr. of Ind. 1QQ1 - 4 

By John Churchman, as Author 
(Title of a chart) 

Churchman, Johh. 

A Variation Chart, by John Churchman, Imperial Russian Academician, 

No copy located. 

A. I, I, Hass, imprint 3, 1801* Item 337, Advertised in the Columbian Centi nel 

and Hass. Federalist, Apr. 29, 1801, as "Lately published.. ~ — f 

Deposited Dept, of* State , Uov. 18, 1801. 

*27, o • 27 Jan., 25th yr. of Ind. 1801 - 5 

By William T* Clap, as Proprietor 

Carleton, Osgood. 

The new American Seaman’s Daily Assistant} containing easy rules 
Gxcunplog for working the cases in plane parallel, middle Latitude and 
Creator's Sailing by the tables of difference of Latitude and Departure 


and by the Gunter* s Scale with every necessary to be known in the practice 
of keoping a Journal at Soa; the whole exemplified ir a Journal from Cap© 
Henry to the Havnnna, to which is prefixed easy rules for measuring Bales, 
Boxes, Guaging Casks, Tonnageing, Ships, kc with many other matters 
requisite to be known by Mariners in general; oompiled on the principle 8 
of John-Honilton Moore's last edition of Daily Assistant, Revised, cor- 
rected, and enlarged by Osgood Carloton, Teacher of Mathematics in Boston, 
to which is added some general instructions to Merchants, Masters o i 
Vessels, and others concerned in Navigation, respecting the mode ox doing 
business at the Custom house, Ac. 

Ho copy located. 

A, 1 . 1* Mass, imprints, 1001: Item 373, The new American seaman's daily 

assistant . William T. Clap, Proprietor* Advertised in 
Independent Chronicle , Boston, Feb. 9, 1801, as "How in the press 
and will be published in a short time ,' 1 

f 23 j 

c, 6 Feb., 25th yr* of Ind, 

By Samuel Hnll, as Proprietor 

1601 - 6 

Tenple, Samuel. 

The Child's Assistant in the Art of Reading, being a collection of 
pieces suited to the capacities of Children in the early stages of Eduoa- 
tion. Designed as a medium between the Spelling Book and the American 
Selection of Lessons, American Preceptor and other Books of a similar 
kind, by Samuel Temple, A.Iu Author of the Introduction to Arithmetic. 

RP3: Printed by Samuel Hall, No. 53, Cornhill, Boston, 1801. (Copy Right 

secured acoo rdi ng to Law, ) 

Verified by letter. 

A, 1,1. Mass, imprints, 1801: Item 588. Copyright entry quoted from 

adve rt i se -ne nt in t he Co lu mbian CentineX and iiassaoh u setts Fe do ra li 3 - 
Fob. 21, 1801. No copy located. 

f29, o. 21 Feb., 25th yr. of Ind. 1301 - 7 

By Edmund March Blunt, as Proprietor 

Bowditch, Nathaniel. 

The new Amorioan practical Navigator; being an epitome of Navigation, 
containing all the Tables necoasary to bo used with the Nautical Almanac 
in determining tho latitude and the longitude by lunar observation; and 
keeping a complete reckoning at Sou: - illustrated by proper rules ax id 
examples i — tho whole exemplified in a Journal .;opt from Boston to Madeira j 
in which all the rules of Navigation aro introduced, also the demons tm- * 
tion of the most useful rules of Trigonometry with tho substance of in- 
formation every Candidate for tho America. i Navy ought to bo acquainted 
tfith, previous to his being appointed; this with tho Soa Toms aro par- 
ticularly recommended to tho attention oi‘ all young gentlemen designed Cbr 
0r belonging to the Sea. Compiled from the best authorities and enrich'd 
a number of new Tables v/ith original improvements cud additions to 
tho old; and a large variety of now and inporttmt matter j (also many 
thousand errors corrected which have appear'd in every System of Navigation 


yet publish d* By Nathan! ol Bowditoh, Follow of the Ainorlown Kon'lnmj of 
Arts and Sciences. 

HH* First edition. Printed at Newburyport, (' nno.) 1802, by Edmund M. 

Blunt, (Proprietor) . Sold by every book-oollcr, rthl 1 o r f 
and aathenatical-instrument-mA or in the United ::t;ates and 

•4^ % # 

* * 

Ion catalog. 

■i a 

A a X § 1 

n 64 . Looat't <mn recorded v/i bh moOi ol 
ition, which all bear Imprint date, 1008# 

m 53. Third edition. Newbury j> f >rt : Pub-* 

Mm». imprints, 1802 s Item 

variant is sue a of this odi 

Haas* ISprlnt a # 1501 j Item ug, imra coition, mwouiypvrv? * »•/- by Edward Little and Company, Norris and Company, Printers* 
eprof. 1801) 

*»o^c under I ton 63 records an 1801 Newport edition. /'his not# 

should read; First edition. Nowburyport, Liao a. Printed by K. M. 

Blunt rerturyport, Paso.) for Y/. R. Wilder, Newport, 1002. 

Located at DLC. 

s is a variant issue o ' the first Iiewburyport edition noted 
above, located at UII. 

Deposited Dept, of State, Mar. 5, 1802. 

c * 2 Mar. 25th yr, of Ind, 1001 - 8 

By V eat & Greenleaf and John Yfoot, 
as Proprietors 

Bigler, Trillion. 

Tne elements of Latin Grammar. Abridg'd from Adam's "Rudiments of 

Latin and English Gn-'nar,” An d designed for an Introduction to that 

^ork. By ./illian Biglow, Teacher of a Private Academy in Salem, Massa- 

Boston. Printed by E. Lincoln for West £ e Groonlouf, Ho. 50 Corn- 
Id II; and John Y.est, No. 75, Comhill. 1801. * 

:f A and other libraries have entered this work under Biglov/, v/v i t \ 
Preface* n It is not intended to supuroodo that work (Adoii'o ...) 
but to serve as an easy introduction to it. 11 

A.I.I. Llass* imprints, 1801* Item 1, under Adam, Alexander. Loontion« 


c. 12 Mar., 25th yr. of Ind. 

By illiam D. Williamson, as Author 

1001 - 9 

' Lilians on, Yfilliam D, 

The Youth's Accidence, being a concise arid comp ro hone ivo Gy at on of 
®®6^ish GraijinaLr, by Ylilliam D. Y/illiamson. 

Lo copy located. 

c. 21 Mar., 25th yr. of Ind. 
By Pi ska, as Proprietor 

1001 - 

^ 8 ke, Hethan, 

to Moral Monitor) or a oollootion of Esoayi on varloua aubj.ot. 
ccoafcuiO dated to the State of Eooiety in the United States of Asierloe. 


social virtue,, 
jjn nnaohusotts • 

jjjji Publi shod 
ohufictta j 
Union catalog. 

impoi tanoo and enforcing tlifi oo :f rvruioo o' hid Lvidnnl a 
By the late Ho vo rend Hntltan ilaleo, 0*0. oC B rook fie Id, 

Printod nt Worcester, Masoa 

according to Act of Congress, 
y Isaiah Thomas, Jun* January - 


A el el# Maos# imprints, 1001 1 I tom 105. Locations recorded. 

Spbim 24549. 

o* 30 Mar., 26th yr. of Ind. , f 

Osgood Co. riot on, an Author 

Carloton, Osgood. 

Tho American Navigator, being a complete selection of nil that Is 
necessary with Theory and Practloe of Navigation, •# illustrated by a 
sufficient number of Precepts and Examples, in evory part of tho Theory 
and Practice of Navigation; and containing all Tables nocossary for tho 
j Titudy and Practico of that useful Science. By Osgood Carlo ton, Teacher 
of Navigation, &c. 

No copy located. 

r34j c. 8 Hay, 25th yr. of Ind. 1801 - 12 

| By JUavid Gumoy, as Author 

Gumoy, David. 

Tho Columbian Accidence; or a briof introduction to tho English 
I language . Attempted on a nevr Plan for tho uso of Children, with an 
Appendix containing a lint of irrogular Nouns and Verbs, observations on 
punctuation, liuloe for tho uso of Capitals, observations on forming 
derived words, and examples of Parsing, David Gurney, A.M. 

P?. .At Published according to Act of Congress. Dostom Manning <?; Loring 

Printers, 1801. 

Profaco dated I/iiddloborough, 11 n roll 2, 1801* 

Union catalog. 

A. 1. 1. Maes, imprints, 1801; Item 11Y . Locations recorded. 

fS6j o. 8 Juno, 26th yr. of Ind* 1801 - 13 

By Iiezolciah Packard, as Author 

Packard, Ilezokiah. 

Tho Christian f*3j Manual; oontalning somo thoughts on tho following 
subjects, viz. I. On tho Articles of tho Christian Fuith, with a oonoiso 
£°na of the Covonant annexed. II* On Baptism, A Dialogue. III. On tho 
Loni's auppor. IV. On Prayer, with somo forms. V. On Civil (iovomment, 
b y question and answer* To which Is added a part of a celebrated Sermon 
° n tho noglcct of public V/orsliip, the who lo designed for tho uso of 
lilies/ By Hozokiah Packard, A.M. A Minister of tho rtospal, 
m ’Ai Published according to Aot of Congress. Printod by Samuel Preston, 

Amherst, N.H. March * 1801. 
n Preface datod January, 1801. 

n ion c atft i o JL CSC-. I Bjj I 

1801 - 14 

f 5Gj o, 20 Juno, 25th yr. of Ind. 

ISy Thaddeus lltison Harris, as^Author 

Harris, Thaddoua Mason, 

Discourses dolivo rod on public oooasiono, il lust rat inf; tho Principles, 
displaying tho Tendency and vindicating tho dosign of Free Masonry# 
Thaddeus Mason Harris, Past Grand Chaplain to tho Grand Lodge, and Chap-* 
Inin to tho Grand Royal Arch Chapter of MapE8.ohueetts. 

MWAi Printed at Charlestown, 8y Samuel Ethoridgo. (Copy right so cured • ) 

Anno Lucie, 5801. 

Union catalog, 

A • I • I • Mass* imprints, 1801* Itom 1,21. Locations recorded. 

Sabins 50514. 

(37) c. 2 July, 25th yr. of Ind. 1C01 - 15 

IV Nathaniel Heaton Junior, ag Author 

Heaton, Nathaniel, Jr, 

Easy school dialogues j original and seloctod* Designed to instruct and 
improve tho minds of young persons in reading and speaking. And Tho 
pleasing Library, containing a selection of humorous, entertaining, 
alopant and Instructive pieces in proeo and poetry, from the most cele- 
brated writers. By Nathaniel Heaton Junior. 

Two titles havo boon entered as ono copyright entry* 

Easy school dialogues ... 

HV. r Ai Published aooording to Act of Congroes. Y.renthum, ( luss, ) Printed 

and Cold by tho Author; Gold also by David Heaton, Providence 
Oliver Ihmsworth, Newport, Ephraim Goodalo, Hendon, &o. - 1802, 
Union catalog, 

A. I, I, Hass, imprints, 1802* Item 170. Locations reoordod. 

The pleasing library ... 

HWAi Published aooording to Act of Congress* Vrontham (Mass.) Printod 

and Sold by tho Author; Sold also by David Heaton, Providonoo, 

Olivor Fhmsworth, Nev/port, Ephraim Goodalo, Hendon, &o. - 1801. 
Union oat a log. 

A *1*1. Hass, imprj nts, 1801 1 Itom 130# Locations reoordod. 

f3Gj o. 20 July, 26th yr. of Ind. 1301 - 16 

By Samuel Holyoke, as Author 

Holyoke, Samuel* 

A dedication Service, containing an introductory Ode, throe Hymns, a 

Doxology, and a concluding Anthem* Set to Music, by Samuel Holyoke, A.M. 

Hxoter, New Hampshire; Printed, typographical ly, by Henry Ranlot, 




Ul »lon oatalor,. 


c. 23 July, 26th yr. of ird 

'-illlfu. 31ylow, a 


5 ^ ^ ^ 

aiglorr, hi Ilian 

An introduction to the 


of Latinj ssieo 

£: ^ 


--” 'rzr_. :■ , 

“ 1W * ftw y^Q the Rules o_‘ Ad- 
joined the second part of Line's la." 

of an Academy in Salem, Massachusetts 

KeA: Published according to Act of Ccm-reas. S 

Cushing, for Cushing & Apoletom, 1501 

Union catalog* 

A.I.I. Mass, imprints, 1301: Item 39. locations 
Deposited Depc. of S “ate , Au<%, 13 ISO"* 

dl ^ 5 

— * ^ J 

c * 29 Aug. 26th yr. of 
Bj American Academy of 

and tne Massachusetts I 
as Proprietors. 

(Title of a Map] 

Carleton, Osgood. 

Map of Massachusetts procer, cannllsd f ><y- « c 

of the General Court and under the inspection of 
Fent. By Osgood Carleton. 

MBj Published and sold br* 3. ct J. Lorin- ■ — ** ■ 
Street, Boston. * ^ 

On map vignette: Engraved by Joseph : a ll 
Boston, 1301. 

DLC, MSAt, Hh. 

Union catalog. 

A.I.I. Mass, imprints, 1801: Item 534. Rwsard o 

(only; of this nap* 

r41 3 

o. 29 Aug. , 26th yr. of I 
By American Academy of Ai 
and the Hass. Historical 
as Proprietors. 

fc s 



of a Mao 



Carleton, Osgood, 

-ap of the District ox^ Maine Massachusetts ec 
a /f r;iade b y order of the General Court and unde: 
ne ( lr appointment. By Osgood Carleton. 

* Boston, Published by 3. & J. Loring, 1302* 
Engraved by Joseph Callender and Ssnuel Kii: 

^nion catalog, 

* *** M&ss* imprints, 1301: Item 534* Record o 
h ^only) of this map* 

oao usotts historical society. Proceedings, v 
°ntains a resolution of the General Court 

above named aooiotioa bo given the right to print, publish, and vend 
the map of the Commonwealth, This explains the faot that the copy- 
right proprietors fbr Items 40 and 41 are the above named societies* 


o, 1G Aug., 2Gth 
By l^aesaohusotts 
as Proprietor 

yr, of Ind 


1801 - 20 


Sullivan, James* 

The history or Land Titles In Masoaohuootts* By James Sullivan, L L D 
Attorney General of that Commonwealth, 

HV/Ai Printed at Boston, By I, Thomas and B» T* Andrews, for the Author, 

August, 1Q01 , 

Preface datod Boston, July, 1001, 

Union catalog, 

A,I,L* Macs, imprints, 1801 i Item 273, Locations recorded* 

Sabim 9 3490, 



o, 9 Sept*, 2Gth yr, of Ind 
By Daniel Adams, as Author 

1001 - 21 

Adams, Denial • 

The s oho la ra r oio. , Arithmetic* or. Federal Aooountant, containing, I. 
Common Arithmetic, th© rules and illuotratione# II* Examples and Answers 
with blank spaoos, sufficient for thoir operation by the Scholar* III* 

To ouoh Kn 1© n supplement, comprehending 1* 'uostions on the nature of 
the Kulo, its uso, and th© manner of its operations. 2. Exorcises. IV. 
Fedorrd monoy, ivlth rules for all tho various operations in It - to reduce 
Foderal to old lawful, and old law fu 1 to i'odoral monoy. V. InteroBt oast 
in Fodoral monoy, with oompound multiplication, compound division, and 
practice wrought in old i. nv. r i \i and in i'odoral monoy, tho same (ie at ions 
bolng nut, in separate columns, on tho some pugo, in eaoh kind of mono y , 
by which these two modes of account become contrasted and the great advan- 
tage gained by reckoning in Federal money easily discussod, VI. Demon— 
strntiono by engravings, of tho reason and naturo of tho various steps in 
the extraction of the square and oubo roots, not to be found in any other 
troatise on Arithmetic. VII. Forms of Notes, Deeda, Bonds and other in- 
struments of writlnr. Tho whole in a Form and mothod altogether now, for 
th. ' 0 °t Z S- th. grofltor proRroQ. of tho scholar. By Daniel 

Adame ^ M 13 

«WAi Published acoording to Aot of Congress. Printed at Leominster, 

Massachusetts, by Adams & Wilder. 1G01. 

Preface dated Leominster, (Maes.; Sopt. 2b, ibux. 

^lon catalog. , , , , 

Mass, imprints, W01> Item 2. Locations raoorded. 



w . _ Dept., 20th yr. of Ind. 
By Joseph Lathrop, as Author 

o. 1 

1801 - 22 

^throp^ j OHeph< 

A View of tho doctrines 

0r tyjilno r oi c # jdlaoouroua 

and dutlaa of tho Chrifltian Religion in 
on Paul’s BpiitlS to the Kpheeiana* /ath a 


preli®* mr ^ r sg on tLe ovucnoos of tho Gospel, O0poolAlly tho so 

derived froxti the conversion, ministry and writings o.f that Apostle. By 
Joseph Lathrop, D*D # Pastor of the Church in Vi'cstspringficld fSio.j 
jffiA: "A o rooster, Massachusetts* By Isaiah Thomas, Jun. (Proprietor of 

the work according to Law,) September, 1801, 

tJnicm catalog* 

Mass# imprints, 1301: I tom 1 33, Locations recorded. 

Deposited Dept, of State, Feb. 17, 1803. 

( 45 3 

°* 8 Sept., 26th yr. of Ind. 

8y Russell & Cutler, as Proprietors 

1001 - 23 

Fairbanks, Jason, defendant. 

Report of the Trial of Jason Fairbanks on an Indictment for tho murder 
of Elizabeth Fales. — At the Supreme Court, holden at Dedham in tho county 
of Norfolk, on Thursday the 6th, and Friday the 7th days of August, 1801, 
I'B: Copy right secured, Boston, Printed by Russell and Cutler, Proprie- 
tors of the work. 1801. 

Union catalog. 

A. 1,1. Mass, imprints, 1801 \ Iten 100. Locations recorded. 

S&bin: 23C72 (2d, 3d, 4th eds., each 1801). 

i 46 3 c. 23 Sept., 26th yr. of laid. 1801 - 24 

By Thomas and Andrew#, as Proprietors 

(Tenney, Mrs. Tabitlaa ( Gilman) j 

Female Quixotism; exhibited in the romantic opinions and extravagant 
arivontures of Dorcasina Sheldon. In two volumes. 

MLA: Published according to Act of Congress. Printed at Boston, By 

I, Thomas & E. T. Andrews, Sold at their Bookstore, Faust* s Statue, 
No, 45, Newbury Street. Juno, 1801, 2v. in 1. 

Union catalog. 

A.I. I. Mass, imprints, 1001: Item 277. (Erroneous entry, Tomiy) ,,, 

Sabin: 94816. 

deposited Dept, of Stntc, Nov. 14, 1801, 

c, 17 Oct., 26th yr. of Ind. 1S01 - 25 

3y Joseph liancrede, as Proprietor 


ttlli va n J&m© s i 

A Dissertation upon the constitutional freedom of the Press, in the 
ited States of America, by an impartial Citiscn. 

Boston, Printed by David Carlisle, for Joseph Nanorede. No. 49, 

Marlborough Street. 1001. 

Maas, Imprints, 

’Ini 20289. 

1801: Itom 272. Locations recorded. 



c* 21 Oct,, 26th yr. of Ind 
By Hannah Adams, as Author 

1301 - 26 



A viovf of Religions, in two parts* Part I* Containing an alphabetical 
oompendium of tho various Religious denominations, which have appeared in 
the world, from the bo ginning of the Christian Era to the present day* 
part II* Containing a briof account of the different schemes of Religion 
now embraced among ikirliind. The whole collected from the best Authors, 

ancient and modern* 

Third edition, v/ith large additions. Published according to Act of 

' for Tjanning & Loring, Proprietors, Ho* 2, 

>rt* A • 

, , , * L # 


Corahill, Boston* October, 1801* 
Union catalog. 

A. 1*1* Mass, imprints, 1801s Item 3* 
Sabim 210. 

Deposited Dept, of State, Nov. 3, 1802. 

Locations recorded. 


o* 19 Nov., 26th yr. of Ind. 

By Ebenezer Fairbanks, Jr., as Proprietor 

1801 - 27 

Fairbanks, Jason, defendant* 

The solemn declaration of the lato unfortunate Jason Fairb a nks, i vor-\ 
tlie original manuscript, composed and signed oy Idniseij., a vor^ short time 
before his death. To which is added some account of nis Life and Charao~ 
ter, the whole collected and publish * d by no enezer Fairbanks, Jun. a 

Parmer of Dedhairu 

MWA: Copy right secured* Dedham* l*rom tho lino rva. Press of H. ilann, and 

sold at his office, and by E. Fairbanks, Jun. 1801. 

I.7JA identifies Ebenezor Fairbanks as the murderer's older brotlzor. 

A*I.I. Hass* imprints, 1801: Item 101, 

Locations rc corded. 

f 50 




25 Nov. , 26th 
John Vest, as 

yr. of Ind. 



D non tai nine first Lessons for construing and 

Pam? 6 ne *. L f tin Pr W/all the Rules of Adam’s Latin syntax - Second, 

Extracts from the Minor Latin Classics, with literal translations - Tmrd, 

the first part of Lyno’s Latin Priner, selected and arranged ty miliam 
Bielow, Teacher of An Academy in Salem, Massachusetts. 

Bnu -v , . ,, j i rt 4- op Congress. Boston* Printed for John 

No. 75, Cornhill. From K. Unooln's Office. 1801. 

°R catalog. 

'*^•1. iRss, ir-iprints, 1801* Item 40. 

W o st 

Locations recorded. 


e. 25 Nov*, 26th yr. of Ind, 
Bv Samuel Webber, as Au or 




WQ oarnuel 



and intended to be the 
thane scionoes in the 


University at C unbridle. Under tho direction of Samuel Webber,, 

A.A.E., Hollis Professor of * lathomatios and natural Philosophy. In two 

, ; a . Copy Hi^ht secured. Boston: Printed for tho University at Cam- 
| bridge, by Thomas & Andrews. 1801. 2v. 

Union catalog, 

A, 1. 1, ••ass. imprints. 1601: Item 800, Locations recorded. 

,52 j c. 15 Doc., 26th yr. of Ind. 1301 * 30 

By Henry Hunt, as Proprietor 

The life of Jason Fairbanks, a novel, founded on fact; vrith some account 
of the trial and execution. By a gentleman of Massachusetts* 

?;o copy located, Ho evidence that it was ever printed* 

A#I.I* Mass, imprints, 1801: Item 346. Same title, with addition of the 

following* Written by a gentleman whose productions have obtained 
much celebrity in the literary world, and who is fully competent 
( having obtained every document relative to the parties concerned) 
to doing ample justice to the publication* ** - Advertised in the 
S alem Impartial Register, Doc. 17, 1301, as a ,, New Hovel* Pro- 
posals for printing by subscription. 1 * 

f53) c. 16 Jan., 26th yr. of Ind* 1802 - 1 

By Herman Mann, as Proprietor 

Thacher, Thomas, 

The danger of despising the Divine Counsel; exhibited in a discourse 
delivered at Dedham, third Precinct, September 13, 1801, tho Lord f s day 
after the execution of Jason Fairbanks, by Thomas Tliacher, A.H., Minister 
of the third Parish in Dedham* 

!!«Ai Copy Right secured. Dedham: Printod and Sold, by Herman Mann. 1802. 
Union catalog* 

A*I*I. Mass* imprints, lo02 g item 331* Locations recorded, 

<54, c. 26 Jan*, 26th yr. of Ind. 1802 - 2 

By Caleb Alexander, as Author 

Alexander, Caleb* 

A new and compendious fOOinpletej system of Arithmetic; intended for the 
Us© of schools and Academies* By Caleb Alexander, A*M., author of 
"Virgil’s works translated into literal English prose,” the Columbian 
dictionary, an English, Latin, and Greek grammar, ”the young Gontlemen and 
Radios* Instructor” and a spelling book on an improved plane, 

?!V; At Published according to Act of Congress* Albany* Printed by Whiting 

& Leavenworth, for Thomas, Andrews & Penniman (Proprietors of the 
■work) Sold by them at the Albany Book-store, Ho* 45, State Street, 
1802. On last unnumbered page is a copy of the copyright entry in 
^ the Massachusetts District Court, as indicated above. 

e Poeitod Dept, of State, July 12, 1802* 

1802 - 3 


c. 4 Feb., 26tb. y r. of Ind. 

By Samuel Worcester, as Proprietor 

/Worcester, Samuel; 

Facts and Documents, exhibiting a summary view of the Ecclesiastical 
affairs, lately transacted in Fitchburg; together v/ith some strictures 
on the result of a late party council, in said town, and general observa- 
tions; the whole designed to vindicate the rights of tho churches, and to 
illustrate tho subject, and enforce the importance of Christian dicipline 

rdisciplinej . 

nhAs Published according to Act of Congress. Boston; Printed by lianning 

k Loring. Jan. 1802. 

Union catalog, 

A*I#I. laass. imprints, 1802; item o72. Locations recorded. 

Sabin; 105304. 

f 56, 

c. 19 Feb., 26th yr. of Ind. 

By William P. and Lemuel Blake 
as Proprietors 

1802 - 4 

The child 1 s first book; being an easy introduction to spelling and reading. 
DLCj Boston; Printed for Vi. P. & L„ Blake, at tho Boston Book-store. 


Union catalog. 

A. 1. 1. Llass. imprints, 1802: Item 82* DLC, only location recorded. 

Deposited Dept, of State , July 30, 1802* 

(57 j 

c. 19 Feb., 26th yr. of Ind 
By Peter Cochran, as Author 

1802 - 5 

Cochran, Peter* 

The Columbian Grammar; or a concise view of the English Language, by 
Peter Cochran, A.B. 

-W; Published according to Act of Congress. Boston; Printed for tho 

author, 1802. 
tfnion catalog, 

‘‘ •-•I. llass. imprints, 1802; 

Item 89* Locations recorded. 

c 58 





27 Feb., 



26th yr. ox. 
itorse and 


Pa ri s h. 

1802 - 6 


3 >o, Jedidiah, and Parish, ,an. 


Eastern Continent, or a geographical dictionary 

' all the Countries, 


fa«do«u f States Cities, Towns, Principal Rivers, Lakes, Harbours, Moun- 
f i»e, & c> k0t Kur0 p. Asia, Afrioa, and their Adjacent Islands. Care- 

» **7 compiled from the beet authorities, by Jedidiah Morse, D.D., A.A.S., 
,* Author of tho American Universal Geography, and Aoierioan Gazetteer, 
r Rev, Elijah Parish, Illustrated with eighteen maps, designed as 

^ ^ . .. 9 . , „ x.j 


ifl/A t 

Charlestown* Printed and Sold by Samuel Ethoridgo. 1802 



t I # Mass* imprini; s 
A * * ited Dept, of State, Apr. 5, 

1802s Item 246. Locations recorded* 



(53 j 

c, 17 liar., 26th yr. of Ind. 
By Y; ill! soil Biglow, as Author 

1802 - 7 

cirlow, William. , 

^The rudiments of English grammar, extracted oluefly from Adam s 
^ents of Latin and English Grammar. By William Biglow, teacher o an 

academy in Salem, Mass. _ » 

ISaE: Published according to Act of Congress. Salem* Printed ©y <J 

Cushing, for Cushing & Appleton. 1802, 

Union catalog* 

A 1. 1. Mass, imprints, 1802s Item 50. Only location recorded. 

, 60 , 

c* 24 Mar. 26th yr. of Ind. 

By Joseph Rancredc, as Proprietor 

1802 - 8 

Bloomfield, Robert. 

Rural tales, ballads and songs. By Robert 
1 s boy* 

Boston, Printed for Joseph Hancrede, No. 

Bloomfield, Author of the 
49, Marlborough Street. 1802 

r 61 j 

c. 31 Mar. 26th yr. of Ind. 
By Caleb Bingham, as Author 

1802 - 9 



Chateaubriand, Francois Auguste Rene, Vicoin 
At a la ; or. The love and constancy of two 

lated from the Frenoh of F. Chateaubriand, -v “V°‘“ '*’1 *" 

l r wAs Published according to Act of Congress, do . ton t Printed by *vid 

Carlisle, for Caleb Bingham, No. 44, Corohill. Id0„. 

Advertisement dated Boston, Apr., 1802. 

Union catalog. , . , . 

A. 1. 1. Hass, imprints, 1802: Item 81. Locations recorded. 

Sabin: 12240. 

deposited Bept. of State, Mar. 13, 1809 (i) 



o. 1 Apr., 26th yr. of Ind. ^ 

By Jonathan Grout, Jr., as Author 

1802 - 10 

T h ; pupil^ide to practical arithmetic, containing all th. ru!.* 
*hich occur in Lmmon business. Calculated upon the method, both of 
{•Bod., shillings and pence, and federal money, tor the use ot .ohool.. 

y Jonathan Grout, Jun, 

T?A. tv., .. . ■ i ■■ 

»l Published according to Act of Congrese. Prints at ttoro..t.r, 
(Mass.) By Daniel Greenloaf. 1802. 

Preface dated V/oroester, May, 1002. 


Union catalog. 

. I# I. "'ass* imprints, 1802: Item 157® Locations recorded 
fepositod Dept, of State, Jan® 24, 1803, 

c* 7 Apr®, 26th yr. of Ind. 

By Samuel Holyoke, as Proprietor 

1802 - 11 

Eolyok 0 * Samuel. 

The Columbian Repository of sacred harmony. Selected from European and 
.American authors, v/ith many new tunes not before published. Including the 
'whole of Dr* Watt’s (Watts * j Psalms and Hymns, to each of which a tuno is 
adapted; and some additional tunes suitable to the particular metres in 
^ats and Brady T s and Dr, Belknap* s collection of Psalms and Hymns, to 
which, a large introduction of practical principles is prefixed. The whole 
designed for the use of schools, Musioal Societies, and “Worshipping As- 
semblies. By Samuel Holyoke, A.M, 

MPU Published according to Act of Congress, From the Music— Press of 
Henry Ranlet, Exeter, H.H, f n.d.j 

Union catalog. 

Sabin: 32674. 

r 64j c. 20 Apr., 26th yr, of Ind„ 1802 - 12 

By John Mosely Dunham, as Proprietor 

{R: i 1 Ip, r d , S amue 1 3 

The Franklin primer, containing a new and useful selection of moral 
lessons. Adorned with a great variety of elegant cuts; calculated to | 

strike a lasting impression on the tender minds of children. By a : 

Friend to youth. 

MB* Boston: Printed by J. 11. Dunham, 1802. The second edition. 

Union catalog. (Second edition.) 

A.I.I. Hass, imprints, 1302* I tom 366. Second edition. Locations recorded^ 

kosenbaoh: Boston: J. M. Dunliam, . 302. i’irst edition. 


o. 22 Apr., 26th yr. of Ind 
By Caleb Bingham, as Author 

1802 - 13 

ftgham, Caleb. 

A Historical Grammar | or, a chronological abridgment of universal hls- 
ry. To which is added an abridged chronology of the most remarkable 
scoveries and inventions relative to the Arts and Sciences, &o. De- 
gned principally for the use of schools and academies. Translated by 
cy Peacock from the 7th edition of the French of La Croze. Revised, 
Greeted and' (greatly, enlarged, by Caleb Bingham, A.M., Author of the 

lumbian Orator, American Preceptor, c-c, 

( Published aooording to Act of Conp;re SS ) Boston: i rintod by David 

Carlisle, for Calob Binp;hflm t No. 44, Comhill. 180^. 

^° n catalog, llj> » - B 

U. Hass, imprints, 1802: Item 195. Locations recorded. 

Entry under Luc raze, Jean Cornand Do, 

it. . K M. m iL -I r n r! v*n f A 

II files ft hi 

■OZO. conn , , 

entry, under La Croze, Mathurin Veyssier. de." 

c. 27 !'ay, 26th yr. of Ind, 

Barnard J. E!aoanulty, a s Proprietor 

1802 - 14 

(66 j 

( perhan, Bononij 

American Precedents of Declarations, collected chiefly from manuscript 

0 f accompli s ed pleader ( s 5 ; digested and arranged under distinct titles 

and divisions; and adapted to the most modem practice; with a prefixed 

digest ox rules ana oases concerning declarations. 

ISAi Boston* Printed by Manning & Loring, for Bernard 3. Hacanulty, 
Splesn, June, 1802, 

Prelaco dated Sept,, 1801. Pencilled note by KV3A gives Benoni 
Pcrham as compiler, assisted by Joseph Story. 

Union catalog, 

A.I.I. J.&oS. imprints, lo02: Item 276. Locations recorded. 

Deposited Dept, of State, Nov. 1, 1802. 

f 67, 

c. 28 May, 26th yr. of Ind. 

By William Parker, as Proprietor 

1802 - 15 

Raws on, Andrew, 

A treasure for children; being a small spelling book containing a 
selection and arrangement of v^rds in common uso, interspersed with 
moral lessons and fables. To which are added some sketches of Geography. 
By Andrew Haw son, A.B. 

WA: Published according to Act of Congress. Worcester: (Hass,) 

Printed by Seamll Goodridge, for William Parker, 2d. 1802, 

A. 1. 1. Mass, imprints, 1802: Item 296. MWA, only location recorded, 
Deposited Dopt. of State, Jan. 24, 1803, 

(68 j c. 17 Aug., 27th yr. of Ind. 1802 - 16 

By Nathan Woodward, as Proprietor 

Emmons, Nathanael, 

A discourse delivered July 5, 1802 in commemoration of American Inde- 
pendence. By Nathanael Emmons , Ij.D,, Pastor oi tho Church in Pranlclin, 

•A’. A i Cooy right socurod, V.renthom, (Hass.) Printed by Nathaniel Heaton, 

Jun. 1802, 

Union catalog. 

Mass, i prints, 1802; Item 114, Locations recorded, 

Sabin; 22525, Note. 

(69 j 0j> 21 Aug., 27th yr. of Ind. 1802 - 17 

P. A. Von Ilagon, as Proprietor 

^ 0/i Uugen Peter Albrecht. 

Ki 6B the brim and bid it pass. A now song written by Mrs. Rowson, the 

lo °°mpo 60 d by P. A. Von Hagen. , 

HPjSfii Imprint infonnation, givon below, venfiea by Letter from 

the Harvard Musical Association. 




Bostom Printed at P. A* Von w—,. i rv. 

Old K&ssaohusatts ] $n nV i ono 3 ** nno Fort© V.nro IIouso Ho* 4 

"Pat® as si gnod fromtho £??!*, Wtions ** above. 

Centinel, Sept. l 1B0?* nt ^ fcdvorti semexrb in the Columbian 

friends, that a s the sonm * i Ha ^ on respectfully informs his 

tion of tho boot thooroH oo i * * n V ° rQoovod b y lottor tho approba 
hin to make another* P^iojsors ... j this has encouraged 

.lid It Pass, the words *bv lira ° f whioh iB Kisa the Brim and 

J lJrs * bovreon ... Sept. 1, 1802'. 11 

?* * ?opt, » 27 ' th yr. of ind. 
! ' y Swnuo1 Holyoke, a s Author 

1802 - 18 

Holyoke , Samue 1 . 

Occasional music j oonsi n™ a j^ . , , 

gy, suitable for Thanks<-ivinfr 6 Anthem, a Lyric Poom, and a Doxolo- 

IStt-w . „ r lnttnka GWing, o onipo sod in a ftuniliar stylo. By Samuel 


f * 


Holyoke, A.M. 

Published accord ini’* +- t -\ a n +. rt « 

Haary Hanlet, Exetfr, ” 1^)2^ ** From tho Huslo-Preee of 

Ppfl 1 ' 

- * * § 


Union catalog* 


c. 10 Sept., 27th yr. of Ind. 

Hy p . A. Von Hagen, ae Proprietor 

1802 - 19 

Von Hagen, Peter Albrecht. 

M ”°” G * mt “ * y So ” 8 °"- — *• 

m.i Boston, Printed at P. A. Von Hagen's Piano Porto Y.are House No. 4 

Old Massachusetts Bank, and to be sold at Daniel ilovfes Musical 

Magazine, No. 19 Marlborough Street. Also at G. Gilferts N, York 
cetc. etc.) * * 5?P%- 

(Entered according to lavr) 

In pencil: Adv. Sopt. 13, 1802, as "just printed." 


f3Ha f 




c* 25 Sept., 27th yr. of Ind. 

3y p, A. Von Hagen, as Proprietor 

1802 - 20 

°n Hagen, Poter Albrecht. 

"onody, written by Amyntas, autiior of Anna, 
! *' music oompot'.ed by I J . A. Von Hagen. 
la? ^opy lacks title-page. 

Gentle Zephyr, Hay morning. 



Ku r: 

o. 2 Oct., 27th yr. of Ind. 

By Manning & Loring, as Proprietors 

1802 - 21 


A" abridffl 


k l (HUHKl X i »UMU Ui, VVM CA uiin HHQ 

younger o!asti of Umrnors. Hy 


. Tcnchor of Youth. 

* Ed# ^8 Improvements uoournd accord 5. up, to law* PI rat flosto* i 

Bontoni Printed und cold by Manning (r. Loring, t'>* 2, 
''opt* 1002, 


0 or nb 5 .11* 



. j I u&ss* imprints, 1002i Item 249* Locutions recorded, 
^posited Popt. of State, Nov. 




c. 4 Got., 27th yr, of Ind* 

By Gottlieb Oraupnor, as Proprietor 

1002 - 22 

Graupncr, Gottlioh, 

Tho Attic I 3 ov/or, original ode, written by Thomas Pain©, Keq* and 
hrs* Oraupnor at tho anniversary celebration of tho Boston * oralo 
Asylum, fcptembor 24 th # 1802 * Uutio corn,; >sed by Got Mi ©b raupnor, 

UK, ( Entered according to law) Boston t Printed and cold by 0 . 0 raupner 

v j 

noar the Tontine Building, fn*d., 
Verified by letter. 


No. 6 . Franklin Street, 


c* 22 Oct*, 27th yr. of Ind 
3y John Flake, a a Author 

1802 - 23 

Pinko, John, 

The Hew-England spelling-book calculated for common use v/ t chilli ron 

of both Boxes in tho Now England state a, upon tho como scheme, as to 

pronunciation, as Porry*8j atteidpti however, material improvements by 

arranrinr the" work in proper order for the pupil, disencumbering it of 
* E - * - - and adding thereto the profitable. 

the unolece;, v.d th vrf i i c h i t a o oun d n , 

I By John Ficke, A .1-1 . 

FO.» Brookfield, Macs., Printod by IS 

Copyright notice as above. 


Ifn i on catalog, 

A. 1*1, Meo. cdc., 180 

Merriem a go* Jan, iu0.6. 





c. 8 Hot.* 27th yr. of 
fly hbonozor Chaplin, ao Proprietor 



'haplin Ebenozor, „ ,, . . 

A troutiao on the nature and importance of the .aorumenta in three 

»rta. Part I. - On Mona«Btl in general* Bhawins their nature neo*.- 
'ity and importance. Part I - . - On baptiam. Atto. -.pfeing • to illu.trat* 

rt »t the religious moaning end design of ^ “ r *‘ ,,ho u H r !J^JJ22fc 
' ub J®ota. And what is th* proper move . Part III. - On the euoroment., 

l * connected with the covenant*. With a eummajy and applioatory oon- 

'^•ion. All founded on the feripturee. All i« compound on a now plan. 
J tether 1. referred to, pro or con. Nor any person or party di.puted 

fftegh the Whole tmatlee. By Ebemtor OhW*U>, A.*, 

Wa « Woroeetor (). jeaohuaetta. ) Printed by Daniel 0re.nleaf.1002. 

Copy right aeoured according to Act of Oon K re-a (ver.o Utl*-pa«.) 


Locations rtOOrdod 


o, 15 Nov., 87th yr. of Ind 
By Herman Mann, as Author 

1008 - 86 

Mann, Herman. 

The Columbian Primer; or, an easy, systematic Introduction to the 
English Language; intended for the uso of Schools in the United Otul o*. 

By Herman Harm. 

Ifl'JAi Dedham: Printed & Sold by H. Mann, 1002. Published according 

to Act of Congress. Sold also by tho Booksellers in Mon ton, 

Salem, Worcester rote, etc.; 

Preface dated Dedham, August, 1002. 

A. 1. 1. 13*88. imprints, 1002: Item 217, Locations rooordod. 

t 78 j c. IS Nov., 27th yr* of Ind, 1H02 - 20 

By Daniel Belknap, as Author 

Belknap, Daniel. 

The Middlesex oolleotion of Sacred Harmony, containing C. A oonolso 
introduction to the grounds of music. II. A largo ooJ lection of Prmlm 
tunes and favourite pieces of Music; adapted to all ftho; metros in Pr* 
Y.'atts 1 and Dr. Belknap’s Psalms and hymns. By Daniel Belknap. 

HHAi Published according to Act of Congress* Printed, typographically, 

at Boston, for the Author, by Isaiah Thomas and Bbonezer X. Andrew*, 
Faust’s Statue, No* 45, Nevft>ury-Str©ot. Nov. 1802, 

Metcalf . 

Union catalog. 

A.I.I. Hass* imprints, 1802: Item 42. Locations recorded. 

Deposited Dept, of State, Dec, 20, 1802, 

c. 3 Doc., 27th yr* of Ind* 
By John IS. Dunham, as Author 

1002 - 27 

f79 3 

iDurJmnh John Moseley; 

The vocal companion and Masonic Register. In two parts, Part l. 
Consisting of original and selected Masonic Bongs, Anthems, Dirgon, Pro- 
rogues, Epilogues!" Toasts and Sentiments, Charges, Prayers, Funeral pro- 
fession etc. Part II, A concise account of the origin of masonry in 
America'; rith a list of tho Lodges in tho six northern Staton, vit., 
^ssaehusetts I I evr-Hojni) 8 hi re , lihodo-Island, Comiootiout, h'ow-York, arul 
Vo mont . With the names of the officers end tho number of mombors of 

^doli eaoh Lodre consists* 

t Bostoni Printed by Brother Jolin M» Dunham, A,L, 5002 - A,t>, 1802, 

o® If. 

^lon catalor 

* a * r . Mas,, imprints, 1802. Item 107. Location recorded 

Compiler f s name supplied by DW, 

**Hni 100650 


o, 10 Deo,, 27th yr. of Ind. 

. By ’"anviok Pal fray, as Author 

1802 - 28 

* _ * 

I Si nf£ n f 

Psl fray* Yfarwiojc* 

Evangelical Psalmodist* an original work, consisting of plain tunes, 
fu~es 3 and set pieces, in three and four parts; suitable for Schools and 

Societies. By Warwick Palfray. 

Printed at Salem, by Joshua Cushing, for the Author, 1 802 • (Published 
according to Act of Congress.) 


Union catalog* 

A* I«I * -- a £ s » imprints, 1002: Item 267. locations rocordod. 



13 Dec., 27th yr. of Ind. 
Thomas and Andrews, and John 

1802 - 29 


as Proprietors 

Brown, Bartholonevf, and others. 

Columbian and European harmony* or Bridgewater ool loot ion of Sacred 
music. By Bartholomew Brovm, A.!:. , and others. 

Printed at Boston, by Isaiah Thomas and Ebenosor T. Andrevrs. Sold 
by said Thomas and Andrews, and John West, Proprietors of the Work, 
at their respective bookstores, Deo. 1302. 

Preface dated Bridgewater, Dec, 16, 1302. 
i'etcalf . 

Union catalog* 

A.I.I. Hass, imprints, 1302: Item 69. Locations recorded. 

Deposited Dept, of State, Feb. 7, 1803, 

c. 25 Dec., 27'th yr. of Ind. 

By Joshua Cushing, as Proprietor 

1802 - 30 

The B 

* »ri 

~scex harmony, Part II. Consisting of original pieces, by Kimball, 
Holyoke, and others; and a solection from the best Authors, Ancient 
and modem; in three and four parts. 
c ‘ i Union: Printed by Joshua Cushing, and Sold by Cushing & Appleton 

at the Bible and Heart# 1802* 

He teal f. 

^jion catalog* 

^•1*1# Lass* imprints, 1302: Item 120. LISaE, only location recorded* 

Verso title-page: "The first part of tho Fssex Harmony (being 
solely the work of Mr. Kimball) has been v/ell received ... 

The following ... affords a greater variety than can be ex- 
pected from a single author •*. M 
ee 1801 - 1 for "The First Part, 11 




c, 28 Loo., 27th yr. of Ind. 

Hy Ldnund I’.ftroh 31unt, as Proprietor 

1802 - XL 

?* and table, with praotio&l oxnmploa, designed to instruct children 

first rudiments of siuplo AritJunotio* 

°°?y located. 

• X 

1302 - 32 


c. 51 Dec., 27th yr. of Ind. 
By Angier tttrph. 

O (3 

rroprie cor 



Memoirs of eminently pious women, who were omarri 

examples to the church and 

T Arinnrt „ Bv t'CLTXX ol 

Dana, A.U* 

; Bewburyport j Printed for the Subscribers by Angier March. 1803. 
Verified by letter, 

Union catalog. 

Author files Mill, . ,Eal, Other locations recorded. 

Sabins 18105, lloto. 

f 85, 

o. 24 Jan, 27th yr. of Ind. 

3y Benjamin hater house, as Author 

1803 - 1 

Waterhouse, Benjamin. 

A prospect of exterminating the small pox. Part II, being a conti nuati o|i 
of a narrative of facts concerning tlio progress of the new inoculation in 
America; together with practical observations on the local appearance, 
symptoms, and mode of treating the variola vaccina or kine pock; including 
eomo letters to the author, from distinguished characters, on the subject 
of this benign remedy, now passing with a rapid step through all ranks of 
society in Europe and America. By Benjamin ! /aterhouso, A.D., Professor of 
the theory and practice of medicine in the University of Cambridge. 

'VIkt Cambridge. Printed for the Author at the University Press, by 

Y;illiam Hilliard. 1802. Published according to Act of Congress. 
Dedication dated Cambridge, New England, Nov. 1802. 

Union catalog. 

A. I, I, Lass, imprints, 1802: Item 310. Locations recorded. 

Sabin: 102064. 

Deposited Dept, of State, ?4ar. 11, 1003. 

r ee 


o. 27 Jan., 27th yr. of Ind. 

By Isaiah Thoms, Junior, as Proprietor 

1803 - 2 

2°llikofer, George Joaohlm. 

Exorcises of Piety; or, meditations on the principal doctrines and 
^tios of hoi ig ion. For the use of enlightened and virtuous Christians, 

% G, j. Zollikofer, Into Pastor of tho reformed Church at Leipsic in 
Oonaany. Translated from the French Edition by James Manning, Pastor of 
tli0 United Congregations oi’ Dissenters J.n Kxoter, Groat Britain. Abridged, 
^rreotod, and recommended by Tliaddeus u. Harris, Pastor of tho Church at 
. °^hoQtor, Macs., Worth America. 

' ,:UAt Published according to Act of Congress, at Worcester, Massachusetts, 
by Isaiah Thomas, Jun. Sold by Mm, and the various Booksellers in 

tho United States. February - 180 o. 

Un Preface to first American edition, dated Dorchester, Jan. 1803, 

ni °n catalog. 


. I# i, L'se. cds., 1803. 
r^o sited. Dept, of State 


24. ISOS 

c, 23 -eb,. 27th vr. of Ind 
By John Hubbard as Author 

1803 - 3 

Hubbard, John, 

The rudiraents of geography; being a oonaise description of the various 
kinqd<mfi, states, enpiros. Countries, and Islands in tho trorld; together 
7.1th the latitude ft heir latitudes,, longitude t S] , extent, boundaries, 
rivrrs, lakes, air, climate, soil, produce, r tanu f ac ture s , chief tovms, 
population, religion and learning; with an Introduction explaining the 
astronomical part of Geography; to which is added a chronological table 
of the most important events which have happened from the creation of the 
trorld to the present day. By John Hubbard, Esq. 
i A : Published according to Act of Congress. V.alpole, N * R * Printed for 
Thomas & Thomas, by David Nowhall, 1803. 

Preface dated Deerfield, Mass. 16th ?eb,, 1803. 

A. 1. 1. Author file. 

Sabin; 33435. 

Deposited Dept, of State, Juno 23, 1303. 



c. 1 Liar., 27th yr. of Ind. 

By Benjamin I'olt, Jun., as Author 

ISOo - 4 


t 1 on 1; 

enjamm, Jr. 

The New England Sacred harmony. Being principally an original compos! 
three and four parts- Adapted to the various metres in common 

use. By Benjamin Holt, Jun. 

IDA; Published according to Act of Congress. Printed at Boston, by 

Isaiah Thomas k Ebenezer T. Andrews. Sold by them at No. 45, New- 
bury St., by the Booksellers in general, and by the Author, head 

of Russell St., Boston - io03. 

t r nion catalog. 


*I«I. Ms s „ cds, , 1603 ( Boston) 

f39 3 

c. 7 Mar., 27th yr. of Ind. 

*jy ■ j i arming and Scoring, as iiop^icoors 

1803 - 5 

Andrevf 5 3 Elisha. 

A candid examination of the moral tendency of the Doctrine of Univer- 

advocates. liy Elisha Andi'ev/s, Pastor of 

Calmtion, as taught by it 


a Church in Templeton. 

-At Published according to Act of Congress. Boston: Printed and Sold 


, by Lining <5; Loring, No. 2, CornhilU l' 303 

Ix , MU, MHi. 


• •!* Msg* cds., 1803 (Boston) 

°* 23 Mar # , 27th yr. of Ind. 
By Caleb Bingham, uc Author 

1803 - 6 


BinfihM'* Calob. 

juvenile letters; boing a oorrospondonco betv/een children from eight 
to fifteen years of age. By Caleb Bingham, A.M., Author of the Child's 
oompftnion. Young Lady's accidenoo, American Preceptor, &c. 

?T^At Publi shod according to Act of Congress* Boston* Printed by ^avid 
Carlisle, for Caleb Bingham, No. 44, Cornhill* 1803. 

Other libraries have this v/ork v/ith second edition on the title- 
page. MWA lias both editions. 

Hosenbacht First and second editions. 

Union catalog. (Second edition) 

A. 1. 1 • Mss. ods. , 1303 (Boston) 

Deposited Dept, of State, May 4, 1803 * 


o* 27 Apr., 27th yr. of Ind 
By Abioi Abbot, as Author 

1805 - 7 

Abbot, Abiel. 

An essay on the Pentatouch in questions, notes and reflections of a 
practical nature; designed particularly for the young* By Abiel Abbot, 
pastor of the first Church in Haverhill. 

No copy located. This work is not included in "Publications of Dr. 
Abbot," in Sermons by the late Rev. Abiel Abbot, D.D, of Beverly, Maes, 
vdth a memoir of his life by S. Everett. Boston, Wait, Greene & Co., 

13 Court Street, 1831. p. ( LXXI, 



c. 3 Mar., 27th yr. of Ind* 

By Ebonezer Morriam, as Proprietor 

1803 - Q 

The Parent's gift; a present for every little boy and girl that vfislies to 
be wise and good; containing the rudiments of spelling and redin^ 
treading) composed by a very particular friend to Children and affoo— 
tionately dedicated to their parents. 

Train up a child in the way he should go. (Added to the above) 

Published according to Act of Congress. Brookfield, Massachusetts. 

Printed by E. Merriam & Co. January, 1803. 
pi, RPB. 

Union catalog. 

Mss. ods.. 1803. 

$ 3j 

c. G May, 27th yr. of Ind. 
By Daniel Adams, as Author 

1803 - 9 


p 1 ® thorough Scholar; or, the naturo of language, with the roasons 

and rulos of English Grammar rendered accessible to tho under- 
of youth. Comprehending I. Tlio nature of language - sketches 


origin, riso, progress, oc. [i* The nature of Sounds; of the 


toioe, of letters, vowels, and consonants accurately and plainly 
** ftned, diffoJ*©nt sounds of the lotters, rules for spelling, particularly 
^pounds and derivative words * ITT. Analysis of snoeoh*. IV* Englisn 


!T At 


rtuanur ******* ***«»«*ww> yuuictuation, oo* On a plan wholly original 
*** new* By Daniel Adams, M| B« , Author of the Scholar* i Arithmetic, £c» 

T/iojninstor, Massachusetts* Printed by Adams and Wilder, for the 
Author) and sold by him at Leominster. - August 18, 1803* 

Copyright notice as above, 

jfl), KH, KH* 

A , I * I * Mss* ods., 

,94 j 


e. 12 May , 27th yr. of Ind, 

as Proprietor 

1803 - 10 

By 1 i Ilian Homan, 




Oarleton, Osgood* . . ~ 

The new improved T est India pilot containing 1* Sailing directions x 

tho Gulf of Florida, Bahamas, V indw&rd islands, Spanish Maine, and Bay of 
Honduras, compiled from the surveys and observations of many experienced 
pilots, tc m To winch is p*dded directions for finding the time of high- 
vntnr at any place, Llkewi se directions for those who are not fully ac— 
our in ted with the us© of charts) and a table of the Latitudes and Longi— 
tubes of the principal headlands <c» as determined by astronomical ob- 
servations, 2, A general chart of tho host Indies, 3, A chart of the 
sudas or Summer Islands* 4, The Peninsula and Gulf of Florida, or 
?v‘ Ta liama Channel, with the Bahama Islands* 5, A plan of the River 
isslssippi, to which is addod the entrance at i^ort Balisle, on a lai g© 

6, * The Islands of Cuba and Jamaica, with part of the Bahama Banks 
artyrs. 7. The windward passage, with several passages from the 
^Rst end of Cuba and tli© north pai"t of ft, Domingo, o, fn© ( ;©st India 
or Caribee Islands from tho best authorities) by William Heather* 9* The 
Spanish i aino from Paria to Carthagena* 10, -10 coast oj. Guayana from 

Hio Oronoko to the River I emeraraj containing the Dutch oolonies of 
Pounaron Ksseauibo and Temerara; also the Islands of Tobago and Trinidad, 
11. The* coast of Guayana from river Jterbice to Cayenne* 12. Eight plans 
of the principal harbours in the West Indies* The whole revised and cor- 
re e ted by Osgood Carlcton, Esq. as appears by the following certificate: 

I have examined all tho above charts and found them correct* Osgood 

Carleton Toaoher of Mathematics, Boston. 

Boston.- Published and sold by William Homan, Book and Chart Seller, 

1803. n . . 

p . ... . , on of the twelve charts. 

• c *Si 


c. 13 May, 27tu yr. of Ind. 

By Samuel Holyoke, aa Proprietor 

1303 - 11 


, Samuel, 

^aonlo music selected and composed 
5**^ Lodgs^ Haverhill, Massachusetts* 

0 C0 Py located. 

for the Installation of the Merri 
By Samuel Holyoke* 


ge, °* 9 Juno , 27th yr, of Ind. 1003 - 12 

* By Joseph Cro swell, as Author 

Croswell# Joseph* 

A now world planted; or the adventures of the forefathers of New-Eng- 
Iund, who landed in Plymouth, December 22, j,620. An historical drana ” 
in five acts. By Joseph Croswoll. 

pl/Ji Boston! Pri >2ed for the author; sold by E. Larkin, No. 47, Go mhi 11. 
1303, Prom the Press of Gilbert & Doan. 

This 1803 edition was found to bo located in the Library of Congress, 
1940, but is now in storage. Verified by letter from the Rare Book 
Collection, Library of Congress, July, 1943. 

Union catalog. 

Boston C ' "*'7 : 

|97 1 c. 7 Juno, 27th yr. of Ind. 1803 — 13 

James V>hite & Company, as Proprietors 

Minot, George Richards. 

Continuation of tho hi story of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, from 
the year 1748 to 17G5. With an Introductory sketch of o vents from its 
original settlement. By George Tiichnrds Hinot, Follow of the American 
Academy of Arts and Sciences, and Me mb or of rite Massachusetts Historical 
Society. Vol. II. 

MV.'Ai Published according to Act of Congress. Boston; Printed for J* 

I White L Co., Proprietors, by Hanning & Loring. Juno, 1803. v.2 

Tho first volume v/as printed in 1798, 

DLC, 11, MB, Nil. 

Union catalog. 

A. I, I, Mss. ods., 1803 (Boston) 

Sabin i 49321. 

m 9 Qj c. 12 July, 28th yr. of Ind. 1803 - 14 

By Manning and Loring, as Proprietors 

Cooper, William. 

Original sacred music; consisting of I. A dedicatory anthem, which 
v dll also be suitable to be sung at Ordinations. II. Am anthem for Christ- 
r,a 8 # in. Psalm Tunes. By William Cooper, Author of a Thanksgiving 
a ^thera, n Tho Lord hath done great things for us, " &c. 

Boston: Printed by Manning A* Loring, and sold at their Book Store, 

No. 2, Comhill. rn.d.j 

u Verified by letter. 

^etcalf # 

Author file. 

,o9 > O. 26 July, 20th yr. of Ind. 

By Isaiah Thome, Junior, as Proprietor 

Vi Ck v ° ^ , Sukoy. 

Rarai It on, a novol founded on incidents in real life* 

^ *orcester County. 

1803 - 15 

By n young 


Published according to Act of Conrronq. Norco a tori Prlntod and 

cold wholooale and retail by I -. ; nli 7ho:ma Jun. Proprietor of 
tho v/ork. Juno, 1003, 

Jff ;A c °py han on fly-l on ;* tiio following « >lanati >n of «tt* 

ships Tho author of thlo wrk «U Bukay Vickery of Loioo-. -or, 

according to 'Peminlnooncoo of Lolcostor, ' by Jooeph Denny, 

Da so 

as printed in tho Iforoest dr Spy, November 22, 1373, Incorrectly 
attributed to Eliza Vicery by Dr. C. L. Nichols in his bibliography 
of Y/orceotor, and copied by regoli n 0 Sabin, and Wright# 

DIG, MB, MH, Nil. 1 

Union catalog. 

A.I.I. Mss. oda* , 1803, 

Sabint 9/422. 


30 July, 23th yr. of Ind. 

By b„ Iv* Preston, as Author 

1803 - 16 

Preston, Daniel R, 

The juvenile instructor j or, a useful book for children, of things to 
be remembered. In familiar colloquial discourses between a parent and 
child. By D, R. Preston. 

H3: Poston: Printed by John LI. Dunham, lie. 24, State Street. Copy right 
secured, in.d.j 

LIB has established date as t 1300j . 

IF1! imprints catalog and A.I.I. m sc. cdg. 1003 (Boston) have entry 

taren from Goodspced's catalog no. 262, item 240, which established 
date as fl803?j • 


c. 1 Aug., 28th yr. of Ind. 

By Osgood Carlo ton, as Author 



Carleton, Osgood, 

The Columbian Pilot; containing new and correct charts of tho sea 
esttet of Horth Africa, from the River ft. Mary's to the banks of New- 
foundland, inclusive, the Stroights of Boliale and River ft. I/rvrenoe 
the principal Harbours, &c, f with sailing directions, drawn from tlio 
latest surveys, moot approved sea-journals, and astronomical observa- 
tions of the most celebrated Navigators upon tho true Mercator* a 
prinoiplec. To which is added a new and correct chart of the West Indies 
including tho Gulph r sic. 3 of Mexico, and Bay of Honduras; collected from* 
^he latest Climate, Journals, Surveys, and astronomical observations of 
the most celebrated navigators, eo. by Osgood Carleton, Esq, Teacher of 

^ thematic e in Boston. 

; ; Q 

°°py located. 


c. 3 Aug., 20th yr. of Ind, 
Bv Thomas and Andrews, as P 

1803 - 18 

t Sanue 1 , 

probato directory; or an assistant to Probate 
ini s trators and Guardians. Being the laws of the 

Courts, Executors 

Com; iohwo a 1 th of 



-aohusctts rospsoting tho ontaton of Tontatorn, Intestates, nn< ^ >Jar a * 
To which nro added a variety of fomo # for tho use of Probate Court o, one 
«oh persona a 3 may have business to transact therein. To pother wltfl 

conprohonsive, alphabetical Index to tho laws and tho forma. Ify Benue, 
proaian, Ksq. Register of Probate for tho County of Cumberland. 

fcoond edition, greatly enlarged and improved. Published aooor 
to Act of Congrosa. Printed at Boston, by T. Thomao and K. f« 
Andrews, Proprietors of tho Copyright, 

Ho, 45 Newbury** Street, and by tho Other 
Country, Aug. 1, ISO; , 

DLC, MB, MHi . 

Aj.l, Mas. cda., 1305 (Boston) 

Deposited l)ept. of State, Oct. 5, ISO; , 

Sold at thoir Bookstore, 

Book no Hers in Town and 



c, 10 ^opt. ( 38th yr. of Ind. 

Pas raohu setts Baptist Missionary 
Society, as Proprietors 

1305 - 10 

The Massachusetts Baptist missionary ^ i . 

Mi Published for tho benefit of tho Society 
Hanning k Loring, and Sold at thoir Book 

(Volume I, September, 1805) 

Union list of aerials} 2d ed, 1343. Locations rooordod# 
Union catalog. 

A.I.I. Mae. oda., 1803 (Boston) 

Vol. I. 

Boston! Printed by 
Storo, No. 2, Go rnh ill 



c. 17 Sopt , , 23th yr. of Ind 
1y Kdvmrd Clark, as Author 

1305 - 20 

Clark, Edward. 

A view of Abraham's Covenant, and oi Circumcision, and tho Lhuroli 
undo r tiio law, and tho Church under tho Gospel, In several letters to 
friend. By Edward Clark, Minister of the Gospel in Framingham. 

IBi'A; Printed at rrovidonoo, oy Nathaniel aton, dun, 1805. 

Copyright notice as above. 
r 'LC, IX, JiPJCB. 

'jnion cutaloj . 




o. 10 Sopt,, 28th yr. of Ind. 

By Gushing k Appleton, as Proprietors 

1803 - 21 

^Slow, William. 

f ho youth* s library. A aolootion of lessons in reading. 

_ A UUiuuviun * ' 

* •equal to "The child's library,' 1 by Willi an Hi glow. 
h-Hd,Tj f alemi Printed by Joshua 1 n ld hv (> 

Apploton, at tho Bign of 
r . ft to Aot of Gongreas, 

\} L . bBaK, 

on t. lo,-, 

' * 1 , J |I|„ 4 

• “‘SB , ode . , 

Intended nu 

tho HI bio, 1805. PublLuhod naoording 



o* 26 Sept* , 28th yr, of Ind 
By Walter Janes, as Author 

1802 - 22 


106 | 

j a ne s , W*l^®**« 

5»l!0 Massachusetts Harmony, consecrated to Devotion* In four parts. 

2 An introduction to the rudiments of music, by way of question and 

anew 01 ’* ^ TOriet y useful lessons to exercise the loarnef in the 
us e of notes and for the tuning of Ms voice* 3. A large number of 
lunos, adapted to the various metres and keys usually performed in 
Churches* 4 . A number of pieces adapted to particular hymns , together 
with elegiac pioces, Odes, and anthems. Never before published. Designed 
particularly for tho use of the Singing Schools and Musical Assemblies in 
the United States. By V. alter Janos, a citizen of Massachusetts. 

IftK A: Boston: Printed by Manning & Loring, for tho Author. Oct o. 1803. 

Prefaoo dated Holland, Sept. 1003.' 

LIB, MH # MHi. 

Uetcalf . 

Union catalog. 

A.I.I. Mss* ods., 1803 (Boston) 

f 107i c. 27 Sept., 28th yr* of Ind. 1803 - 23 

By Daniel Adorns, as Author 

Adams, Daniel. 

The understanding Header, or Knowledge before Oratory; being a new 
selection of lessons; suited to the understandings and capacities of 
youth, and designed for their improvement. I. In Heading. II. In the 
Definition of words. III. In spelling, particularly compound and de- 
rivative words. In a method wholly different from anything of the kind 
ever beforo published. By Daniel Adams, it. 3., Author of the Scholar's 
Arithmetic, Thorough Scholar, &o. 

liVAj Published according to Act of Congress. Printed at Leominster, 

Hass. By Adams & Wilder, Sept. 29, 1803. 

Preface dated Sept. 29, 1803, 


Union catalog. 

A*I*I. Author file, 

rlO 0# 14 Oct., 28th yr. of Ind. 1803 - 24 

By William Norman, as Proprietor 

orraan, William, compiler) 

Tho Builder's Easy Guide, or, Young Oarponter's Assistant, containing 
a ^rcat variety of useful designs in carpentry and architecture! as tho 
Proportioning of the five orders, mouldings, &0. at large with their on- 
^-cJuTOntsj plans and c locations for Houses, for Town and Country; designs 
° r Chinney-pi e0(Ji 3 j shop fronts. Door oases, ftair cases, &o. Design for 

with plan and olovation; design for a Pulpit, Bridge, ©Q. eo.; 

. th lr -&ny othor important artiolos and useful embellishments. Compiled 
' ron tho latost and most approved European Publications. To whioh is 


* linl of ,,H ’ I’ 1 1* 11 * * ' f* lln rjw ntop'n tfoi t , 

YUd wllt'lw t Hu»t I •» f 11*1 A Hi I MO. to i . M l mu 

In tit* town of BOit • 
by forty-* l M i 1 !**- 08 

w Uh lotfUuAblimi. , 

j. |\|hl l (t't«nl AOvU<|*\llu ( ta Utti of Ooil in mi, lost oni l»l ♦•’“ ,v ‘® m>ia 

\x\ UltllAi t!oiv.nn, 1 Uh»W Anil i Im t -no U up, Oat, 1 0* , 

Vt*r\ fttnl lntitrti*, 

NUN )mn Oft I aM l 0 h*it UllUii Non Alt no thu mmpllor. 

Bill on OAUlng* 

ltm», tftla,, V *o) '• , « luontWm onOOPtltKl. 


o. 11 i *»v « , ilil It yr, of lml, 
Ity '>MJnh i.nluith, rtn Author 

U»03 - Zt‘» 

IVl Inmh, Abt.tnh, 

Tit* Pnulum! l a ti« * i'*i <t[ii ntni.i | oontAlnlitf, nn origin* l i < iposltlcm 
dl* Uimln ivt \\ Hymn puitcin, Hint n 1 i n oil llw 1 owtli Of nohoral l.nalit !V:ton 1 
to *hioh In |it <• H tvil nil IntixnUuit um to thu j iKniml* of ty AbljAh 


IRtAi PuMUhoil nuonrdinn tO Aot 0on*P0*t« Bo*ttnu Pri b Mann l nr, 

A l|Oi'lli( , fop l lti» Author “ fopt , M03, 

N«ta*l f. 

Union OftiftlOR. 

A, 1,1. Mt»n, Oil*., 1U0A ( Ho«toil 1 

,no, o. u» two., reoJt or ind, ihoj - au 

i^v v. a n t h Uro*nl*« f, n» rroprlwbor* 

YhmUUnm Mu non, 

Tito nl nop noolop*dlA| nr, t «M not Oi OfAlfAl l;n>i*»lt'> a | b* ltv£ A 
hlo ninn .»■ Attn, olonnmt, mitt 1‘nllt* Ml >■ i «* t U 1 *•» In four o>Iuckii. 

uii.t,. n pni-vu. 1 ' aowplild from bht tt«i luitwuin. < ■ -v. 

TIiAiMau* It, tthTrll, A,’ *i 

KKA, oottoni r. >.iott for ««t A t, no. in., OoranlHt by ■Annin* 

A Uirhif, fopl, lmKA, not loo ft* uhovu. 

&U1, U» # tniAt, Mill , 

Union onlnlo ( '. 

: ’»l,l. Mint, otln, , IDOtl (M0»llo»l) 

till, o. HI loo., Mdtkh yr, ot liul. IHUA - 27 

BHHbggiitr, v ity Amlivw l *o», no AutlnH 

Iftft, OIT 

■fit. uit in* ul Hi In , It' lltr*o i«t»tl*l to »»Vt ( l. l ,l « Oi Uml I'rliioi*. 

> < . Tim HI, Tlttt l “*E> » “«• ‘V l-*. 

I'OMlUt .t.lllt.m u. .lit Inn. »"■' Ut.'IMV.' «lt' “ !'■ 1 I"' 1 I'lui. 

I Tubiniwd .ooontin, v.. - n »r • •• ;«•••. mrt»« rt o»»brid««, by 

miiiimi, U03. 

Oopy rl f hi) not. loo nn a hovv * 

‘' u \ mb, im, urn, nw. 



Union oatalog, 

A. 1. 1. Mon * 0(ls ». 1003, 

pipoaltotl Dept, of ^tato, May 20, 1004, 

,112) a. 21 Duo., 28th yr. of Ind, 1003 - 2B i 

I3y Tnniah Thermo, Junior, an Author 

' Perry, VU 111am, 

Tho only nuro Outdo to tho Englluh tongue, or, nfrv/ pronouncing Spoiling 
Pook upon tho oamo plan an Parry* n Hoyal Standard English diotiomry, now 
nndo uno of In tho celebrated schools of Groat Britain (Ireland j and 
Anorioa, To which in uddod a large oollootlon jaro added a rrxirmr of 
tho English 1 an gun go , and a miloct number of) moral tnlou and fab loo, 

,,, Alao Directions for tho dlfforont Bounds of tho consonantal before all 
tho vovrolo, tilth ovory oxouptlon that to to bo mot In our Longungo, from 
ouch gonoral ruloa, Also a Comploto list of thono words In tho English 
Lwiguago, which though written differently have a familiarity of sound* 
of those substantives and vorbr., which vary In their sound, otthor by a 
different consonant, or by changing hurd sound of Uint Conoonant, or 
by changing tho hard round of that Consonant into tho soft sound, of thono 
ndjootivoo and verbs nlllco Ln orthography but dlfforontly accented i of 
those substantives and adjuotlvou ohan in>, tho oout of tho aooont, iJy 
William Porry, Leoturor on the English lann ilft r.®» l n the Aoadony of Edin- 
burg and author of several valuable ochool books, h ftoonth Improved 
Edition, carofully rovi sod , corroded ai d \ lluntn tod wi th sovonxl now | 

cuts, tTrnl 

1".'A: Printed at Yforooutor, l!aa( aohuDott* by Xa&iah Thoi us, Jan, (pro- 

; printer of tho improvement a, according to Urn, ) 'old viholooalo 

and retail by him at bin Bookstores In 'oaton and <o rooster ... ( n,d.L 
At bottom of illustration on p. t 2,i Thome's Y.orcoeter Edition, 

This is tho only edition wld oh agrees with tho copyright entry, 

A, 1,1, lies, cds,, 1803, 1 

(113, o. 24 Doo., 28th yr. of Ind. 1803 - 29 

By Samuel Holyoku, aa Proprietor 

Holyoke, famuol, 

Tho Christian Harmonist, containing a sot of fcumia adapted to all tho 
cio t re 8 tn Mr. Rlppon'o Coleotion of hymns, ln tlio Collootion of ItjTina by 
Joshua Smith, nnd in Dr. > att'o atta'. Psalm and )^ttuig. To which 
arc added Hyruio on Particular Subjects, aot throughout; two anthems, and 
^ Flinoral Dirge; with a oonoiao Introduotion of Practical Principles. 

Tho vholo In a fail liar stylo dusignod for tlio uoo of tlio 13aptiat Churohoa 
In tho United States. Golcotod snd CoiipoEod by Samuel Ilolya^o, A.M, 

•'•bAs Published aooording to Aot of Congress, Printed by Joshua Cushing, 
Salom, Massnohusotto, 1004, 

Copyright notloo as above, 

MB. R?n. 

Hotoalf t 
jjnion oatalog. 

Msa. odo., 1004. 



o, 29 boo,, 20th yr, of Ind. 

Hy Liunuel nopkini f un IVopriotor 

1003 - 30 

Hopkins, Bamuol, 

Twenty ono Hormono on & variety of Interesting oubjoots, sentimental 
and practical* By Bninuol Hopkins, IJ«D, Pastor of tlio PI rot Congregational 
Churoh In llowport (idiodo Inland) 

MflAl Publluhod according to Act of Congress, Union* Printed by Joshua 
Cushing, for the Author. 1803. 

Due, MB, till, MBaE* 

Union catalog, 

A, 1*1* Man, odo,, 1003, 


o. 10 Jan,, 20th yr. of Ind, 

Jly I.uthcr Bingham, a a Proprietor 

1804 - 1 

fiurrougha, Btephon. 

Jkimolrs of Etophen Burrougha , 
Will Copy r i ght noourod. Boston* 
Mo. 44, Oornhill. 1004, 

MU, Iff. A, KPJCB. 

A, I, I. Pen. odfs,, 1004 (Bonbon) 

Vo luinfJ 1 1 , 
Printed by E 

Lincoln for Caleb Bingham, 


o, 23 Jnn., 28th yr. of Ind, 

3y Jolui Coutliack, as Author and 

1804 - 2 

Uoutlmok, John. 

Tho Life of Jolin IJoutltaolc written by himself, 
jo copy located. Ho uvldonoo tliat thin work v/an printed until 
oo Item 313 (1009 - C) 




o. 24 Jan,, 20th yr, of Ind, 

By Maning (Manning) t& Lorlng, as 

1004 - 3 

Cooper, Willis*. 

Iho beaut loo of Churoh 1'uuioj und the sura guide to the art of oinglngj 
Oo,, talnlnc i* An Introduction to tho grounds of Practioal Musio, or oaey 
tlj,i * Pillar ruloa for loarnora. II, A ouroory development (dovolotnufmt 
V" proportions of Harmony, for tho ueo of thono who would beoomo 1 

fofiolentn ( olo,j In ooraposit Ion, and thooo likov/iuo who would wish to 
oi j, u j ll0 ^ ontlmuto of tho merits of tho Pioooo which thoy porforra, III, 

J OJiolao oollootlon of Psalm Tunes, Choruses and Anthomn, from tho moot * 
Pprovud authors, adapted bo tho oapaoitien of Lonmoro, oaloulatod to 

6hli do 11 glit the Connoiasours, and particularly suited to tho dlgnltv 
aolomnlty of divine worship# By Vdlllom Cooper, 

ll 1 Published according to Acb of Congress, Bouton* Printed by Munninr 
A Lorlng (proprietors) A sold, wholesale and retail, at their Booh"* 

‘ tore, t!o. 2, Cornhlll, in,d,j 

( ' l) i fright notioo as ahovo. 


DlC, 2P3* 

Metcalf • 
tfaion catalog# 

| ^ f X .1 • VsSi cds., 1304 (Boston} 

( 118j °* 24 Jan, 23th yr. o:' Ind. 1^04 — 4 

3t Joseph T^ancrede, as rrorrietor 

- * m 

The pulpit Orator; being a narr selection of •lo^ezt pulpit discourses, 
accompanied with observmt ions on the c aago s i ti m dsIlTery of s«> 

non s , and contain inn pieces not found in co-riiaciens of t i s rind. 

Tie.- Sermons of ' ossuet, Va.ssillaz: ~-.d nteus; Snore* s Hints to Pablio 
Speakers; Pe min.~hfl.ns * s Essa;r on tho eloquence o:' the Pulpit in h * land 
and Dr. Ire gory's thoughts on the ooap-ositi on and deliver^ of a Por or.. 
ST.TAi Boston: Printed for Joseph : - ano rede in- avid ‘aril sle . I SC- • . 

DLC, U3, NH. 

Union catalog. 

A. I, I, Use. cds., 1804 (Boston) 

[119 1 c. 24 Jan., ZSth yr# of Ind. 1S04 - 5 

3 y Michael T7alsh, as Author 

Tialsh, Michael. 

A new syston of Dook-keeping, adapted to various c rams. Uiohaol I 
walsh, Author of the kercantilo Arithmetic, 

?Io copy located. Ko evidence that it was ever printed, 

[120i c. 26 Jan., 26th yr, of Ind. 1S04 - 6 

By Tii Ilian Norman, as Proprietor 

Carleton, Osgood. 

The South American Pilot, Containing I# A raw and correct chart ex- 
hibiting the whole of the Atlantic or T estem Coeanj wherein the re- 
spective coasts of Europe, Africa and of America North and South with the 
Islands and Dangers of the two foas aro fully described. I:. A c<\art of 
the Coast of Guay&na from Kio Oronoko to the River Penerar a, containing 
the Dutch colonics of Pounfiron, Lssoquibo and Dene ram; also the Islands 
of Tobago and Trinidad. III. A Chart of the Coast of Guayana from River 
Serbioe to Cayenne. IV, A chart of the Coast of South America, fran 
Cayenne to the ltivor Alagoa. V. A chart of the Coast of South A: -erica, 
iroci St. Salvador to Cape St* I’.ar^' 1 s. •I. A chart oi tne River Plate on 
a v ery large scale, VII. A new and improved chart of Cape Pom including 
Falkland Islands and the Coast of South America, from C R?Q st. Antonio 
Cape Horn on the Past [Five & South; .»est fron Cape Horn to th*o Island 
°f Hooa. Tho viholo taken froci the latest and most approved European 
Publications revised and corrected by Osgood Carleton, Esq. Teacher of 
^be Uathernatios, 3oston. 
d copy located. 

, 121 ) 

c. 10 I-’eb., 88th yr. of Ind, 
3y Thomas Turner P ft hnw 

1804 - 7 

Turner, Thomas. 

double entry; delineated on a scale 

f , e , ~ U ®5 and comprehension of Senior school boys and youth; 

Ge ? * mercantile line* Comprising syetomatio and unerring 

roles f r i ® forming monthly statements of books, as vroll as those for 
ope conauo a justing t ancl dosing; them, vrith explanations of 

neory a t i^ ^°na °f practice, rendered easy to tho smallest capacity, 

A V , . ni ^ A&L '6 them in the truo Principles, and to make them 

p-r.ev~ i- ^ - a oy a little practice; to vihich are added rules for 
.-ceeping retail by double entry, without altering the process of 
i^Egle entry in the Day book or Journal, for all sales of Morohandise, by 
,c* 0I ^ 8 6 writing is 3aved, and tho lodger exonerated from Items, 

° . a P roci P 1 -' an d sure proof of monthly balances and annual profit. tho most easy and concise and safe vmy of calculating any rate per 
cent, a:^G especially that of interest at six per oent per^ annum. By 
iGcnnas Turner, Professor and Teacher of Bookkeeping, Portland. 

IIA: Portland, Printed by Jenke and Shirley, for Thomas Clark (Proprietor) 
1cjQ 4 t * * 

Copyright notice as above. 

DLC, 113, HHAt, 

Hnion catalog. 


c. 27 Feb., 23th yr. of Ind. 
3y Jedidiah I'orso, as Author 

1804 - 8 


, Jedidiah. 

^ The American Gazetteer, exiiibiting a full account of the Civil Divi- 

R ivera, liarbors, Indian Tribes, &c. of the American Continent, also 
w the host India and other appendant Islands, vdth a particular descrip- 
- on of Louisiana. Compiled from the best authorities. By Jedidiah 
-orse, D.D., A.A.S., S.H.S. Author of the American Universal Geography 
^luctrated vrith yaps. Second Edition, revised, corrooted, and enlarged. 

“ Charlcstov/n: Printed by and for Samuol Etheridge, and for Thomas 
a nd AndreTffs, Boston - 1804. 

Copyright notice as above, except 26 Feb. 

Tj t n 

SB, UBAt, H71. 

-aioa catalog. 

r*f* r * ode, 1804. 

r abi nt 60383. 

- 6 P°clted Dopt. of State, 

Apr# 2, 1804. 


c. 5 Uar., 20th yr. of Ind. 

By William Norman, as Proprietor 

1804 - 9 

-‘noton. Oseood. 

5: Labrador and Banks Pilot containing 1. A chart of the Coact of 

^gland from oouth Shoal to Cax^o Cable, including Georgo's Bank and 


uUvm *'f u " 'hoi', A olmrt of Hovn IhMtitK, ftHwi 0Hi‘» 

^ i .1 *1 k »1 A A JL 1- . i I ^ A ft . L « t it A 

InlnMtl** of l*«Mo, mill I'ltpri hi' ton, (l* A olmi’ll ol I ho flu I f of 
1 ivui'o , l h*» f t m* l o;hl<iJ| hi' hi Ui l iiltt, nwt bllo wholo tuiottl) *’• 

H(w(V»U*li*«wt* • * A ohH» t> H’ t h>> flnnrtti of lUtloniUn f[ont Mm ulivit|htd of 
Ml** lulo t'O fitmhfloh luv , Milt Vvtytnl hy oVtUu* of < h.i llovnnmi* t» f Unw 
,\*nu»ll'»M*l, tV "Moh In tmuiiMitl .* n i\i nthlot., mnibMutug oonjiloti** 1‘l“ 
lootloun Ah 1 all of < ho uhov\> t’hmlit, on vj»l l». I foot uottml nurvoyn, nmlu 
;\m ooml O'Af l\\y**ll l'\ Mu* Aili it\ 1 ty nml Mi.* nhm> i vn l l tuin of inrtny »«(*• 
)>vi*ltMMU»*l Pilot i*, AO, A l no iIIi.mI I >un {\jj* fit din, tin* IImh of High Wlttoi' 
lit «m vl«"o, lV*n«H|i*‘, IM oootit I'tm l\»»* Mump wlu* rtl*«f noil l\» l nm|imlnl«il 
i,(Ml I'd t>*u* of Ohlttln, ttml *\ UM of t,l t hli Ut»nMOd on Mu* (limnl ot A"*»i*lO«l 
tin* tholo 1***1 oil t ivn Mu* Intont- un>l nonl ovtnl l.'uiopotui fill* l ton l l tom, 

dd«\ mnl o or i on t oil hj On *M. I fnrlotion, iSntj, Tnnohoi' of Mm tnUmimt loit, 


V«\nuu* *■, 

r *>*n o i no i n if. mi o i , hii [it «mi it I ii i 

,, o«‘ 'oUi'M' Mt I'-lmv, AUivuytul t*y oi*loi of Mu« thunumi of (iiW« nollo 
\ oho it o I ho Util*-* Amt (toi'l' Ilf t ho 0(1 rt till of how found t mvtl, l ltd I Ult I H| , 


* ,* nojn, 

,iW> «* l i* U»r (t miUi yr t of ln*W 1U04 - 10 

Hy ihliumil Mwroh tttlMlli, nn tVOpfU’tM** 

Am npj'on.U v to Mu* n»v A n'i'lonu IhnolUml Nuv 1 1 ivlmr, oontnlnluj. tnhlnn 
VP olwi'lil;, Mio npi'iu »iu( illtttn op of i lio huM uml Moon fi*on t ho of foot, n (if 
tVi’nllnt i* ul JoftioMon h n now mot Itvil In v''o|» o 1 1 t ho onmuiiMoitu iuo i 
nAtlt 1 1 vw . 

' A| fofj (*ht rtotmiM.l mi0vnslli\ to l/m, tU-ntiui’y oort. t iVtntml l*y 
Ifi'hvUml U* 6t\mt , Ho* lUntn m-ivoti, 

W(0 # M p Ml, MlUti, m MfnU, 

I’M l *M» out it 1 1 * , 

A*|*l« Uon, OiIh, , l!t(AA, 

l^poultotl of ntrtt.f, th»V.v f, 1004. 

«, 90 Mo 1*, , ttHth t \ Of lu«l, X004 - 11 

Ity I rt t hop OUHtt, A M iVoprlotoi* 

1>WW, John, 

f' nooui'non t,i youn,' pofnoM*, ^ the Into Uov, Jolm (’Inrltu, U.l'. 

Wlnlntpv (*f fho Hont. flmivh Mi hontoM, 

*' '^t 'Ontoui It Pint Pit h\ ItuuiVi' khvI FikmoIii, for tintl MlVUip No. Ii3 

OornhUl. l(J04, * 

I'lf, HH, HUAti, Wh, NN* 

^htlou out nl o i 4 

'*1*1, 't„ n ^ Otli», ( IttlH (I'OAtiAll) 

Mtt'Ui (Join, 

^pOttUml iv,if u of .Unto, .My Y, 1H04. 


— ' 



Nc** * % * 


' ; 

“"v *-. j '. «.*'»•.' ^ 

4 ^ 1 

V v 

* V 

■ Tk ■ 


■/"’-* % 

' -'“'i > :„»>£ >• :. .'. 

, v ' r » ' : 

:.\ ‘ '-: iff, rt. 

'> m ~-e ' * ' 

U % * Better til#* 

?»>,« \W!:‘ , 

k .>*2, 

U >.' 

' 'ax', i 

'- " rw -t 

- v- .'.t ;.!b# 

A J 

1 ** * 4 « 

4 ' •r 

“ ,4 ■" 

j. ^ , 


V - 5 ~.9- 

; .' .' _a i_- 1 

»a _ . 

' hr 
— * 

v c \ 

* k - 4 

s %rr — 

* | 

^ * 

* » * * J V* « % * - 

* 4 * - * • J % * - - JL * * — 


* ' 

M-VT> '-L r..^; & r* 

»:V. '' l**; /.', :^i t ; 1 * ti# i % i:tas <?* 7 — ■“ ' 

* •' * * N % » ** . . * V ^ • 

»::» *>!• jt -s^.c .1 \.j$ < i»» smw.'jsar 

' ‘ - - *■ 

‘ '-*- 1 «~7> ,-t. v ,x t ' ~v : **# : - : #c 

^w, '** 1 , i'c .v' -\’ ;^r j; r .vij -;- 

Sk.£Mi2&&s*<t3fc TriaM '.>? a. * v: 

're* ; 

Ct l*/t 

Ml.'** ?, ^ *jLi ifZiiwrvNi t. '. o rvri. la 

_ _ 

* -p 

>v - 

l >nf* ' * 

* V 

• • $ . .' I?:*, . : 

* ^ 

'wr, , a^ }.* .-v'-., *' : ~ 

k*M„ >• lait^: .- : ris^r.* 

Jfet, :j, '..,m, 

rv yrv %..> ; . i s :=*$ ,V:, T p „ liCS 


:VC ^ ,’_'„0. . 

•V 5*-^i. ' > ,r * 

o - « w 

* «» 

■'i * - 


^ ~ _ *J 

I vVi - * 

r * 4 

* ^ * 4 

-*. ' ^ v * 


9- f 


v 4-1 % 

jl 3 -,:.:*r- 

,\Tt % 

^^4' * .' ■ c ,"i - 

% ^ i 

it t 

■ , . > > , X 


:,' .i .■u:., , ij 

a j. 'v* : ^ .'a . - v:* t 

lity^ ». *i«> .ow. ^-uliUaE. .‘Vrw 

.■ ,* .* . ,’o : ;##. ^ 

v i 2 - m, V „ 

^ *:: ti»# Xtsf&Nfc*. $:**<** «>i i iy il UKi ia e>» ir>7«. wrM, I 
; v 1 . ; _• ; * x *; ... .< ' klfl ’t^r<s '. - l *'~ '*'* • •'•• .*••*. .it,* ^ 

**-'.■ c -*c- * ' '. --VW * ' * . - *'-■>*-•'• • * ' N - --*'■■ • i-'-c. ? 

**» ^ . ... wt i vit* >'- T -~'- :- *ty. .• 

' ' 2 ?r ' 



' . 3 lily, Zl~ 1; 

. Of 

114 - i 

fall - 

.r u- 





. * * 

% - 

l _ w - 

li rls, Tz 


* f* ' 

#1 ^ ^ 



"If ff ( 

rright nccico as above. 

, iJ. 

Tnicn canaicg. 

;s5. cds., isck iirs-.--; 


c. 50 July, 2Sth ; r. zt Ini. 

3v 1 1 , - a ^ ^ ^ 

1304 - 1 

“ t - 5 ** ^ ; 

I Matilda . arren) 


f * 

s.^rt s; 5 

Z E.Z 


^ O 



ic: c: 


jf * “ » 

hi 2 al 


c -xti 1 _ 

i’s oc~* 



- * 


c. S? July, Zi 
3 " . 11 - in ?rl_n, i .5 Proorieto: 

1804 - 17 

■* - 

- cur in r ~-..c 

Austin, »i Ilian. 

Letters frsrc London ; "writt 

«Illian Austin. 

f A: Ic**: : f-r.-'-tcO ...’ • . . 

Verso title-page; S. fnnridge 0 1 . Iteiiina, 

Copyright notice as above. 

H 3 ,*ical. 

-hi on catalog. 

LI«I. liss. ode., 1104 v oston^ 

loot, of State, Seoz. 

s 1302 v - 

ir ters. 

"i, I.!*!. 



c. S Aug., 10 th ; r, o; Ind. 

By faleb Bingban, as Author 

130^ - 16 

tto • 1 ~ u*-'= icoid-e., or .. Short wd ytro-.c-Jc to Rngli^ 
=ar; U.i. 4 d price! jolly f»r «» ••*«« 0 f yoia* l.orroni,_=or. ... 
lolly those^f the fltir Sec tcourh prop.? for v .oleo ^nghoa, 
. Author of the Child's Coapoaion, Aaerlosn ?r»o. ? tor, ud Columbian 

"or* Quotation. fhs fourtssotb odi*.ic— • , p _ . . v,_ 

* 7 . S. -7- vlri to Aot of CohfTOSS. MSM..I Pri-utd by 

8 . Lincoln For the Author, !*o. 44 , Comhil*. 1^. 

The fourteenth edition. 


HlU*! Has tho 15th ed., 1G04, with tho copyright notioo for the 14th 
G d., vorso title-page. 

Union catalog. Locates the IC1I copy as "14th ed. 1504," but ICN reports 

it as "14th ed. 1803." 


it as "14th od. 1803. 

c. 1 Sept., 29th yr. of Ind, 

By hi Ilian Hilliard, as Proprietor 

1804 - 19 

{ Fobea, Peresj . J , .. . +K „ 

A scripture catechism, or system of religious instruction m oJie ^ 

of scripture. Being a selection of the most plain and important texts, so 
arranged as to give a systematic viev/ of the principal doctrines and 
duties of our Holy Religion. Intended as an assistant to Christian .mis- 
ters Parents, and instructors in the religious education of chiluren an 
youth. Adapted to tho use of schools and families. By 0- clergyman o 

Llassachu setts. 

m Published according to Act of Congress. Cambridge, 

Sold by William Hilliard, and by the Booksellers in Boston. 1804. 
(Title entry) 

!1H, Ulii, IH. UH establishes author as Perez Fobes. 

Union catalog. (Title entry) 

A. 1. 1, ties, cds., 1804. 

Sabin: 78495. (Title entry) 

Printed and 

c. 7 Sept., 29th yr. of Ind. 

By Jolrn Colos Junior, Painter, 
as Author and Proprietor 
(Title of a Design) 

1804 - 20 

Coles. John. Jr, , , 

“The following is tho doooription of an Engraving now about to bo pub- 
lished by subscription* g ^ oal ity, so the oval of tho chain 

As the serpentine line is the line o_ twauwy, ■ 

is hieroglyphic of the lustre of so pleasin G an Union of several States, 
the true emblem of "Peace 11 in tho centre* designates tranquility at hone 
and »ood viill abroad, oqually extending to all nations, llius . ny sho 
rise and progress until Empires shall loll awaj anu e t r nd 

duration of the world, 
ii° oopy located. 


o. 13 Aug., 29th yr.oflnd. 
By Jedidiah Morso and Elijan 
Parish, as Authors 

1804 - 21 


c o, Jedidiah, and Parish, Elijah. P i i 

A compendious ° f ^‘^“nd’kev! Elijah Parish, AJI. 

^ 0^ r l.^"^d D 9oid Etho ridge. 180*. 

Copyright notice as abovo, 

Profaoe dated Aug. 0, 1804. 


DUG, H, HBAt, UH. 

Union catalog. 

A.I.I* Was* ods., 1304. 
gab ini 503 cO. 

Deposited t'ept. of Stato, Sept. 9, 1804, 1 

1 t 136j 0- 6 Sept., 25th yr. of Ind, 1204 - 22 

3y Isaac Backus, an Author 

Backus, Isaac, 

i An abridgment of the church history of Ilew-England, from. 1602 to 1604, 
containing a view of their principles and practice, declonsiona and re- 
vivals, oppression and liberty; with a concise account of the baptists 
in tho Southern part of Ar.erlca, and a chronological table or the whole. 

By Isaac backus. A, 31, Pastor of a church in Mi ddlobo rough. 

1 'lA: Published according to Act of Congress. Boston: Printed for tho 
author by S. Lincoln. Sold by Hanning & Loring, Ho. 2, Cornhill, 
and by E. Lincoln, Water-Street, 1304. 

Preface dated Isaac Backus, hiddloborough, Aug. 30, 1304. 

DLC, M3, MH, HH, 

Union catalog, 

A.I.I, Has. cds,, 1804 (Boston) 

Sabin: 2326. (Variant title, with no location givon) 

fl37 s c. 8 Oot., 29th yr. of Ind, 1804 - 23 

By Barnard B. Maoanulty, as Proprietor 

Story, Joseph. 

The power of solitude. A poem in two parts. By Joseph Story, 

Vt At A now and imp roved edition. Salen: Published by Barnard 13. 

Haoanulty. 1304. 

Copyright notice as above. 

Verso title-page: 0 . Etho ridge & C. Stobbins, Printers, Charlestown, 

DLC, M, M3, MHAt, LIS&E. 

Dr.ion catalog. 

^*1*1* Mss, ode., 1804, 

Sabin: 92316. 

Dapositod Dopt, of State July 29, loQ5» 

t!38, 5 29th yr, of Ind. 1Q04 - 24 

By Andrew Law, as Author 

***, Andrew. 

The musical magazine; being tho third part oi the art ui Singing; 
C <>htai llinc a variety of Anthems and favourite pieces. A periodical pub- 
Hcation. By Andrew Law, Pourth edition, vAth additions and improvemonta. 
^ninted upon a no^/ plan. Published according to -act oi Con? rocs, ho, l # 
‘- 1 ’* Boston* - Printed for the author, by E, Lincoln - lo05. 

Contains separate title-page with title: Tho musical magasinej 
Being the third part of The art of singing no. 1* Printed for 

the author, by E, Lincoln. 

Vorso tliis titlo-parei Copyright notloo as above, 

Tlds work hac boon bound with the first two parts of The art of 
singlngi Pnrt I, Tho musical prlncr, and Part II, The Cliristlan 
harmony . 

DLC, WTi, IfiiA, NN, 


Union catalog, 

A, 1,1. Mss, ode. , 1605 (Boston) 

Dopositod Dopt, of State, Apr. 2d, 1605, 

o, 3 Nov. t 2. th yr. of Ind. 
fjy Jolin out, ac Proprietor 

1304 - 25 

[Vaughan, V/llliam, editor j 

The narrative of Captain David T.oochmrd and four -canon, who lost thoir 
slilp whilo in a boat at sea, and surrendered themselves up to tho Malaya, 
in the Island of Colobos; containing an interesting account of thoir suf- 
ferings from hunger and various hardships, and thoir osoapo from tho 
Lalays, after a captivity of two years and a half i Also on account of tho 
banners and oust oris of tho country and a dororiptlon of tho harbours and 
coast, oo. together with an introduotion, and an appendix containing nar- 
ratives of various escapes from shipwrecks unrior great hardships and ab- 
stinonoej holding out a valuable seanan , s guide, and the inportanao of 
union, oonfidonco and perseverance in tho nidst of distress. 

'o copy located. Tho Union catalog locates savoral London editions 
ontered under tho title, with note that Lillian Vaughan edited the 



o, 0 Deo., 29th yr. of Ind. 

By Herman ' aim, ns Troprlotor 

1804 - 26 

^ttue, John. 

?he oonfoosion of John 3attus, a mulatto, aged 10 years and 7 months; 
Who oxocutod at Dedlian, November 8th, 1301, for tho crimes of a most 
®i*ug! rap© and murdor on tho body of Salome Talbott, of Canton, in tho 
fourteenth year of her ago. To wiiioh is r.ddod Ids writings during his 


“•‘At (Dedham, Columbian Hi no rva prose, 1304j 

Editor's introduotion dated Do&liom, Lov, f, 1304, 
badly mutilated oopy, with imprint supplied. 

^ odlii, Dedham, Columbian Jiinerva Press, HOI, 

%l * 1 * ods., 1004. 


Itol y°ko, Suauel. 

o. 7 Poo, , 29th yr. of Ind. 
by Samuel Holyoko, as Author 

130*1 - 27 

Como ^°^ ot *-tion service, containing two odos, tiiroo I^tuic, and a do> 
Cod for the dodioation of tho Hew South Looting houao in Salesi, 

doxolo yy. 

* E aohueetta, D|y Samuel Iiolyoke, AJi. 




CtY-MSi Published aooording to Aot of Congress, Printed by Joshua 

Cushing, Salon, Ha a sac huso tts. f n,d.j 
Copyright notice 03 above# 

Verified by letter, 

MBE*. _ / 

He teal f. Locates a copy at 'll but it could not bo found (July, 1043) 

( 142j c, 1G Jen,, 20th yr. of Ind, 1005 - 1 

3y "William Frodoriol: Pinchbook, aa 

Pinchbook, Til Ilian Frederick, 

The expositor; or many rystcrios unravelled; dolincnted in 11 series of 
lottorE, between a friend and Ills correspondent, comprising tho learned 
Pig, Invisible Lady, Acoustic Tonplo, Philosophical Swan, penotratinc spy 
claccec, optical and magnetic, ant? various other ouriositios on similar 
principles: also, a *W of tho r.oct wonderful foe to as performed by the 
art of Legerdemain; with cone rofloctions on Ventriloquism, jy Wi Ilian 
Frederick Pinchbeck, 

l£3i Boston: printed for the author, 1305, 

Copyright notice ao above, 

IS, SH. 

Union catalog, 

A.1,1. fees* cds. , 1005 (Boston) 
deposited Dept, of State, Apr. £0, 1805, 

rl43i o. 22 Jan,, 29th yr. of Ind. 1005 - 2 

j By Barnard 3. Vacanulty, as 


Story, Joseph, 

A selcotioi: of Pleadings in Civil Actions, cubsoquont to tho doolnration 
tilth occasional annotations on the law of Pleading. 3y Joseph Story. 

S, la -11 Published by Barnard 9. Dacanulty. Jan. 1005. Tannine & 

loring, Printers, Boston, 

Copyright notice as abovo, 


union catalog, 

Hss. cdo,, 1005. 

"•Posited Dopt. of State, July 2J, lUOb, 

cU4j Ct 2G Jan,, 29th yr, of Ind. 1805 - 3 

By Henry drewor, as Proprietor 

t^rop # Joseph. 

J U Infirmities end ooafOrte of old age. A oemon to tne ( aged, 
fly Joseph Lathrop, D.D. Partor of the first ohuroh In hoot 

*€ field. 

^Prlngfioldi Prlntod by Henry Urowur. t n * d *l 
^•A lm» addod f 1005| in penoil. 

Other llbrariea have second edition only 1 H1007 ; 



Union catalog. 

A. 1. 1. Author filo. 

Sabint 39199, Kota, 

fM5j o. 21 Jan., 29th yr, of Ind, 

By Abnor Jonos, ao Proprietor 

Smith, Eliag, and Jonos, Abnor. 

Hymns, original and selected, for tho use of C] 
Smith and Abner Jonos. 

EfiA: Boston ; Printed and Bold by Manning A Lorin, 

Copyright notice as above, oxoefet 31 Jan. 

Union catalog, 

A, 1,1. !*ss. cda., 1005 (flooton) 

Deposited l>opt. of State, July 29, 1005. 

1006 - -4 



c. 1 r’ob., 29th yr, of Ind. 

By Thfiddouo Mason Harris, ao Author 

1006 - 6 

Harris, Thaddouc Mason. 

The Journal of a Tour Into tho Territory Mortlnwat of the Alla ghiuty 
Hountainsj made in tho spring of tho ; oar 1803. with a goograpKlonl tuul 
historical account of tho state of Ohio, By Tliaddeud Mason Harris, A,' . 
Member of the Massachusetts Historical Sooioty. II lustra tod with 1. An 
original map of tho Alloghany, ilonongnhela, and Yohlogany divers, 2. 

A nap of the State of Ohio, by tho lion, ltufUs Putnam, a*;. Surveyor 
Ceaoral of tho United States, made from aotunl ourvuyne A emu of tho 

"rnot appropriated by Congross for military services i on v. loli tho • action; 
c f® laid down and narked by numbers, to. *1. A ground Plat jnlo.j of the 
c ity of Hariotta. 5. A view of tho Ar.olont Mounds and Port l float! on* an 

the Muskingum. 

J® 1 Bostom Printed by Manning A Loring, No, 2, Comhlll, 1605. 

^ U3At, MH HH1, If a A . 

Jnion catalog. 

i* 1 * 1 * Use. od 0 ., 1805 (Boston) 

^bim 30516. 

^Posited Dept, of State, July 2, 1B05. 

(147 j 

o. 1 Kob., 29 tii yr. of Ind. 

By Isaiah Thomas, Jr., ua Proprietor 

1U05 - 0 

^Cunonta, natural, moral and religious for the im lortulity of the uoul. 
‘ “At iVoroostor. Printod and Sold by Isaiah Thuaas, Juu. (Proprietor of 
the Copyright) Sold also by Thomas A Wliipplo, Newbury port, 
llvt , J| uuiary - 1806 . 

^ion catalog. 

* ItI * ^ss. cda., 1806, 


#148 j 

o* 20 Fob., 29th yr. of Ind* 
By John Jenkins, as Author 

1805 - 7 

Jenkins, John* 

The art of writing, reduced to a plain and easy system; on a plan 
entirely new* In seven books* By John Jenkins, writing master* Book I, 
containing a plain, easy and familiar introduction to the art. 

The 1791, 1813, and 1816 editions only have been located* This pro- 
jected 1805 edition ms apparently never printed* The 1813 edition ex- 
amined at ItfI-Ed,T contains the follov/ing statement; il The her r s first 
book, containing an explanation of the first principles of writing v/ns 
published in 1791, In consequence of tho author 7 s ill health and want of 
funds sufficient to defray expenses of engraving and publishing, the fol- 
lowing books have been delayed for more than twenty years* 11 

I'SaE has a twelve -page pamphlet dated 1809 which is an appeal for sub- 
scriptions to raise enough money to have The Aid: of "writing printed in 
its entirety* This library also has a broadside of that date, or later, 
containing a similar appeal. 



c. 20 Mar*, 29th yr, of Ind* 

By Cushing & Appleton, as Proprietors 

1805 - 8 

Sallustiue, Caius Crispus, 

C, Crisp! Sallustii 3elli Catilinarii et Jugurthini Historiae* 

: T A: halem, 1 fas sachuset£en slum: Exoudebat Josua Cushing, Impensis T, C. 

Cushing et J. S. Appleton. 1805* 

Copyright notice as above* 


A.I.I* Mss. cds. , 1805* 

Deposited bept. of State, liar. 19, 180G* 

f 150 3 c. 26 Mar, 29th yr. of Ind* 1805 - 9 

By Thomas Green Fessenden, as 

(Fessenden, Thomas Green j 

Democracy unveiled; or. Tyranny stripped of tho garb of patriotism. 

®y Christopher Caustic, L.L*D* — ho . he, 6:c. he, c^c. c* c* 

Coeouni domis scelus omne ret exit* 

rogues J you rogues I you 1 re all found out* 

Ahd "We tho People” I’ve no doubt, 

Will put a period to your dashing 
And honest men will corn© in fashion* 

n ‘<Aj Boston Printed by D. Carlisle for the author* 1805* 

t r * 

Copyright notioo as above, 

DU:, MB, Hu, 

Dnion catalog, 

i'ss. ode,, ldOb ( Hoaton) 

"'ttbinj 24212. 

1805 - 10 

tl51) c, 1 Apr,, 29th yr, of Ind, 

By Benjamin Waterhouse, as Author 

Waterhouse, Benjamin, 

I Cautions to young persons concerning health in a public Loeturo, de— 

live red at the 0 I 030 of tho T edical Courso in tho Chapol at Cambridge, 

!.ov* 20, 1804; containing the goneral doctrino of chronic dinoaseaj shew— 

ing the evil tendency of the use of Tob&ooo upon young persons j more 

especially pernicious effects of smoking oigarrs (Oic,,j with ob— 

serrations on the use of ardent and vinous Spirits in gonoral. by Donja— 

nin Waterhouse, L,0, Frofessor of the theory and practice of Physio and 

teacher of natural history in tho University of Canbridgo, Quotation, 

h *Ai (Cambridge) Printed at the University Press by !». Hilliard. 1805. 
DIG, 11, HSaE, Hll. 17 

Union catalog. 

A.I.I. Uss. cds,, 1305. 

Sabin: 102056. 

r ^ J e. 3 Hay, 29th yr. of Ind, 1805 - 11 

i Ey John Williams, as Proprietor 

Williams, John. 

v , Ia 7 iltoniad J ^ extinguisher for the royal faction of Uow-Cng- 
^1* hith copious notes, illustrative, biographical, philosophical, 
cn i cal, admonitory, and political; being intended as a high-hcoled* shoo 
-or^oll limping republicans. By Anthony Pasquin, Esq, ipooud.r 



* c °py-right secured according to Act of Congress. Sold for tho 

Author, price 31 cents, at the Independent Chronicle Office Court- 
Street, Boston, ( n,d.) * 

. -preface dated Boston, Sept. 6, 1804. 

Soston, (printed by Adorns & Rhoades, 1804?, 

HSaE, W7A. 
u nion catalog, 

L -cs. cds., 1004 (Boston) 

° a Hi 104279, Establishes John 'billions as author. 

c, 24 Hay, 29th yr, of Ind. 1805 - 12 

By Cushing & Appleton, as 


«Lfer*e companion no, 1 containing instructions for playing tho pi p 0 
<T*d a collection of must o consisting of narohoo, airs &a. \7ith their* 

1 -alem (Mass.) Printed by Joshua Cushing (Q.d., 

^ ft ion ° ^ ^ ^ letter from tho f'usio Divioion, Herr York Publio Library 

ju aa talog , *" 

. °cited Dept, of State, liar. 25, 1006. 


_ m^ P i - ^ r w 


t M «y, 29th yr. of Ind. 

Thomas & Andrews, n 8 Prop riot. 

1006 - 13 


eeman, Samuel, 

ihe town ofiicerj or the nowor and dutv np o -t +. « ,,, , 

Town Treasurers, Overseers of the , f Rolootmon - Town clork ** 

of Taxes, Surrovors of Hiriw« v . „ P ' Assessors, Constables, Collootors 

drivers. Measurers of Wood and ’ n i of Lumbor * Fono ® VLownrs, Field 

the us. of such Sr “ ” rt *S F ° f f °™’ f ° r 

Connom-ealthi raid tiioroto profl * od tlro Constitution of »ld 

nnd Plnn-^nt-i rmo , 10 R ^^ed the powtir and duty of Town®, Parishes, 

table of o.H n. * , P 0,131 aid ro ^ u ^ ar m °do of Icoeping 'form Accounts, and a 

Mon ard other 8- !* 111 Py 31 ^ 5 ^ 01 ^. Also an appendix containing some inspeo- 

^ So fZZ l la . rc ° J vdth othar matt© r , By Lmuol Free- 

° c ® as saohusotto Justice, Probate Directory, and 

uka. &k 1 er * ^ a 6 a *^ no • Sixth edition - oorhootod and enlarged, 

5 Us S v° n! . j^lished by Thomas & Andrews, Shust's Statue. No, 45, 

MH IZFi " " ^ • '-£• Buckingham, Printer, 


A. I, I. lies, cds., li:05 (Boston) 




c. 24 May, 29th yr. of Ind. 
3y Elisha Andrews, an Author 

1805 - u 

Andrews, Elisha. 

A vindication of the distinguishing sentimont3 of the Oaotista ara'nst 
the writings of Messrs. Cowles, Miller, and Edwards. By Elisha Andrews 

A.: . Pi stor of the Baptist church in Tonpleton. * 

MhAs Boston, Pitnted and Sold by Manning ft Luring ?Jo. 2 Cornhill 

1805. ' ’ ‘ y » 

| M3A t . 

Bni on 


Copyright notice as above, except 27 LSay 


M-e* cqg« j 1505 ( lost on) 

fl56 3 

c. 3 June, 29th yr, of Ind 

By Joshua Spalding, as Author 

1305 - 15 


ongsi a collection of composures in motre, suoh as hava 

°P a 1 d ing , Joshua, 

Vho Lord* w ^ . * 

ba©n most used in the late glorious rovivalsj Dr* \/att*s (YJatt 

and Hymn m t “ “ % | M |" J |W w 

*urch 1 w 

Stiloi.ii Printed by Jocli’ua Cushings 1305, 

Copyright notice ae abovo# 

> 3iSa2y 

of 'Calf # 


s excepted* By Joshua Spalding, a.m, Minister at the Brenoh 



] oin 



^'on catalog. 

Mss. oda,, 1U05. 

“‘bin, 68889. 

'^posited Uopt. of State 

Juno 29, 1306# 

0. 1 June, 2 9 th yr. 

By JftSMB A 1 In, a* 
(Title of a Hook of 

of Ind, 


1005 - 16 

Akin* Jama ft* 

Volume 1 1 1 # Turkey** B 

g :'ir John ffclttaff* c « TUo Inspiration 

Jailors also 


An edlot from l . IVinr, 0 

the world, 11 
In furl ft ted 0© span danoy 
Dexter. 2. The Cook and the Jewol 1, 
look inspected with t 

The lesson. 4. The contrast 
7. A confidential Intrigue. 

The Invitation. 10. The monk who had 


Th<> 'hoon t 12, A do script ion by Shako spear# 

Volume lit 1. The most notable Lord Timothy 

r / 

Serpent beguiling I've. A 

6. The blind 

The ° 

Pip, 6, The Squire and his Cur, 
oarryin* the Lame* 7. A view of tho road to Portsmouth. 8. A martial 
nlay* 9, The Philosophic Kxporamontaliot, 10, Magnanimity. 1# Cupid 
jvvi Pa v oho, 1 ’l « A olap of Thunder demolishing a maypole in the Isle 


These volumes of plates have not boon located. However, two plates. 
Sailors loo, and Tho most notable Lord Timothy Dexter were examined 
«+ wvvA the latter also at liilaE. The copyright notice is on the back 

n i 


of tho Doxtor pinto. 



o, 14 June, 29th yr 

'iy Thomas & M hippie 

of Ind. 

as Proprietors 

1805 - 17 

Howard 1 c largo and small round text copies, with new mlos 
yy.At Kowburyport, Published and sold by Thomas & uhipple, 

and Stationers, Market Square, May 1st, 1805, 

for learners. 

t 159 


c. 2 July, 29th yr. of Ind. 
By Caleb Pool, as Author 

1805 - 18 

Pool. Caleb. 

from heaven, by vision*, communicated miraculously to, and ex- 
plained bv, Caleb Pool of Gloucester, 

IKAi Salem: Printed for the Author. Id . 




, MuRIj , 

on catalog. 





1.1 i' c 
j * o o 


1000 . 

o. 18 July, 30t)i yr. of Ind 
)3y Caleb Pool, ft e Author 
(Title of a Chart) 

1805 - 19 

Pool. Caleb 




I., 1 1 


* # • 

: iako 
i uxkO 

m * 

• ♦ • 

1 minute 
l hour 

cu nute q • • . 

hours ... mftk. ••• 1 Sun rises ftt 6 o’olook in the East, and 

mi s - MMrtlfv thtxt tho hast and West 


k \ 

Maixjh 21st and Sopt* 

«t« at G o'clock In the We » of t J» Plftdies of the 
k^ritudes are dieoavered by the sev i 


leaver, s, by the rotation of tho Earthj counting 180 dogroes East, and as 

racy iQsbl 15 degrees make an hour of tine ** therefore count from the 
pridian both East and West, 

The discovery 71113 nade by Caleb fool, of Gloucester, a 3 revealed to him 
iy a velestial being fro;- nuovG, and to be taught by mastcrB of his choioe. 
So copy located* 



c. 19 July, 30th yr. of Ind. 
Sv* Hannah Adana, as Author 

1805 - 20 

Adai x , Hannah * 

Aondg.aent 01 the History' 1 of Now England /from its first settlement 
to tho present dayj for the use of young Persons. By Hannah Adams* 
r .U Printed for the author, and for sale by B. & 
est. A* Newell, Printer, Devonshire Street, 

Copyright notice as abovo. 
riC, IB, ME-Ed.T, WHi. 

Cnion catalog. 

A.I.I. Uss. ods, , 1805 ( Boston) 

I 207. 

J. Horans, and John 
Boston. July, 1805* 




c. co July, 30th yr, of Ind. 

3y Josiah Spaulding, as Author 

1805 - 21 

Spaulding, Josiah, 

Universal ism confounds and destroys itself; or. Letters to a friend, 

-- four part*. Part I. Dr. Huntington 1 s and Hr. Kelly 1 s Scheme, which 
Ce:ue ® all future punishment, shewn to be made up of contradictions • 
l 5 -"- - - r. Chaunoy’s, Nr. Winchester's Potitpierre's, and medical Dr, 
louan’s scheme which supposes a limited punishment hereafter, shown to be 
up of contradiotions . Part III. Everlasting forovor, and ever, 

Hy and originally, mean duration without end. Part IV. Tho suf- 
lency of the Atonement, for the salvation of all, consistent vdth the 
destruction of a part of mankind, Also the Second ^oath explained. 
Jrsed vdth direct arguments in proof of the ondlas3 misery of the 
And answers to tho popular objections, of tho present day, 
the Doctrines of Grace. By Josiah Spaulding, A *M . Pastor of a 
"i- rch ia Buck land . 

• printed at N 0 rthampton, LJassacliu setts* 

Author. 1805. 

Copyright notice as above* 

Iff* 2iH. 

^on catalog, 

^?r : * :is ®- <3ds., 1805. 


by And rev/ Wright - For tho 



o. 7 Aug., 30th yr. of Ind. 

By Samuel Naylor, as Proprietor 

1805 - 22 

^r^ T * Saaue l* 

' 8 Ijir * 9ar Tables described, and their utility^ vorifiodj vdth pro- 
•ad examples for shortoing calculations and preserving accuracy 


the 1 Umar noth ad of finding Longitudo at Pea, First introducod into 
th^ United States in 1793, by Sorauol Naylor, and by him, recommended to 
the nariners of the United States ns tho most simple and oaoy method of 
clearing Lunar Distancos of tho effects of ro fraction and Parallax of 
gny yet taught (Margeti'a excoptod) 

15^1 Published according to Act of Congress. Boston* Printed for tho 
Proprietor* A. Newell, Printer, Devonshire St. jn.d.j 
[ISOSj in pencil 1ms boon added to the Tfu'A copy* 


Union catalog* 

1,1,1* Mss, cds*, 1805 (Boston) 

f 164j o, 24 Aug,, 50th yr* of Ind. 1805 - 23 

1 3y Manning & Loring, as Proprietors 

Lerrill, Daniel, 

Open communion with all who keep tho ordinances as C II It I S T delivered 
then to the Saints. Eight Letters on opon Communion addressed to Rufus 
Anderson, A.M* 3y Daniel Merrill, A. 11, Pastor of tho Church of Christ in 
' Sedgwick. 

r Ai Boston 1 Printed and Sold by Manning A Loring, No* 2, Cornhill * * * 

Copyright notico as above, 

MBAt, HHi, RP3, 
fnion catalog, 

has. cds., 1S05 (Boston) 
deposited Dopt. of State, Deo. 31, 1806, 


o. 2 Sept,, 30th yr. of Ind. 

2y Carolina I at;. Ida barren, as Author 

1805 - 24 

Thir or, Mrs • Caroline Matilda (V.arron) 

Tho Ga ectorsj or Ruins of Innooonoo, An Originnl novel, founded in 
truth. By Caroline Matilda barren. Quotation. 

Bostons Printed for Thomas A Andrews, D. host, I-, Larkin, White, 
Bui-dett A Co,, C, Bingham, J. Vteet, Vi, Pelham, Manning A boring, 

S. & J* Honmio, 0. C. Groonloaf, K, Cotton, h J. Milliquet. 1805. 
David Carlisle^ Printer, Cambridge Street. 

Copyright notioo au above. 

Preface dated Sutton, Sept. 1305, 

^ Ulii. 


Msa. cds*, 1306 (Beaton) 

val >in* 10 H 58 . 


o. 6 Copt., 30th yr. of Ind. 

IW katthew C, Grove a, no Author 

1805 - 25 

3r °V0 S> Uatthon C. 

The feast of the Pilgrims | or tho imigration to Boston, A play in 
* . Vo Rc tg, Written by Mutthow C, G rove a » 

K ° °°Py located. 

i ?r> 

1 1C Vi 

o. 19 Sopt , , 30th yr, of Ind* 
By Angler Maroh, i\i Proprietor 

laOEi - 26 

perry, William* 

Perry's f polling Book) or the only mire guide to tho I i; ;Moh tonguo. 

On tho anno plan no Porry*# royal Standard ' uglioh dictio tary* With an 
addition of tabloej saloot sontemaca, In prose and vwrauj o lJnl of v-oraa 
glnllar in sound, but differing In Spoiling; tables of llibWTidtiOftJ of 
Arabic and Homan numbers; a now compondlun of J !m, : 1 1 o U r.ui nrj obueirvn- 
tlona ©oncoming tho sluo, pages, tltloa fo. of books j on j c»nding tho 
Bibloj method of inatruotlon thnrofron, > r o. fa. >':o, The whole rovltiod 
tmd so arranged ns to bo most conducive to tho Improve: \ont of youth and 
oonsequont pleasure of tcachcm. Quotation. 

Ho oopios of thin odltion, printed by An nr Maroh, Mowburyport, hav« 
boon looatod. 

USoH has a filo of Novrtjuryport I iprint a which oont&i rn thn following 
copioc of two ndvortlncinoutai 
Porry, William. 

New spoil inf -bo ok. Junt publiohod aid for snlo, at tho bookstore 
of Any lor Huroh, no. If, Market— f mm, the ltrut boviluryport edition, 
revised and improved, with valuable additions. A flair, neat typo and 
fine, white paper being ossontlal roqu 1 oltos In school books. Tho 
publisher* of this odltion ban boon particularly onroful to Irnvo tho 
typof j*aphi o a 1 uppearanoo oqual, nt least, to that o± any spelling 
book extant ... — Advt. in k’ crrimaok magaglno and Ladios* lite rary 
oubinot , Oot. 5, 1805. 

Now spol ling-book. Tho attention of parents and toaoharo io res- 
pectfully Invited to n now and much improved odltion of Porry* « 

Spolliaf, book, just published by Angior March, no. 13, .Varket-Squaro, 
llowburyport . — Advt. in Tho Indopondont republican, Auf., 1505. 


o. 20 Sopt., 30th yr. of Ind. 

By William Pelham, as Propr letor 

1805 - 27 

Q -lononts of chess; a troatiso combining theory with practice, and 
comprising the wholo of Phil odor’s Gobioq, iuul explanatory notoo, nax 
modelled ; and arranged upon an original plan. 

1 Boston; Printed for W. Polluvn, Mo. 58, Coml: 1 li. 1805* 

[ Copyright notioo as ubovo, oxoopt 2b Sept* 

» Bli, UHi, Ml ;a , 

°n catalog, 

14o 3. ode., 1805, 

>0 ®itod Dept, of State, liar* 12, loOC, 


o. 28 Sopt., 30th yr, of Ind. 

By j. T, Buckingham, ac Proprietor 

1806 - 20 

1 *irst Churoh oollootion of Saored Musiokf for tho use of Keliglous 

s °oietie 5 . 

— IVr*i 


r x"s 

Boston, Printed by J. 7, Puc'-zin-han — Octobrr, 1G05. 
Copyright notice as above. 

Verified by lottor, 

Metcalf. Later editions, 

l 1 , 1 , Kss. cds,, 1P05. TxU, only copy located. 


o, 2V Sept,, 30th yr, of Ind. 
By Ephrain h'illiams, as Author 

1305 - 23 

Vi Ilians, Ephrain, 

Pcoorts of cases e.r'-ued ar.d determined in the Suprerv Judicial Court 
o: the ft ate of 1 hf . achurotts, fror. 'eptenbor, 1801 to June, 1305 - 

both inclusive, Dy Ephraim . 11 liens, 
UH-Li Northampton, Published by S. & . 

Prl ntcr , 

Copvrifht notice as above. 

* m 

Union crt&lcg. 

A. I . I . Author file. 

Deposited Dept, of State, Nov. 25, 1805, 

r, quire, Voluno I • 

. .tier. 1305. Thervas M. Po-roy, 



c, 27 Cept., JOth yr, of Ind 
By Caleb Binghnn, as Author 

1305 - 30 

Birghan., Caleb, 

-l.o child's companion; being a concise Spelling- Book; containing a 
selection of words, in modem use, properly arranged and divided in suoh 
L rumiictr l.l -rill rust naturally load the learner to a rirht pronuncia- 
tion, together with a variety of lessons ;cr rending he. lesiyned for 
t-e acc of schools. By Caleb hiryhan, A ,!■' . Author of The young lady's 
accidence, Ar*ericar preceptor, £c. Quotation, 

il-hd.Tt The eleventh edition. Published according to Act of Congress. 

3c ston i Printed by Panning 6 Lormg, for the Author; and sold 

Ho, 44, Comhill, 1805, 

HHi . 


ilss, ctls . , 1505 (iosten) 



c, 5 Oct., 30th yr, of Ind, 
jy Carmel Austin, aa Author 

160o - 31 

^ u «tin, 5 revue 1. 

^ examination of the representations and reasonings 
8n roor*s lately publielieu, bv the Lev, Daniel - 

B<: » *_ _ _ J r • * . , , , 

Pt t* vw 

of j'.ptiE.’.s, in £ 
*tt,,ptod to a how, 1 

ntalned in save 
crrill, on the mode a™* 

in jsV'tnd letters ad epos set! to »hc -,ut-:orj In 

those reprosentatiouB and reasonings are 

. m i. . 1 II 

fcryi- ^ I ’ . f 

Jr; lounded in truth. By Samuel Austin. A 

1 Muted at Lorcas'. cr: y ^ • . .*ou»3, •* OotohiT , 

, . At ends Copyright secured according to i-ct oi ton r\>ss, 

* l '*'At, Uli-Aif, HHi, 

tJ*i ^ | 

ft*M *••• °ds,. 

8425. Cn‘ 



9 11 Dept, of State, Nov. 30, 1805* 




* 1 

_ f 

Set. $ 30tn yr. of XtjI* 
y Abiel lolaea. a a Author 

1/306 - 552 

*=-i f 


m - ; - - 

«* ■^4-^ 

$ - i ir :r.o logical history o£ 
'~'ZZT-~z 0 In iio Toltawfl# 
:?r of the first 

.=. j-5 _ 'r’ •* • j- > 

*7V$ -/*.1 

- - i:::: 


as abcTe. 


jjy Abiol 
church in Cambridge# 
hundred years, 

H. Hilliard. 1;0', 

from it® dla- 

,iolru9D # 6*D ## 


*■% JS 

■'* ■— 


r, 1306. 


% — 

, Apr. 1306 


. 1 * . a u 

- - « 

' j r 

* * 


1305 - 35 

^ f- f? *• - . — - ^ •— 

A - X* j — # -» - A X X * % 

— ^ 

JL, > 

* * - — 


- • -a 

. 2*ac rec --5LT. * o.iy 

’ T ~ sr ‘ f*-. 

_ ^ _ * X ~ Jfi ^ A 

- - ^ n ft 4 '' *' ^ /■■ 

.M j *. 'J j — I- — — A *.**-* 

112 o * h. la ran # Dedham j and 
oicatorec _n jo '. ton. 1606. 

* * - « 

J_ - x t - M 

* — • 

^ ^ Vj* 

— ^ ’ -f * 

Z .: 

- - # * * 

j-* 5 | ^ 

af lad. 

/ r j : r ie to 

- A 

^ i 



• Iff 

• * . 

• Vj rl in * a ro 

J# ■ 

. X 

^ „ J "«. 

£> X 4> * - 

X X. *- A 

- 4- f* ** c*'f ¥ 

x X 4 A ,,X £ 



A J 

lla r a 


/i.i.1 eh 

a r»j 

j ; . ■: i 

-p -* 

coxna and x&nj 

■» i 

X A * » 

_jr * 


x J 

At / 

A* J 

A #* f*i 

X X “ x 

*0 h ; . r : 


' p r A 

X X 4 / J # 

; ;ru;r oalnu- 

i i06. 

x, # 

t _ , ' * i 

' — J 

* A 



o, 12 Not, , 30th yr, of Ira 
Samel Capon, as Author 

1805 - 35 

Capon, Samuel. 

Tho Norfolk Ilamony, No. 1. Being an original composition of Anthers 
and set ploccej vrlth a variety of notreo and airs suitable for Dlvino 
worship, and for tho uno of musical societies; consisting of three and 
I four parts . ao which Is added a concise introduction to tho grounds of 
lUusle. By Sonuol Capon, 

HfAi Boo tom rintod by Manning & Loring, for tho Author, Nov, 1805. 

1!B, RPR. 


Union catalog. 

A.I.I, lisa, cds, , 1805 (Boston) 


c, 15 Nov , , ,0th yr. o: Ind. 
By IT. flllard, re Proprietor 

1805 - 36 

*V;eolcr, Lphralm, do fondant. 

Report of tho trial of Kphrair. . hoelor, for a Nape corsrJ.ttcd on tho 
body of Lot ay * /heeler, hla daughter, u iri tl.irtoon years of ago, 1o- 
forc tho CuproLio Judicial Court, holder at Lenox, within and for the 
county of Berkahiro, on the second Tuosdiv. o ’ faptonbor, 1805. 

’LI-Li Published accord inf' to Act of Cor. rec s. tochbrldyo - Printed by 
H. VI Hard, fold by him - also by Thoaas ft TThlpplo, and U. V. 
Allen, Howburyporfc. Ifovonbor - 1 J5. 

Union catalog, 

A.l.I » Loo. cds., 1806. 

^abini 103183. 



o, 16 Nov., 30th yr. of Ind. 
By C. Graupner, as Proprietor 

1805 - 37 

Granger, Fredorioh, 

A soldier to ids own fire side, a favorite song, sung by I rs. Jones at 
the Federal Stroot Theatre in the wife of two husbands. ‘us: oonpt by 
Granger, Boston. 

Boston. Printed and cold by G. iraupnor, at is . usical Academy 
No, 6 ranklin Street, Franklin Plaoo ... (Entered according to Law) 
rn.d. | 

Verified by lottor. 


1 179 


o. 23 Nov., 30th yr. of Ind. 
By John Vest, as Proprietor 

1005 - 38 

fJ7lQ , 'rn. Susanna (h'asrroll) 


> * * O* TiiXZilldi \ i .4 i * v A A / 

abridgment of Universal Geography, together with sketcr.os of history* 
^signed for tho U 3 C of schools and Acadenios in the United States, Sy 
^*aana Nowson. 

*'^d.T| host on: Prlntod i*or John est, No, /5, Comhill. _avid Carlislo 

Printer, Cambi*idgo Street, (n.d.j 


Copyright notice as above. 

UH-Fid.V incorrectly established (1806) from the copyright dr. to, 
as apparently did DI£. 

lOTAt (1805j 

Union catalog. 

A.l.I, has. ods., 1805 (Boston) 
Sabins 73602. (IOOGj 

1305 - 39 

c, 23 Hov., 30th yr. of Ind. 

By Cushing & Appleton, no Proprietors 

( 100 ) 

Tho Salon Collection of Classical Sacred Llusick; in threo and four parts J 
consisting of Psalm tunes and occasional pieces, selected from tho 
works of tho most oninont composers suited to all tho metres in general 
use, to 711x1011 is prefixed a short introduction to Psalmody. 

yxUit Salem: Printed by Joshua Cushing, and sold by Cushing & Appleton, 
at their Bookstore in Salem, and by J. Sparhavik Appleton, No. 1, 

Cornhill, Boston. 1005. 

Copyright notice aa above. 

KB, MH, USaC. 

He teal f . 

Union catalog. 

A.l.I, Mob. cds., 1805. 

Deposited Dept, of State, Apr. 2, 1806. 

1805 - 40 

c, 10 Deo., 30th yr. of Ind. 

By Hayden and Shoad, as Proprietors 

( 181 ) 

Alline, Henry, 

The liffe and journal of tho Hov. Hr. Henry Alline. 

HffAt Soctom Printed by Gilbert k Doan, at their Printing and Lottery 
Office, Ho. 78, State-Street, 130(>. 

Copyright notice as above, 


b'nion catalog. 

A* I, I, Has, cds,, 1C0G (Boston) 

Sabin: 924. 

tl82, 0 . 31 Doo., 30th yr. of Ind. 

3y Stephen Jonh a, as Author 

1305 - 41 



IffledHi * 


Union catalog* 

A. 1 . 1 * Mss. 0<is *f 1006 

185 , 

e„ 6 Jan., 30th yr* of Ind. 

By Thomas & Andrews, as Propi*ietors 

1306 - 1 

Alexander, Caleb. 

A grammatical system of tho English language ; comprehending a plain 
and familiar scheme of teaching young gentlemen find Ladies the art of 
spooking and writing corroctly their native tongue* By Caleb Ale:xaiider 


hHii Eighth edition - corrected by the author. Bostons Printed for 

'honac & Andrews, Proprietors of the Work. Sold wholesale and 
retail at their book store, ho. 45, Newbury St. J. T. Bucking" 
Printer. Juno, 1805, 

No copyright notice given. Preface dated 1795. 
la-Ed.T., MW A. 

ton ) 

BJ!-Ed,Tj Ninth edition - corrected by the author* Boston: Printed 
Thomas £: Andrews, Proprietors of the work* J. T. Buckingham, 
Printer. July, 1807. 

Ho copyright notice given. Pro face dated 1795. 

The 1805 and 1807 editions arc the sane. It is impossible 

dotormino ivhethor the title for tho eighth or ninth edition v^a 

the one deposited for copyright. 
mb, MWA. 

Union oatalor. .Ninth edition) 



1 134 j 

c. 3 *bb. , 30th yr. of Ind. 

By G. Graupnor, as Proprietor 


^oluxffer, F, 

Aeolian Harp, Sung by Mrs. Graupnor at liis Concert, uoiiccrt 
Posed by F. Scliaffor, Boston. 

‘ !l itoston. Printod and Sold by 0. Graupner at ids tt 
Ef’&nklin Street, I'Vanklin Placo ... ,n.d*, 

according to Law* 


Hall com- 



hisical Academy 


( 165 , 

1806 -5 

o. 17 rbb,, 50th yr* of Ind* 

Bjy Mercy barren, as Autlior 

.j? 11 * ^s. Mercy (Otis) 

^ S ^° r y of tho Rise, Progro 3 3 and Tonaiuation 01 the American rvevolu— 
in?.* ^ ll ^°i*sporaed with Hio ; rnphical, Politioal and .loral Ob cer vat ions 

i - 1+ * A p m i*\% i I J.mmm- 1 

volvua.o. By Mrs. iioroy Warren of Plymouth (Mass.) 

jjVAt Boston i Printed by Manning & Loring For E. Larkin. No. 47, Comhill. 

im 1006. 

Copyright notice as above, oxoopt 11 Fob. 

Preface signed Morey V arron, Plymouth. Mass.. Maroh, 1805. 

DLC, MB, Nil. 

Union catalog. 

A.I.I. Msg . ods. , 1805 (Boston) 

Sabin t 101484. , 

tl86) c. 4 J'ar., 3Gth yr. of Ind. 1806 - 4 

By f>, Jonks, ns Proprietor 

Jonks, Stephon. 

The Jovial Honrstor No. 11 being a solootion of coino of tho moot 
favourite ar.d oentincntal Songs. Some of which nro original, set to 
nusic, chi o fly in two ports. By S. Jonks* 

Ho oo py located. 

r 1G7 } o. 7 Mar., 30th yr, of Ind. 1006 - 5 

fly Isaiah Thomas, Jr,, as Proprietor 

Lathrop, Joseph. 

Sermons on vnrlouo subjects, livangolical, bovotiorml and Practical 
adapted to the promotion of Christian piety, family religion and youthful 
virtuo. By Joseph Lathrop, D.D. Pastor of tho First Church in best 


r Ai Printed ut Lorce^tcr, by Isaiah Thomas, Jun. (Proprietor of the Copy- 
right) Cold by him in horoostor and Springfield j Thomas & V.'hipplo, 
Nnw-buryport, and by Thoms A Tappan, Portsmouth. March - 1806. 

DLC, MB, HEAt, MHi, MH. 

Union catalog. 

A.I.I. Mss. cdc., 1806 * 

(138, c. 7 Mar., 30th yr. of Ind. 1006 - 6 

By H. liann, no Author 

fD« 3rltalr.e, Kill lorn, 

Hunan Prudence or tiw art by which a nan and a woman my be advanced 
to fortune to purmanor.t honour (honor,, and to real crandeur. Adapted 
to tho r.eniue of the oitizeno, and doalGnod for tho use of nohoole in 
tiwj U. s. ilrot Ar .or loan from tho eighth London edition, with many oor- 
rootlona, translations, and additions. By llorraan Mann. 

■ A, Bedh^, . Uaaeaohusettsi Printed by H. Itann, and for sale at his 
Dooketore ... 100G. (Entry under annj 

Copyright notioo as above. . . . n .. , „ 

ProAioe to tlic first American edition ^ted Dodham, lob. i t 1^06. 

» 1-iB, JlBAt, MH-Ed.T. , 

on catalog, (Kntry under |h« Britair.o, uiliiocii; 

] >U: 

Mbs, edn . , 1006 . 


c. 15 J'Ar., 30th yr. of lad. 
3y 15. Tiillard, as Proprietor 

130G - 7 

oxo cut cd at Lon ox 
body of his 
evenin': before his 

Wheeler, Ephraim, 

A narrative of the Life of Ephmlm Wheeler who was 

’.‘assaohu setts, February 20th 1806. For a rape on the 

dau^hoer , penned - rorn nis nou'i. and signed by him the 
execution. ^ 

lQ ~ Ll ^°£ y ~ right f,ecured -) Stockbridge: Printed by H. T/illard, - March, 

loOG * 

A.I.I. 11s s. cds • , 1806, 

Sabin : 10 318 3, Note , 




o, 26 Mar., 30th yr, of Ind 
By J. Iced, as Author 

1806 - 8 

Heed, John, 

An apology for the rite of infant baptism and for the usual modes of 

baptising, in which an attempt is made to state fairly and cloarly tho 

arguments in proof of theca doctrines; and also to refute the objections 

and reasonings alleged against them, by the Rev, Daniel Merrill and by 

Baptists in general. By John Heed, D.D. Pastor of a Church and ConrroFa 
tion in Bridgewater# 

m - 5 Providence, Printod by Heaton L Williams f n.d,j 
Copyright notice as above. 

ML, Established dat 

Uziion catalog, 

A * 1 • 1 • Author f 1 le . 

e as ( 




c. 9 Apr,, 30th yr, of Ind, 

By Manning b Loring, as Proprietors 

1806 - 9 

fijp*rill, Daniel, 

Twelve Letters addressed to the Lev, Samuel Austin, A, II, in v; ;,^ 0 \ 
^indication of partial washing for Christian Baptism, contained in ten 
lettcre, is reviewed and disproved. By Daniel Morrill, A.M,, pastor of 
/*° Church of Christ in Sedgwick. 

- 'A: Boston*. Printed h Sold by Manning k Loring, Ko. 2, Cornhl ' ’ rj 

Copyright notice as above, except 11 Apr. 

Preface dated Dec, 25. 1005, 

HH, FtPB. 

T -njon catalog. 




c, 2C Apr., 30th yr. of Ind. 

By John Sullivan, Jr., as Proprietor 
(Title of a Map) 

1806 - 10 


k^^fcon, Osgood, 

bra lteW Mp of the Unitod States of America including part of Louisiana. 
q ^ the latest authorities. He vised and oorrootod by Osgood 

r °bo n, Lsq. Teacher of Mathematics, Boston. 

Boston* Published and sold by John Sullivan, Jun* # 1808 
published according to Aofc of Congress. 

Roller map. 

r ].95j 

o, 14 Juno, 30th yr, of Ind* 

By Munroo i Frano i *, ao Proprietors 

kqoc - 11 

The Christian Monitor* a religious periodical work* By a Society or 
promoting Christian knowledge, piety and charity* 

II,, A: Boston: Printed and published by Munroo k Francis, 1806. 

Union list of serials* 2d od, 1943, Locations rooordod. 

Union catalog, 

A, I *1 * Mss. ods. , 1806. 

c. 27 Juno, 30th yr. of Ind. 

By Nathaniel Bowditoh, as Author 

1006 - 12 

Bowditoh, Nathaniel. _ 

Directions for sailing into tho Harbours of Snlom, Marblehead, Beverly 

and Manchester, By Nathaniel Bowditoh, A, II* A, A *3. 

MW A i Printed by Edmund M. Blunt, Newburyport - 1806. 

Copyright notice as above. 


Union catalog. 

A.I.I. Kps. cds., 1306. 

Sabin: 6996. 

Deposited Dept, of State, Nov. 2, 130r. 

f 195j c. 27 Juno, 30th yr. of Ind. 1806 - 13 

By Fntbaniol Bov/di toll, as Author 
(Title of a Chart) 

Boy,’ d itch, Nathaniel, 

Chart of the harbours of Salem, Marblehead, Beverly and Manchester 
from a survey taken in the years 1804, 5, fie 6, By Jutlianiol Bowditoh, A.U. 
A.A.S., assisted by G. Burolimore and VI. Hopes, 

MBt Entered according to Act of Congress the 27th day of Juno, 1800, by 
Ilathl. Bowditoh of the Stato of Massachusetts. fSalem, 1806. 

Map, oizo 20 3/8 x 24 7/g inches. 

Mss. ods,, 1006. 

deposited Dopt. of State, Nov. 2, 1807. 

fl96y o. 11 July, Slab yr. of Ind* 1000 - 14 

By William Croswoll, as Author 
(Title of a Map) 

Cposwell William 

A celestial Planisphere or Map of tho Ikmvons oomprohending the whole 
8 PWe of the fixed stars exoopt t)io iJarts within the polar oirole* oon- 
*truoted according to Mercator's principle** Hy William Oroswwll, A.M* 
*^ithsr oV Navigation, 


Ho oopy located 5 probably none published 

mt , The preface to the author's "Description and explanation of the 
meroator map o f the starry heavens; rath its application in the 
r * ' i fli M i0n ® f .P r< # en * ( Soston: From the press of John Eliot, Juno, 

1810) contains tho following; statements 

The idea oi a Mercator map of bh© stars having occurred to me 
some years since, I sketched ono in the year 1804 ^ and published 
proposals for it at Boston in 1805. In 1806, I carried the map to 
England. None similar wore seen, yot the doalorc in such pro-" 
duct ions gave no encouragement. At my return, in the fall of 1809, 
the undertaking was patronized by some gentlemen of .Boston. 

t 1G7 l c* 19 Aug., 51st yr. of Ind. 1806 - 16 

By floft vacant j 

An American primer including the V.'estminstor Assembly's shorter 
divided into forty six lessons with oontents notes and hymns 
Printed oy Joshua Cushing & sold by Cushing & Appleton. 

Ho copy located. 

catoohi cm 

1 198 


c. 19 Aug., 31st yr. of Ind. 

By Nnthaniol Lord third, as Author 

1806 - 16 

Harvard university. 

Catalogus. Eorum, Qui Adhuc in Universitate liarvardiana, ab Anno 
i'DCXLEI Alicujus Gradus Lauren Donati Sunt, Nominibus Kx Litorarum Ordine 
Collocatic. Salem! Typis Josuae Cushing, ItDCGCVI. Armoquo He rum - 
Publicarum America© FoGdorntarum Sunmao Potostatis XjQCI . 

- Hs edited by Nathaniel Lord. Salem, Josuao Cushing, 1806. Imprint as 

Copyright notice as above, exoopt 14 Aug. 
dnion catalog. 

Mss, cds*, 1806. 

deposited M©pt. of State, Jem. 29, ICO/* 



c# 29 Aug., 31st yr. of Ind. 

By Gotti iob Graupner, as Proprietor 

1306 - 17 

Graupner, Gottlieb. 

foidimonts of the art of playing on tho piano fort© containing elements 
of I'usic preliminary remarks on Fingering with examples, thirty fingered 
Wessons, and a plain Direction for Tuning, Arranged by Gottlieb Graupner. 
Ct Y-';S: Entered according to Law. Boston. Printed and Sold by G. 

Graupner, at his Musical Depository No. G Franklin Streot ... 

fn . d , j 

. Verified by letter. 

t Verified by letter* 


, 200 , 

c. 5 Sept., 31 s t yr. of Ind. 
Snsign Lincoln, as Proprietor 

ISOS - 18 

Ths young convert 5 companion! being a collection ox' lynuis for 
conference meetings. Original and solcotod. 

y (As Published according to Act of Congress. "ost on* Printed by K. 

Lincoln, Water Street, 1806. 


Detoalf . 

Union catalog* 

A. 1 . 1. liss* cds., 1806 (Boston) 

bhe use of 






8 Sept,, 51st yr* of Ind. 

Asher Benjamin, and Daniel Raynor d. 


1806 - 19 

Benjamin, Asher, and Raynerd, Daniel. 

The American Builder* s companion, or, a nevr system of Architecture: 
particularly adapted to the present stile (style, of Building in the 
united States of America — > containing fforty-four engravings, represent- 
ing) Geometric lines, twenty different designs for moulding — the fivo 
orders of Aro}iitecture, with great alterations both in siso and oxponoe 
rexpensej — glueing up and diminishing of columns — Hovr to find tho 
different brackets of a groind coiling baso and sirbaso mouldings, 
fcrenitraves Ac. — twenty' four different designs for cornices, both for 
external and internal fini siting — stono window caps and sills, showing 
tho manner of setting them in a 3rick tm.ll — sash frames, sashes and 
shutters, straight and circular stairs — roofs and finding the length 
ailu backing of hips, cither square or bevol — ■ ornamental capital a 
mouldings, friezes, leaves, and ceilings, Chimney pieces — Frontispiece* 
Urns i banisters, key stones, Ac. — plans and elevations of tlvree house* * 
^ 0r town, and two for country — plans and elevation* ibr two meeting 
houses — plan and elevation for a summer house — plan and elevation for 
a courthouse -- plan and elevation and soction of the Branch 3«\nk of 
Soston — with particular directions for oxrouting all tho abovo designs, 
B >' Asher 3enja:iin, Architect and Carpenter and Daniel Raynerd, Arohitoot 
Stucco Vforker. 

Bostoni Published by ttheridgo and Bliss, Proprietors of the \.ork. 
Etheridge, Printer, Charlestown, ld06. 

Copyright notice as above. 

M B- HH. 




A 0 ! 0 ? c *t&log. 

Mss. Ode., 1306 ( 3oston) 

> 202 , 

o. 10 Fopt., 31st yr. of Ind. 
By i.'oesrs. Manning A- Lori ng, 
as Proprietors 

: 0 G - 20 

8fcl ^ n » Thom a . 

fiaptii ^f t5 - am of Believoro only, and the 
0 Churches explained and vindicated 

particular ooiiuaunlow 
In three yvu rt e . Tlie 

of tlie 


published originally in 1789* The second in 1794. The third an appendix 
containing additional observations and arguments, with strictures on 
' several late publications, by Thomas Baldwin* 

IfiVAi Second edition, revised* Bos tom Printed and Sold by Hanning <5: 

Lori rig. No. 2, Cornhill. 1806* 

dlc, mb, un, inn, nn* 

Union catalog* 

A,I.I* Mss. ods*, 1806 (Boston) 

Deposited Dept, of State, Dec. 30, 1806. 

r 203] 

c. 10 Sept*, 31st yr* of Ind. 
By Messrs. Manning & Loring, 
as Proprietors 

1806 - 21 

Forbush, Abijah. 

The Psalmodi st f s Assistant; containing an original composition oi psalm 
and hynn tunes, together with a number of favourite pieces from different 
authors* To which is prefixed an introduction to tho grounds of music. 

By Abi jah Forbush. 

Mkt Second edition. Boston, Printed and Sold by Hanning <§* Loring, No. <2, 

Cornhill* 1806* 

Copyright notice as above* 

MB, Mm. 


Union catalog. 

A, 1. 1. Mbs. ods., 1806 (Boston) 


o. 13 Sept., 31st yr. of Ind 
By Samuel Holyoke, ns Author 

1806 - 22 


‘ Sam “ el * TT , _ oontaininc Ko. 1. The Grand Finale. 

i e ocoanional oonpan _ • „ on tho rosurreotion and asoensi 

An Anthem. No. 2. Champlain. A flynn|OH|w» g n I H |*Mp| I j 

set to music by Samuel Holyoke, A. » . T'Of. 

CtY-HS: Printed for, and sold by the author, UOG. 

Copyright notice as above. 

Verified by lei/tei. Occasional oompanion at 

1'ctcalf. Locates numbers 1 and 2 of tne 

not found, there. (July, ■“ 

UI1 , but 


» ^eDt. 31st yr. Of Ind. 

c. Zo i. i •» . . as Proprietors 

By Cushing & Appioion, i 


1806 - 23 

, . 4« rt i„dinr the IVestmins-cer aeseinoiy's 

^ improved American Primer, ino^um ,, le8flona v/i th oontonts, note., 

Shorter Catechism, divided into forty 

and hymns. d for a alo by Cushing ft Appleton, 

* Salem, Printed by JoshuaCna U Copyright notloe a. above, 

*t the Bible and Heart, base* St. ioo . .. 




u dion 

“"ion catalog. 

Mss* ode., 18H7, 
"Posited of Stat 

Dopt. of State, Jan. 2'J, 1° 07 




o. 29 Oct., 31 ot yr. of Ind. 
By Daniel Belknap, n.n Author 

1806 - 24 


Dani o 1 • 

T)iO compilation of sacred music 

■^,Ai Bouton x Printed for the author, by J. T. 
Copyright notloo as above* 

DIO, MB* Will, HPB. 


Union catalog* 

A, 1. 1# Mas* ocin., 1006 (Bouton) 

Dapoaited Dept. of Btato, Apr* 23, 1807. 

By Daniel Belknap 
Buckingham, i 306 * 



o. 1 Nov*, 31st yr. of Ind 
By Uri K* Hill, as Author 

1506 - 25 

Hill, Uri K* , , . alwMhf „ 

The Snored Minstrel* No. 1 containing an Introduction to FwmMMBQr, 

prkotioul essay on modulation, and a collection of sacred , I .sio, suitabl 
for religious worship selected and composed by Uri K, till. 

Quotation.^ and 8old by Manning & luring. Ho. 2, Cornhill. 1S06 

Copyright notice as above. 

Mil, RPB. 

Motcnlf . 

Union catalog* 

A, I, I, Mss. ods., 1806 (boston) 

t 20!) 


c. 24 Kov., SI st yr. of Ind. 
By Abijah Bigelow, as Author 

1805 - 26 

ittgolow, Abijah. duty and privileges of the oonstitu- I 

T)lo voters' guide} or, - 1 (-Massachusetts. To which are added, • 

t tonal voters in the C ommonwe . from Historians, and the writings 

original renurks, with various j oharao ters in and other 

ft nd public opoeclies of emlnon P UBCB 0 r the rise and fkll of Republican] 
oountrle*, tending to explain ™ ftt M aw . Quotation. 

Qevornmonts. By Abljah Bigo o.-, o /- J V.ilder, Feb. 4, 1807. 

MIA. Leominster; (Mas.) Printed by - * 

Copyright notice as above. 

n LC, M, MH, Mill. 

Onion catalog. 

^•I.I. Mbs. ods.,i 1807. 

un blni 6272. 



«•.+* ''i*. of Ind* 

£ lSS'*r» « proi,ri< ’ tor 

1806 - 27 

^rquin, Arnaud. friond, being 

Vho boautie* of tho ohtldre _ Berquin, 

Wsooa from tluvt oolobrated author, » 

a soleotion of interesting 
intended to promote a love 

. ■ - mm*" - - - - * - * I ■ 


tnd virtue 


viid*s k°°^ suotation. 

gaSi Sostoni Published by Ifejmiug & Lori ng and Lenuel 

Cushing h Appleton. Salon ret a. isna 

By the author of the 

lopyright notio© os above* 
}Io copy of 

f ^ 

'S06 or 1607 edition located* 

"■ - - 1 undated, hewburyuort editions. \/ith vuriati 

t * tie . 

ij j. W %»■' .p 

nion catalog* 

J*I* Author File (1808 ed*) 

;>site& Dept* of State, Aug* 29, 1303. 

c* xl 

Fv la 

^ 1 — 


'Co., 51st yr. of Ind. 
i:r* & lorin:, as Proprietors 

1306 - 28 

' ** 


F’jb Christian Banner. A Pernor, ^reached before the Lincoln Baptized 
Association, and at the lr request rmde public* Daniel Merrill, A*h. 
Jf.stor of the Church of C in 1st in Sedgwick. 

_ * Bee « w > 1 * Pi* a ntea ar c sold by Pruning & Loring, No* 2 Cornhill. 1807* 
Verified by letter* 

Friar, catalog* 



c. 16 Pec., 51st yr. of Ind. 

2y Fedldiah V.orse. as Author 

* 9 

1S06 - 29 


Ab6!*1o&ii Universal Geography* or a visw of the present state of all 
tbs . res linrdoas. States and Republics in the knorm T.orld and of the 
hiitod States of An erica la particular* In tno parts. The first part 
~rtats of Astrontoioal Geography, and other u so fill prelin\r.anos to the 
study of Geography in an enlarged and improved introduction - of the 
‘ v : b :rr. Ai erioan com I M ttt - >1 - — ' disco vu*\ ~ - - ^ aborif a i .ihlbitsstl 
&nd whence they cane - its divisions - but no re particularly of the U.S. 


-v .eric a 

-s m-m -2 ■* 

'—‘l SI Oils 


* t 


allv and individually - of their situation, extent, civil 
^ivors lake s , olinate, mountains, soil, produce, natural his** 

no;' ulation. character, curiositios, \mters. 

connerce, manui natures, 

inga, nines and minerals, militarj,- .tren th lslanda - 

tory of the war, and the succeeding events - dosing ' Tlth a of ^ 

2ritish Spanish Frenoli, Portuguese, and other dominions on the continent 
-n the uest Indies. Tbo second part descries at large, and from the 
^test and beet authorities, the present stAto in 

Hd M bdirtd.d into topir.., B«;d« ^ 


th© ir ‘.oo^ruphicnl situation. 

a: ;■ 

aspect to th© above 

n Continent and its Islands as dividod 

Asia and Africa 
To which a 

added on improved catalogue ox nanus, n.ia placed, 
i -h nation alphabetically arranged, an enlarged 

h^l xr from the creation to the present 

K 1 tobl id modern learned and eminent asm - and a tabl* 


a li 

of ancient r.n 

ell tlie moni 

iduot^d to federal ourroaoy. The vciolo 


®d for 

iv .orio uis . 

" 0 liX im^ovod system of modern Geography. Calou- 
P Illustrated witli six maps, and accompanied by a new 

ng a comp 



a sc 

_ s 

% I 

ta tsio.j voluna) 
s to the present 

- * 

^ lfini^ter of the Cong re ge* 

» *t * ^ t « Jka iu ^ t i ' 

v i i rst* The Introduction revised by 

f \ 

> ■* 

s sor of ! n.thftTft t i o s end Natural - ^.ilosophy 

i tee* Published according to Act of Congress* 

*- • t: 

h ed*; Pert 2 , 4 th e< **# 

* » 

• » 



* • 



V *4 J ^ ^ ^ ^ t 

rx 'ras net dor 
it i s probable 
ed 16 -ec. life 

L-ted at the Pent. of *tate 

that Part 1 of this 
; , although it was uilirtsd 

* - • - > 


. C- 


i. ^ 


^ V , 

— w ■* 

1606 - so 

* _ 

.4. <% 


:: 2 I ?- ? 


Ir*. tunes 



'<L 0 

irbd c 1 s 

<i ’ y. s i c< j in three ard four p art s : 

t rod 


- 30 : 

m r » __ 

it i on 

Dv C W-V 

, ’w'£n^f*~I*rii» for Cushing & Appleton. fold 

-.alaton’s Bookstore in Salaas by Thomas * 

PP Itho principal bookse ’ ’ 

% 1 

■'Wl * ft 

u. < t •£*-* — 

llcrs in the Unite 

— Tt _ -i-d. - v - w j 

« * 

>Ts.*oe $ « 1 SO o • 

^ OMv r t ght notice as above# 



- ** 


be to- 

^ ^ # * a 


the church us iver sal, 


( Bo ston ) 

Jan. 29 , 1 S 07 . 

1st vr. of Ind. 

“ '"TUtall 4 others, committee 
1 First society oi Univnisali 
Boston, as Proprietors 

Dnivarsalist ohu ft* se ieoted and designed for the 

(05 and Spiritual bon* ^ n*w»W«L Cuotmtion 

- 1 


—4 4rial oon.t.0 * w fV Li 

r * vn n and private Devotion* 
in public * . hvmns osd 

on a* 

and privnw* *- v ~ 

iij 0 ri rinal l^wne quitted in the 

ndix, containing^ , Franoia, * Parker, 1308 . 

' Boston . Published by ^ previous edition* 

_ * dated my 1 » 1S0 ?» •JSSJr*. this copyright entry must 

published in 17*2 ““ published in 1 0O3 ‘ 

ce for this third edi v - * * * 

edit! on 


jTctcal^ • 

Union catalog* 

A,U« Author file, 

(214 j ^ dan., 31 gt yr, of* Ind, 1 Ii07 - 2 

3y David Palmer, no Proprietor 

The Middlesex Collection of Church Muslo or Ancient Psalmody Revived. 
Containing a variety of plain panln tunes, tho moot suUnblo i bo 
uced in Divine Servicej to which is prefixed a number of other pleoe* 
of a more delioato and arti fioial construction, proper to bo * irfomod 
by a choir of good musicians occasionally, in Schools and public re- 
ligious Assemblies. 

VHis Boston, Manning & Loring, 1007, 

Preface dated Jan*, 1307, 

Mutilated title-page, but information ouppliod by PLC, NN, and 

Union c&tol og„ 

f215j c, 9 Jan,, 31ot yr, of Xnd, 1607 - 3 

By Thomas Andrews, an Proprietors 

Pike, Nicholas, 

Tho new complete system of Arithmetic^ composed for the use of tho 
Citizens of the U titod States# By Nicholas Pike, A#M# ! ornber of tho 
American Academy of* Arte and .'lolencoc. Abridged for the uoo of I »« hoo In, 
MVVA s Sixth edition, Boston. Published by Thomas £ Andrews# Sold at 

their Bookstore, No. 45 Newbury St. May, 1307. J. T. Buckingham, 


Copyright notioo as above, 

NH-Ed.T., NN. 

Union catalog, 

A *1,1, Author filo. 


[216] o. 20 Jan., 31st yr. of Ind. ' 1007 - 4 

By Williom Polham, as Proprietor 

Austin, William. , . 

■An E s say on tho Human Character of * 

f& A: Boston. Printed for William Polham. 100/. 

Copyright notioo ao above, 

„ Verso titlo-pap;o» Printed by Kbonesor Ironoh, 


hi on catalog. 
n* 1,1 * Author filo. 

u °P08ited Dept, of State, Juno 0, 100/. 

By ViUiife Austin 


°* 20 Jan*, 31 et yr. of Ind, 

Ity Thomas 0, Bo 1 fridge, as Author 

1807 - 5 



HlfrLdr. 0 ^ Thomao Oliver. 

h oorroot statement of the whole proliminary controversy between Tho* 

0 , Selfridge and don j , Austin* also a brief aooount of th© catastrophe in 
ptnto Street, [baton, on the 4th August, 1806* with some remarks* By 
Tho, 0. Selfridge* Quotation. 

p/v/u Clmrlootofwni Printed by Samuel IlStheridge, for tho Author* 1807* 
Copyright notice as abovo* 

Also a soooud edition with tho same copyright notice, and same date# 

Union catalog* 

A. I. It Mbs* ods., 1807* 

Sabin: 79010, 

t 218j c. 26 Jan., 31st yr. of Ind. 1807 - 6 

Ruo soli ft Cut lor, Delohcr ft: Armstrong, 

Oliver ft: Iilunroo ft William Blagrove, as 
Proprietor s 

Sel fridge, Thomas 01 Ivor, do fondant. 

Trial of Thomas 0. Sol fridge. Attorney at Law, before the lion. l 3 aao 
Parker, Lsq. for killing Charles Austin on the public Exchange in Boston, 
August 4th 18QG. Taken in Short hand by T. Lloyd, Esq., Reporter of tho 
Dobntos of Congress and Ceo. Caines, Esq* late Reporter of the Stato of 
flew York and sanctioned by tho Court, and Reporbor to tho Stato, 

KWA : Copyright secured. Boston: Published by Rus3oll k Cutler, Bolcher 
ft Armstrong, ft Oliver ft; Itfunroe, fn.d.j 
Copjrright notioo as above. 

DLC, Mil- L, MHi. 

Rnion catalog. 

Author file. 

Sabin: 79011. 

|219 3 c. 29 Jan., 31st yr. of Ind. 1807 - 7 

By Samuol Y/oroestor, ns Author 

^oroester Samuel, 

Txyo Diocoursos on the perpetuity and provision of God’s gracious coven- 
a ^t with Abraham and his seed. By Samuel Worcester, A.M^Paster f Pastor, 

Of « -i . i 4 ^ 

Two Diocourses on 

‘ v t**J“*« V— J - — ^ W - 

i44 Second edition revised. To which are 

Annexed Letters to the Rev. Thomas Baldwin, b.J)* on his book entitled The 

^ J .. # niiAf ftf.Inn. 

°f the Tabe rnac le Church in Salem. 

fcptign, Q f Believers only, *0. Quotation 

l,H: Salon: Printed by Havon Pool, for the Author. 180/ 
. Copyright notice a3 above* 

, T HAt . msoe, mu . 

u ^o n catalog. 

Mse. ode., 1007* 

S *bi ns 105313. 

o # 12 Fob*, 31st yr, of Ind. 
By Hannah Adams, as Author 

1807 - 8 


220 , 

Adamflj Hanneh* 

An Abridgment of the History of Nevr England for tho uso of young per* 
sons now introduced into the principal schools in this town. By Hannah. 
Ada's. Second edition. Copyright secured, Boston, printed at the 
Emerald press, by Belcher k Armstrong, 1807* 

KKi Boston: Published by Bolchor k Armstrong ... Belcher k Armstrong, 
Printers, 1807. 

Copyright notico ns above, 

UlTAt Variant issuo: Boston: Published by Etheridge k Bliss, Sold also 
by S* Etheridge, Charlestown, Belcher & Armstrong, Printers, 1807# 
ME A and MH**Ed.T have both issues. 

Union catalog. 

A. 1. 1. Author file. 

Sabin: 207, 

t221j o. 23 Feb., 31st yr. of Ind. 1807 - 9 

By D, R. Preston, as Author 

Preston, Daniel R, 

The vronders of creation; natural and artificial, being an account of 
the most remarkable mountains, rivers, lakes, cataracts, mineral springs, 
niscellsmeous curiosities and antiquities in tho world, compiled from 
Geographers, Historians, and travellers of the greatest celebrity. In 
two volumes. By D. R. Preston, Author of the Juvenile Instructor, 

MB: Boston: Published by John Li. Dunham, 1607. G re enough, Stebbins, 
k Hunt, Printers. 

Copyright notice as above, 

HWA, KN (v.l) 

Sabin: 6536G. 

i222 3 o. 10 Mar, , 31st yr, of Ind. 1307 - 10 

By Belcher k Armstrong, as Proprietors 

Vergili us Maro, Publius. 

The Culex of Virgil; with a translation into English verse, by Lucius 
!*• ^ ar gont. Quotation. 

t1fL h Boston. Printed at the Emerald Press, by Belcher k Armstrong. 1807. 

fLC, MWA, Nl. 

Jnion catalog. 

Author file. 

t223, c# 14 Mar . f 31st yr. of Ind. 1807 - U 

By Manning k Loring, as Proprietors 

^® r rill, Daniel. 

t) ^btorc occasioned by 
p ^otuity and provision 

hov. Samuel Worcester's two discourses on 
of God's gracious covenant with Abraham and 


s0 od* Decocting, by plain scripture, stubborn 1’aots and Bobor reason 
some of the gross mi sroprosontat ions , unfounded assertions and sophisti- 
cated arguments* By Panic 1 Merrill, A.M. Pastor of the Church of Christ 
in Sedgwick. Quotation. 

jhii: Boston* Printed and Sold by Manning & Loring, No. 2, Comhill. 1007. 
Copyright notioo as above. 


Union catalog. 

A.I.I. Author file. 

[224 1 c. 23 Mar., Slot yr. of Ind. 1007 - 12 

By Timothy Davis, as Author 

Davie, Timothy, 

Anti-Christian Religion dolinorxtod f in a treaties ftreatieoj on the 
' illennium; or tho fulfilment of tho Old Testament prophecies completed , 

Sty Timothy Davis [Of Tov/nsond, Mass.] Publishod by dosiro of nnny friends. 

IT»Ai Loominstor; Printed by S. & J. Yfilder, for tho Author. 1307. 

Copyright notioo as above, 

U.A lias also* Samo titlo. Harvard; Printed by S. Parker, for tho 
Author, who 1ms tho Copy right. 1007* 

I HN. 

Union catalog. 

A.I.I, Mss. cds., 1007. 

Sabin i 10893. 

r 225j c, 24 Mar., 31st yr* of Ind. 1QQ7 - 13 

By Robort Field, as Proprietor 
(Titlo of an Engraving) 

Field, Robert. 

Thomas Jefferson. G. Stuart, Pimdt. R. Hold, Soulpsit. 
floe ton. Publishod by Robort Hold, Mar. 14, 1807. 

Stauffer: v.2, p. 168: 

1001. Thomas Jefferson, 

Stip. [Stipple engraving]* oval in root. Full bust, 
faoe, 3/i left* 

Ins. [Insoriptionj As above, 


f 22 Gj c. 6 Apr., Sl3t yr. of Ind. 1007 - 14 

By Edmund March Blunt, as Proprietor 

Bottditah, Nathaniel. 

Tho now American practical navigator > being an Epitome of Navigation; 
obtaining all tho tables necessary to bo used with the nautical almanac 
determining tho latitude; and the longitude by lunar observations; and 
keeping a comploto reckoning at 00 a; illustrated by proper rules and 
®*ttHplee: tho vrholo exemplified in a Journal kept from J3ooton to Madeira 
Vfhioh all tho rules of Navigation are introduced. Also tho 


demonstration of who most useful rules of trigonometry j vrf. th inany useful 
problems in mensuration, surveying euid, guaging and a dictionary of ooa 
terras with tho manner of performing the moot common evolutions at soa. 
jo which are added gone general instructions and information to merchants, 
masters of vessels, and others concerned in Navigation, relative to mari- 
time laws and mercantile customs. % Nathaniel Bowditoh, Follow of the 
American Academy of Arts and Sciences. 

.TAi Illustrated with copperplates, ong raved by Hooker* Second edition, 
with many improvements. Nowburyport, (Mass.) Printed by Edmund II. 
Blunt (Proprietor.) July, 1807. 

Copyright notice as abovo. 

DI£, MBAt, MSals Seoond edition published May, 1807* 

[ Union catalog. 

Hse. ods., 1807, May and July 1807 oditionc. 

|227j c. 15 Apr., 31st yr* of Ind. 1807 - 15 

% Henry Brewer, as Proprietor 

Lathrop, Joseph, 

| femons on various subjects, evangelical, devotional, and practical} 
adapted to tho promotion of cliristian pioty, family religion, and youthful 
virtue. By Joseph Lathrop, D.D. Pastor of the first Churoh in West Spring- 

i.: Springfield, Ls. Printed by Henry Brevrar (proprietor of tho Copy- 
right) IJaroh 1807. 

MB, NN. 

Va ri ant i s sue : „ 

• ' A* Publishod H. Brewer, Springfield, and Etheridge & Bliss, No. 12, 
Comhill, Boston. Printed by Henry 3 rower (Proprietor of the 
Copyright) March 1307, 

dug . 

Union catalog, 

A.I.I. Hss, ode., 1607, Both issues, 

(228 j o. 15 Apr,, olst yr. of Ind. 1807 - 16 

By Bale her A Armstrong, as Proprietors 

(Sargent, Lucius Manlius ) . , 

No, 1 of the now-milk cheese, or tho oomi-Heroiok Ihundorolap, a 

®eui-globular publication, without beginning and without end. By Van 

Jfomp (of the Honourable Society of Knights errant.) Quotation. 

*Bi Boston* Printed at the Van Tramp Proas. 1807. 

Copyright notice as above. 

At head of title* (April 1C, 1807) { 1 . 

Includes also No. II, dated at head of title* ( .ay 2, 130/) 

LC mi 

| . 


r®*®® oatalog. 
t* 1 * 1 * Author f 

5 *bin, ■ ■ 




* • | Slfft Of T — ;d L 

1*07 - 17 

■ r - ;u€ _ Auc*:!:. 



i^Etin, ?- -cl 

* % 

T1 6T7 Ox t.*.C . 


xr 'the Aorahoaic dispense. an and the 3 irxi Lair; apd ax it la perpe'b’ja 
ted under the sore luminous dispensation of the Gospel; particularly in 

r . ETTX 

• .. 

c vlr 

'..crcerter, 1 ~ i—nTiiifit l i. Q u o tat l 


_ Hi 

i t# v* _ t 

f*»h i . ^ i ,, *r . 

sr of the Gospel 

(l f 

Printed b 
A by A Tapp an 
Copyright notice as 



m* ^ a 

"* 4 -* * 


jc A. t or; sold, by hin and by 

* -r. orcestcr; tj .na 


• . H ■ J ■* ii X 

' 'f 

rij i 

« w- * 

V’ V*t 

^ , * - p 


T 7 n 

* • * # - # ^ ESi 

207 4 

1 2 3C , 

r r. — ■ i 


A w - 

45 ^ TW 

w *e - 

ic _ or" t ' 2o r. a 2 L:~i:. 




S c 

cr;;n and eardid Iz -222 re 2. ...i 57, 

- - : entitled "T.ze xotir,:'. of believers only. 

22.22 Or.*- 

rc . ; 3 exp 

lJ * 4 - | — ' * 

-5 * 

■ — 4 b * — 1 -v — “ 


4 - ..J * 

. - CC 4 

on his 
- 2 . el 

% * 


i t :&r 2;x 

* . 

4 * 

1'- J 7 . 

* — t 

cate! or 

* - s 

E . ec E 

T A P T1 


20 Apr., -:1st 

J * * 4 ^ » 

1907 - 19 

a '*■ 



John Uo ee ley, compiler, 
i- new classical selection of lexers, *r.tar 

original productions, desig^ iQT thia * 
v*cts j vis. business, duty, fnem 

d verse suited 

o r 

, r . 1 


W M % 

V# * - 

- V * 

-FT r 


petitions on varl --8 s-bjecfs, 

**d the declaration of - - ^ 

3_^r£5Cj vi 2 h 

ic£ sub- 

Lp, lore, aarriexe, Ac, with nls- 

fo which is 

a : 

2 r 
«. 4 A * * ' ^ 


1 fi 

Second edit! or.* 

V x Oolur 2 i an. Ihisr . 
Copyright notice as above* 

u ijLiji1 1—Titn ry cares, fores in law, 

" dates of Arerica, 

, by 3. True, at 

C y-. T1 


*'*■ - f ILT 

a nr/ 

J fj 

£j A ' J 

wj.ic., is ..issi; (July, 1-A3) 

c. 20 Apr,, 31st yr, of Ind, 

By John D, Turnbull, ns Author 

1807 - 20 

t 2 32 j 

hreo note* 

the Bost 
o f tho Maid 

^mbull, John D. 

Rudolph, or the Robuors of Calabria, t\ molo drama (Sio*j in 
^ith marohes, combats, and chorusoa (ohorussosj as performed at tho Boston 
Theatre* W John D. Turnbull of tho Boston Thentro. Author 

of Hungary. 

Printed by B. True, 75 State-Street, Boston. 1007, 

Copyright secured according to law, 


Union catalog, 

/ul.l. Author file* 

Sabins 97465, 


c, 23 Apr*, 31st yr. of Ind. 

By Oliver & Hun roe, as Proprietors 

1007 - 21 

Hardy, William, defendant. 

A sketch of the proceedings and trin l of Vjilliasn. Hardy, on nu i - 
ment for tho murder of an infant, November 27, 1806, bo fore tho Supreme 
Judicial Court, holden at Boston within arid for tho Counties of Sul folk 
and Nantucket in tho Commonv/ealth of Mas saohu setts, on tho second Tuesday 
of March, in tho year of our Lord 1607. Reported from tho minutes of one 

of tho counsel for the defendant. „ 

Li VA. : Bostons Printed by Oliver & Munroe, No. 78 State otroet. 1807. 

Copyright notice as above. 


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A, I, I, Author file, 

Bab in s 30 359 . 



c. 1 Hay, 31 ct yr. of Ind 
By Olivor Slum, as Author 

1007 - 22 


Oliver, , Selection of Instrumental usio aalou- 

WfS’tto'Sn/teiiool* “ d 

« torch... Mr., Miimots **. »*«“ 1» J» vi ; Un „; Uo 

T, v . 11 .. , lnro . tor „ with tlio oouluu or Rtturbs for tho sowml 

- owi 80 tho musical sdaotod. holuotod, composed and eu*- 

Inatrumento to which the musio is auapi-ca. , 

r of II. Mann, Sold at tho book store 
u.ul book-atoros in tho United Statu i 


r ^nged. By o, 

NRECi Dedham t Prom tho Ifuolo^pros 

and at the various musio*- shops 


Copyright notice as above# .. . nv 

xr-ZZ ** _ j *1^.1 information «***■ 

Vorified by letter, v 
• ucioal Library, 

in the Sibley 

iin ivoralty of Hooheater, 

% i J* V * 

Hootman Sohool of ^ ^ Public Library, 

is a photostat of tJic original in tno mw 

,1<I . Msb. odu., 1007. 



o. 21 May , 31st yr, of Ind, 

By William Burdick & Edvjard Eenouf, 
as Proprietors 

1807 - 23 

Dean, Gilbert V. . 

The only sure guide to Bank Bills, being a list of counterfeit ollia, 
alphabetically arranged with descriptions, list of all the banks in Mas sa 
ohu setts, Hew Hampshire, Connooticut, and Rhode Inland together with the 
capital stock of each bank, as granted by the legislatures; denominations 
of bills issued; Presidents 1 and Cashiers T names, and a variety of otner 
useful information, by Gilbert V. Doan* 

Ko copy located* 



c. 20 June, 31st yr. of Ind* 
By John Fletcher, as Author 

1807 - 24 

Fletcher, John* 

Observations on the law of ten commandments contained in tne scriptures 
of truth, and likewise on the law of murder, and manslaughter contained in 
the books of Hoses; together with remarks on the case and trial of T. 0. 

Sel fridge for shooting C, Austin v/ith a pisuol in utatc . treo w, Boston on 
the 4th of Aurust 1806* Shewing that, that part of the law of men by 

not according to the law of God* To whicl 
John Fletcher, Boston* uotation* 


which they cle.ared Pel fridge was 

is added a number of peons - By 
I'M! Published Recording to the Act of Congress. So3ton, printed by the 

author, June 20th, 1807* 

Verified by letter from the Rare Book Collection, Library of 



r oss* 


c. 2-1 June, 31st yr. of Ind. 

2 y Abiel Jaquea, as Proprietor 
(Title of an Engraving) 

1807 - 25 

[ues Abiel. _ , . , . „ 

Views of Harvard University in Cambridge, Jassaohusetts. This plate 

rospootfully dedicated to the President of -cho I mversity. 

1,0 copy located. 


copy located* „ . 

In Massachusetts Hall, Harvard University i - 

of several buildings of Harvard University vMoh v.-asgiventoiiarvardby 

oontenary. The Archives Collection at Harvard has indexed tnis work as 
ononyaous" but lias established the date as 1*07 . iHe.e is - l0 positive 
pi'oof that -hhl o -in 'hVifs oo-Dvrif^ht i 

ao o vo 

o. 25 June, 31st yr. of Ind. 

By Jonathan Huntington, as »u tor 

1807 - 26 

-t, • s> : r 

bi^gton, Jonathan, 
bv Th ° A P oll ° Harmony, contains 

a un .vo r us l oo 1 lo o 1 1 o a o i 

plain and intolli) 
PsiAlrn and Hymn 


33 xor singing 
TuiiOti, suited to ail 


-jgtres vrith a nunbor of set pieces and anthers, proper foi’ a ^l 

occasions, together with the instructions for the Hass Viol, and German 
Flute# Selected from t:io most celebrated Kuropcan and American Coinpo— 
gitions, with son© piecos entirely new. So looted and set by Jonathan 


•Ms Published according to Act of Congress* 
for thump ton, Ms. by Horace Graves. 1807. 


Moto&lf • 

Union catalog. 

A.XJ* Has. ods., 1807. 

Pri::tod typo -raphi oa lly at 



o. 26 June, 31st yr. of Ind. 

By Manning & Loring, as Proprietors 

1807 - 27 

Verrlll, Daniel. 

The second exposition of some of the false arguments, ni stages, and 
errors of the Rev. Samuel Austin. Published for the benefit of the pub- 
lic. By Daniel Merrill, Pastor of tho Church of Christ in Sedgv/io!c. 
r Aj Boston? Printed and Told by Hanning A Loring, Ho. 2, Cornhill* 1807 
Copyright notice as above. 


Union catalog. 

A. 1. 1. Author filo. 


c. 7 July, 32d yr. of Ind. 

By Thaddous Mason Harris, as Author 

1307 - 28 

Harris, Thaddeus Ibis on. 

natural history of the Bible, or a description of all the boasts, 
fishes insects and reptiles, trees and plants, metals, prccic 
eo. mentioned in the sacred scriptures. Collected from tho best 

. - . . Rv Til ' ‘ ■■ - - - -- 

stones, eo. mentioned in the sacred soriptures. ooiiec 

authorities and alphabotioally arranged. By Tliaddeus ! won Harris, A 
A.A.S, and S.U.S. Minister of Dorchester. A nevr edition, revised, im- 

J _ . ’I 1 J A.. A4-n4*-l nn 

proved, and enlarged. Quotation. 
**° copy of this edition looated. 

o. 9 July, 22d yr. of Ind 
Bv- Paul Jewett, as Author 

1807 - 29 

J cv,*ett 


'evr England rhrrierj being a compendium of tarriory. In four 

^ts, herein most of tho diseases to *»ioh horses neat cattle, sheep 

j nf* with medical and surgical opera- 


ouojeo , ‘ nf many years' experience. Intended for 

tte Use "of^prt vateHgentlemen and farmers. The second edition. By Paul 
««watt of r i 

1 ^A i ° W a e y\ . ehnft Cushing. Sold by Henry Cushing, Providem 

Salen: Printed by Joshua Cushing. ' Motoalf, Bath. 1807. 

b y Cushing t Appleton, Salem, and V » 

Copyright notice as above. 



Uni©* 1 catalog. 

A,I*I. ^ S£ - c<in «» 1807. 

Sabim 36116, 

r 242) c* 13 July, 32d yr. of Ind. 1S07 - 30 

3y Dudley Atkins Tyng, Lsq., 
as Pnonrietor 

Tynr , Dudley Atk ins. 

ft UI w 

Reports of oases argued and doto mined in the SuproMS Judiolal Court 
of the Comnonwcalth of* Massachusetts during the year 1306* By Dudley 
Atkins Tynr;, Esq, Counsellor at Lew. 
lH A: Hewburyport, Printed by Kdnund M, Blunt, 1807, 

Copyright notice as above. 

Preface eirned Boston, July, 1807. 


Union catalog. 

Sabint 97622, Kote. 

c. 16 July, 32d yr. of Ind. 1807 - 51 

By Vi Ilian Honnan, as Proprietor 

iPhillips, Sir Richard) 

An easy Grarroar of Geography* For the us© of Schools. Tiith naps. 
4 the Jiev. J, Gold sr.i th. First ioprovod edition. Carefully revised 
witn considerable additions aid a n&o of the United States. 



®d.Ti Bostom Printed for Villism Korean, Book end Chart Teller 


Copr'right notice as above. 

^ * * • - • Author f i le . 

2 ' 4 



c. 17 July, 32 d yr. 

By Isaac Clinton, as Author 

1 30 7 - 32 

Isaac . 

** treatise on infant Baptism. Provin 
lrt proper subjects of beptier., were so considered by the 

— A m. 

C } 

i niWit 


r ©c«ive that ordinance under thoir ministry 

Tiw m. . * j t i _ \ ^ t ■ ft ftwi m 

kli ° r a Church in Southwick. 

^pringfitiidi Pri ted by H#nr v 
Co pyrigJit notice as above printcc a 

^y Isaac Clinton. 


ire re r . Copyright secured. c n,d.j 

Cft talog, 

* • les. cds. # 1807 

* — * 

pfcstod verso titles 

» Hi 


o. 23 July, 

>bi,er J 


u2d yr. of In* 
us. as Author 





'•^tuoirt , 

Quota ti 

i i • end expwriettOes, 

i r«uli ai id 

- t eau 

4 4 4 i 

Ji a v . -JT 



HS&E: Exeter s Printed by Dorris & Sawyer, for the author ... 1307# 

Copyright notice a 3 above. 

Union catalog* ! 

A.IJ. Author file* 

t 246j e. 7 Aug,, 32d yr, of Ind. 1807 - 34 i 

By 7; niter Jones, as Author 

Jsnos, Welter. * 

The Harmonic minstrel sey, containing a new collection of sacred music — 
in three and four parts, comprising variety in stale r sic.j, tune, tine 
and measure; and well proportioned to all the difforont metres and keys 
commonly used in ohurchos - Together, with a number of set— pieces, choruses, 
and anthems appropriate to ordinations, dedications, thanksgivings, ec. - 
chiefly original. To which is prefixed - The necessary rules for learners. 
The whole being calculated and designed for the use of schools and public 
worship. By Walter Janes. Quotation. ' 

H’VAi Dedham: Printed by H. Vann, and sold (TJiolesale and Detail) at ;iis 
Bookstore ... 1807, 

Copyright notice as above. 

M3, MHi, im. 


Union catalog. 

A.I.I. Use. cds. , 1807. 

Cabin: 35746, Note. 

t 247 i c. 7 Aug., 32d yr. of Ind. 1807 - 35 

By Cushing & Appleton, as Proprietors 

The Barber's Shop, kept by Sir David Kazor, Grand fee rotary to the Uor- 
Shipful Association of free and accepted Barbers; shaver to his 
venorability the deputy scribe of the ancient and honourable Housti- 
gouche Society Branch Do. 174; V eatherwi se-geno ml to his own fanily 
und neighbourhood; story Stellor (Telle rj n Cuessor a Tf observer of men 
, Ja£ mncrs; Jolce-cracker; Sleeve Laugher, &o, k c, c;o. Quotation. 

‘SaEj Salem: Published by CusMng A Appleton; to v/hon communications 

(post paid) may be addressed. Sold by them, and by every book- 
seller in the United States, vdio ’nas taste himself, or whoso 
customers have it. (J* Cushing, Printer j 

Published in four parts: First part, Aug. 14, 1807; socond nart 
Sept. 4, 1307; third part. Sept. 29, 1807; fourth part, Nov. 10* 

^ 1307. - ’’Gazette Advertisement, ISOS ’ 1 - Tapley, p # 411. 

®-Pley, 410; Entry as above. AutJiorship attributed to John Spa rhnvrk 
Appleton. Essex institute. Prooeedangs, v. 1, 1848-135G, p, 175 .. 

177, contains the following statement: "In 1307 and 1803 Hr. John j 
s * Appleton of the firm of Cushing and Appleton, who vms known as 
a ready wit, got out two or three snail humorous publications, 
wh i o h had a temporarj r run as periodicals. ... Then there was "tho 
Barber'* Shop ..." published by Cushing and Apploton, in 1S08, 
and printed by Joshua Cushing, a brother of Ihomas Cushing." 

pLC ('lo* l)* and Mtt attribute editorship to Isaao Story* 

$ n ion list of serials s 2d ed, 1943* (DIXI, NN-) 

Union catalog* 

A.X.I* Mss* cds,, 1807 and 1800, 

,248) o. 13 Aug*, 32d yr. of Ind* 1307 - 3o 

By Mary Tap pan, as Proprietor 

Tappan, David, 

Lectures on Jewish Antiquities; delivered at Harvard University in 
Cartridge, A*D* 1802 and 1803, By David Tappan, D*D* Late Hollis Pro- 
fessor of divinity in that seminary. 

l!U'Ai Published by \7. Hilliard and E, Lincoln, and for sale at the look- 

store in Cambridge and at Ho. 53, Comhill, Boston* 1807, 

Copyright notice a s above, except 15 Aug* 

DLC, MH, MHi, UN* 

Union catalog, 

A. I, I, Mss* cds., 1807. 

i249j c, 15 Aug., 32d yr. of Ind* 1807 - 37 

By Mary Tappan, as Proprietor 

Tappan, David* 

Sermons on important subjects* By the late Hev. David Tappan* Hollis 
Professor of Divinity in the University at Cmbridge, To which are pro** 
fixed a Biographical^ sketch of the author, and a sermon preached at his 

funeral by Dr* Holmes* 

UWA: Published by V/. Hilliard and Lincoln ^ Kdiaands, and for sale at the 
Bookstore in Coj, {bridge and at No. 53, Cornhill, Boston. 180/. 

Copyright notice as above* 

MB, MH, MHi, HSaE. 

Union catalog, 

Mss* ods., 1007. 

f 250 3 o. 25 Aug., 32d yr. of Ind. ^ 1807 - 38 

By Belcher & Armstrong, as Proprietors 


William Hill. . 

4 and Isabollai or the natural children. 

A ^ J m * t _ 114 nm II llv 

1 Av | 

* Hi 

A novel, founded in fiction. 

posthumous work^ - By the late Tiilliam H. Brown, of Boston. Quotation. 

m _ - n “ ’ 

wux ii# ijjf , *| Qr\!7 

Boston t Published by Belcher & Armstrong. 1807. 
Copyright notice as above, 

■’BAt, MH. 

J t nion catalog. 

‘ ,r * Author file. 

c. 25 Aug,, 32d yr, of Ind. 
By John West, as Proprietor 

1807 - 39 


251 ] 

Fowson, Mrs# Susanna (Bft swell) 

^ spelling dictionary, divided into short lessons, for tho easier oom- 
nitting to memory by children and young persons and calculated to assist 
youth in comprehending vrhat they reads Selected from Johnson's Dictionary, 

for the use of her pupils. By Susanna Howson, t 

j.^As Boston: Published and for sale by John West, No. 75, Comhill# 1 • 

David Carlisle, Printer, No. 5, Court Streot. 

MB, MH-Ed.T. 


A. 1.1. Author file. 

Sabin: 7361G. 

c. 7 Sept., 52d yr. of Ind. 

By Thomas & YOiipplo, as Proprietors 

1807 - 40 

Parish, Elijah, 

A compendious system of universal geography, designed for schools, 
compiled* from tho latest and most distinguished European and American 
travellers, voyagers and geographers, By Elijah Parish, A,L. ilinister 

of By field, Massachusetts. x 

ME-Bd , T ; Published at Newbury pa rt , (Mass.) by Thomas A Whipple, Johnson s 

Head, Market-Square. in.d„j 
Copyright notice as above. 

DLC, M3At, VLS aE. 

Union catalog, 

A.I.I. Mss, cds., 1007, 

HH-Ed.Tt The second edition, with the sane copyright notice, lies the fbl 

lowing imprints Published at Hewburyport, (Uass.) by Thomas & 
^"hippie Joseph Cushing, Printer, Amherst H.H. tn.d. 3 

KB, HllAt, MBaE. 

Sabins 53599, 

( 253 ) 

e. 19 Sept., 32d yr. of Ind. 

By Aaron Bancroft, as Author 

1307 - 41 

Ad 37011 

An essay on the Life of George Washington, oaimaridor in chief of the 
^rioan Arm, through tlie revolutionary war; and the fiiot President of 
tl; e United states. By Aaron Bancroft, A./..S. Pastor of a congregational 

tod by Th— <• Sold 

Andrews, X. Thor.ias and I. Thomas, ^un. 

Tt Copyright notice as above, 

T rr> t'BAt, mh, mi, 

^ 6 “ d8 - 




2 6- 3 



Oct., 32d yr. of Ind. 

By Charles Fteams, as Author 

1807 - 42 

c tc fi - 

the Ten 

V- * v 



s Charles* 


Principles of Religion and Morality. In four parts. I. Of tho evi- 
dences of Religion. II. Principles of Religion. III. Principles of 
-.oralityj with four lessons on the cardinal virtues. IV. Lessons on 

Cormandnents. The whole in short lessons, in the form of dia— 
adapted to Schools, and private instruction in families. Third 
ion. Improved. Tith copy right. By Charles Steams, A.M. Minister 

he Gospel in Lincoln, Massachusetts. 

Portsmouth, Hewhsmpshires Printed for the Author, and sold by him 
in Lincoln, and by Charles Peirce in Portsmouth, wholesale and 
retail. 1S07. 

Copyright notice as above. 

At ends Printed by uilliam Treadwell. 

BLC, ME, MHi. 

Union catalor. 

o * 

Author file. 

S sbin : 90856. 

m • % 


DX w 

A • 

A*T . T 


c. 16 Oct,, 32d yr. of Ind, 

By Belcher & Armstrong, as Proprietors 

1807 - 45 

The Emerald, or Miscellany of Literature, containing sketches of 
ne rs , principles and amusei:ien*us of the age# Quota oi on# 7ol* 
^■IBB ■II Ind Published by Belcher & Armstrong, 


- * 

the man 

. 70, 

Boston, Mass. Printed an 
Ptate-Street . 1807. v. 2. 

Onion list of serials; 2d ed. 1943. Locations recorded for entire file 


'Jnion catalog. 

^•1*1. Author file. 





c. 26 Oct., 32d yr. of Ind. 
o.. & Andrevrs, as Pro 

1007 - 44 

T' f> p ,, „ ,ki to wiiioh are prefixed rudiments 

for learners. n««»tl.d under the inspection oi several gentlemen in 

ari ^ * ue vicinity. Andrews and sold at their 3ookstore, 

,7 swn * ruDAisnea , Buckingham, Printer. 

Ro, 45, Newbury Street, lb07. 

n - * ^ i _ - ^ 


: 3 

9 •/ " 

Copyright notice ns above. 

°« 10 1Toy* , 32d yr. of Ind, 

By S* & E. Butlo r, as Proprietors 

1007 - 45 

t 257 j 

Hulbert, James, Jr, 

The Complete Fifer's Museums or a collection of marches of all kinds , 
riovr in use in the military flinoj. Also a number of occasional tunes for 
the actual service, and the militia. Tith rudiments and lessons complete 
for the work* 3y James Hulbert, Junior. Philo Husioo. 
mh Published by Simeon Butler, Northampton, Mass. f n.d. 3 
Copy right secured. 

Verified by letter from the Husic Division, New York Public Library, 
with information that the Division had incorrectly established the 
date as { 1810? 3 . 

Union catalog* ' "^|| 

f258j c. 14 llov., 32d yr. of Ind. 1807 - 46 

By Samuel Holyoke, as Proprietor 

ho lyoke , Samue 1 * 

The vocal companion; containing a concise introduction to tho praotico 
of music, and a set of tunes of various metres arranged progressively for 
the use of Learners. Compiled by Samuel Holyoke, A.ld. 

In: Exeter, JJ.H. From the Music-Press of Norris & Sawyer ... Sold , 

wholesale and retail at their Book-store# 1007. 

Copyright notice as above. 

mb, nn. 

Me fccalf . 

Union catalog. i 

Author file, 

(259 3 c# 21 Nov. , 32d yr. of Ind. 1807 - 47 

By Elias Ilann, as Propi-ietor 

Ma ^n, Elias# 

■fhe i Cao sachusetts Collection ox Sacred Harmony# containing a plain and 
concise introduction to the grounds of music: also, a large number of 
Psalm tunes, selected from the most approved and eminent authors; adap- 
to the different metres and keys generally used in Churchos. Together 
vv ith a number of Select nieces ant. anthems, suitable foi various occasions. 

Ellas Mann, Quotation. . . . , 

Printed by Manning & Loriiig, ior tho Author, 1807. 







c °pyr i ght notico as above* 

MB, MHi. 

° n catalo 

rr _ 

It * o* 

‘ L * Author file. 

260 , 

o* 14 Dec . > 32d yr. of Ind, 

By Russell 4 Cutler, as Proprietors 

1 7-48 



(Copy / 

rioters of the 

:;oco red. ) 
TiOrx:* ) 

Lady 1 ® Cabinet of Polite Literature containing a selection of the wont 
doli° ftto an(i ref: * Lnad airs # eongs, poems, and various other niscellaneou 
uroduotions in voroo and prose* 

1 Volume It The Lute* Consisting of 
Boston: Published by Rueooll fc Cutler, (Pr 
Cold by Etheridge 4 Bliss, Ho* 12, Comhil 
Volume lit Containing poemn, (Copy Right Secured* ) 

oxo opt 1800. 

, f jj an d Mil have Volume III only (1809) 

Union oatal og. 

A, 1. 1. Author file. 


■q imprint. 



c. Doo* 4 32d r« or 

# V 

By Joseph Nowell, as Proprietor 


1807 - 49 

Curleton, Osgood. 

A map of tho U.S. of America including part of 
Ctinada, and of Kant Florida and tho whole of est 
larger scale tlian any before published with great 
and improvements, exhibiting the post towns with 
tanoes from Washington and the post roads through 
By Osgood Cnrleton, Kaq* 

No copy looatod* 

Louisiana, part of 
Florida on a much 
additions, cor recti 
their respective clis 
the several states* 





, 26 Deo. , 32d yr. of Ind. 

By Ben janin Dearborn, Pres, of trie 
ewengland Asoociation of Inventors 
and Patrons of Useful Arts in ids 
Character as President aforosaid and 
for* isho uno of tiijsooio-^io-n^ 

an Proprietor 

1607 - 60 

inti on by IS. C. iculs r 


Th. Useful Cabinet, published In MUly »■*«*; 

Association of Invontorc and patrons oi Useful arts. I o lime I > 

HHi Boston, Printed ior tho iiscocj 1nnfl 

Volume I includes noo. 1 - 6 . Jan * ' . 

Union list of serials; 2d od. 1943. Locations records 

Union catalog* 

^*^•1* Author file. 

Uopoaitcd Dept, of Stato, 14ay 2, 1308 

‘or the 

/U t 



c. C Jan., 32d J T * of Ind 
T»„ nonnRh Sti liman, as Pr 



st Ulnan, Samuel. 

Sol ^ _ 


• ''iUinan. 

amue 1 . , , T ,_*„+-ical Gub.iects by the late 

Sermons on Dootrinal and P r before published. 

D,D* comprising several 

Ca ael 


iTmi, 1 -iOM, 

^hloh is prefixed a blopraphlo 

)r*;A* Boston* 

No. 2, 

pt j!, MB, MH, N 

Union cabal or » 

/ f T.t* Author file 


ml p 1 t toll nf tho mil hoi Ml llfo. 

^^■Lo r.l ntf . nml sold nl, Mint r 


( r 





o, 0 J/xn. , 32d yr, o f 3 
J’y John C. Wfxrrou rvnd Jivmn JrvOlcnon, 
Cori'i’l the© of th© Ilftsn, Msdloal Society 
In tholr mipnolby or oominibto© ttforo- 
and Air tho uno of wild nooloty. 

um - 8 

An Prop r l ©torn 

lArcachueetts mod i.cnJL fjonioty* 

The Pharmacopoeia of tlic Mann. 
Boston. Published by 15 « £ J. 
and Atobbins, Pr inborn. 

Pm Taco n3.{ red Ponton, Uoo. 


*:* * 

v p, i 

*** A f 9 

J/vrld.n. Ho 

^ 7 f 0 0 r 



17 1007 by Jnokaon nod U'arnm, for the 

JP “ ** 



Bent, of State, War. , 

m Jr 

*' * 



o. 13 Jan, 32d yr. of Ind. 

Py .Ionium Gpnldlnf',, an Author 

rpaldinr, Joohua. , , . , 

Tho Divlno Tlioory, a •y» l -»n °f Divinity, Cttumlod wholly upon 

which, by ono prinoiplo, or Torn an explanation of nil 
By Joshua -palding. Galon, CiiMaoI uwjti, Mini# tor <" 

Jobuc CJirlat. In two volumoa. Mol. t. 1 no ■ ,,n * 

rail Ell zaboth-Tovm, H.J. Print.d by Shepard Kollook, 


Copy rip, Jit notice an nbovo# 

BLC, Mr; A . 

^nion cetaloc* 

Author Tilo, 

^pooitod Dept, o;H State, -Sopt. 82, 

lOOd - 3 


wurhn o.C (> 
(ion?)dl of 


mill | 

1 2 G6 j 

0 . 13 Jan. , 3!?d yr. of . 

:i - -I 


w a an 


7*7 °P0«iclxir, 

Author o 

) Proof 

bcinr, a ti'Jv/ 
for tho use of 
Orator, Child 1 n 

of Idimionti for r 

, » lob B i nf'haub 

l . A o • 

A # M . 


second edition 


* k* v 

s hed a c o c r d i n 

v ’q J 

L . A/v* A *- * V^j, | * 

IcU ■ « 





» ,. . T^' 

— * ^ 1 

U ' * ■ 

* * * 

* V * > 1 

* V* * ♦ V #*. 

' *> n 

V lfc ^ % *- • --m" ^ ^ 


f t 

1 + 


to Act of Con -ress. 
ihili; cold e?-SO t 




Boston* Printed by ' aimla, 
the Booksellers in general 

% * *• 

iay , 
% * 



c . 22 Jan. , 3£d yr. 

By tannin - k Lori nr. 

o l 

of Ind. 

os Proprietors 

. . • 5 ' c: . Collection of ? r.c red and devotional fynns ; intended to accarrao— 

" ricti&r.s or. special an; 

%. ft V ir V 

^ < 4* o +■ /> ' 

* m 

occasions* ^notn uions . 


• » * 

* % 

, 'V 

1% ' • * i 

ortm. ;~ooii died by 'Ia:ining 1 Lorinr, "o. 2, Cornhili. 

L P ■ 


« -n -* 

V % 

ri~ht notice 

V 3 

r TO ; v~j ' 

. * ^ 
- - 'i 1 » 

** ' K *■' "V *> r' ■> 
* mi-m. « V p^t V V k > ■ fj. V 

Vn "• 

— * *- v 

< . 1 J t 

v t 


State, June 20, 1305. 

-x j b 'v 1 t 01 X - IQ a 

I 1 ; iQrJL s and Andrews, as Proprietors 




• « 

ci * r; \ • ^ e c r 

b * -Jfc - . ^m. X WX X 

i riant to over;. 

n: or the American Clerks llagasine* 

■a • 

~v - C 

.ec t use 


O ’ ' 

%X*i *■“■ 

ocessar^ - 

* * »x * A XX 

the none 

* '-X 1 *-' *• 


' r e 

Bills, Bo: 

s e is , 


v £ J 

e: pure s j 

T"* ^ 


> o e 

nds, Conplaints, Conveyances, 
ts, fine and recovery'. Gifts and 

Lease and Release, Letters of Attorney, Lort- 

Receipts, Releases, 

, j..* a.: c - s probate latte 

t I, * w- # * * 

* - r A £ 


'■ii w— 


. ^*L _ 


V ^ 
* * 



^ A 

- -m. * 


V *3 


*x V 


A -rih 







*X X v 

« * 


L 4 



■* * ”* 

rt' ** e 

1 A x 

- and g:A: instmaents* ?he v.iiole 


A^r the use of tiiC oitisens of the United States, 

or to 

la t 


x * 


X. . * « V * - — ~ ^ ^ - 

io or. Probate auxi 
' ^ o voc . 

:: 1 v . tii- * 

“ T * 

- p A, 

* . „ lished acoordin^ 

arv.;el : rceran, nsc, , compiler of 

Justice. Sixth edition, 


to Act of Congress. 

an - . and Lass* 

rt * -X 
- X * % 


^ - 

' c 

- * 



arlisle, as 



- 7 

ic tor 

- -x.- -:vr s 

late essay e. 

“ x *" ^ o 

,4 _ <* X 

% X * XX X A A - J — 


rights a:c. 


dut Let 

i ' - - i A 

v*. *.- 

H, xT * S V* 

o: nations relative 
1 do: .one tr u 1 1 on : diccovurod 
'>• "our iVTiters* 11 


r} ,„ AM f o f ^ ft r nir«o nt ♦ 

Ultlt^od in & "suCpleMMEva 1 ^ Li . _ I J ftArefullv re 

•-_ * . . , i" — ' timn editioni enlarged anc Oaremi, re 

*o«U Flfty^ixth Adi^ion. To which is added 

and e-^ — last London eaiaiou* a 


10 1 

\ * 


Q lX m 



r f* 

^ x x 


^ V v 

. xv :eu 1 * Ci -* ^ 

: Printed by lavid eftrlis-e, 

as above* 

- 4 * — W- 

•I I ^ * A J i. 1 "■ “ * 

** fc’ — x^ * i 

U 3 • 


uot aoion* 

Lo. 5. Court ftreet. 

. V* x k- * % A 

+ *<x* di »V k .» w W 1 




f 1 ot itious* 



pi£ * i 

'jrjion catalo 

i'l.I. Author 
Sabins 1793. 




o. 18 .eh., 32d yr. of Ind. 
3y Jodidiali Horse, as Author 

1308 - 8 

\ f orse. Jedidiah. 

Geography made easyj being an abridgment of the American Universal 
Geography, containing Astronomical Geography, Biseoverw and General de- 

scription Oi 


iorica, general view of the V.S., particular account of the - 
U.S. or America and of all the kingdoms, states and Aepublios in the known j 
world, in regard te their boundaries, extent, rivers, lakes, mountains, 
productions, population, character, government, trade, manufactures, 
curiosities, Ms tor;.’, Ac. ho which is added an improved chronological 
table of remarkable events from t)ie creation to the present time. Il- 
lustrated with a nap oi the world and a nap of !<orth-A-ierio&. Calculated 
particularly for the use and improvement of schools and academies in the 
U.S. of America. 3y Jedidiah morse, E.9., A.A.S., idinister oi the Con- 
rregational Church in Charlestown, Mass. Author of c;ie American Universal 
Geography and American Gazetteer, eleventh edition, jorrec -tu the 
author. Published according to Act of Congress. .iuu^a*-io n. 

!hT-Bd,T: Boston; Published by Thomas A Andrews ... September, 

J. T, Buckingiiam, Printer. 


Union catalog, 

A, i , T t Author f i le , 

Sabins 50936. 




o. 13 Flub., 32d yr. oi - Ind. 

3v Samel Kaokay, as Proprietor 

1808 - 9 

^ Croix, Irenee Arne lot de. 

b’v * Col. Ir. Amelot la La Croix, humbly 

Military and political hints, &y w 

, I f af Congress and the general officers of 


sn omitted to t}io Hon. the Members o v 

the Militia of the United States. Digested and tra-sla^ed 

A.M. late Professor of the JVenoh Colle 5 e . 

“»A* Boston: Published by Etheridge and Bliss, Ho. i2, Cornell. 

Greenough A Stobbins, Printers ••• * 

^ Copyright notice as above. 

;LC, MB, HU, MHi. 


Author file. 


1NU(| “ to 


272 ) 

An introduction to 
knowledge of the 
ohort time* In 
No copy 

o. iMi Keb * 9 52d >r„ or ind. 
By Lemuel Hla!;#, tt , l-rtij.i-l « t 

tlio urt or writing by whlofc * 
foi ntfi t i on o (' ovt» ry lebtoer o»* 

Pi vo books* 


QhJ I d Omi <nni\t l iV n 

th» u t piiM l*c» t \ ii ii v«*ry 

t 273j 

* IaRr • f 38d yr* oi Ind , 
dy DmlL. y Atkina Tyng (l an Preprintin' 

UK)(I - tl 

Tyng, Dudley Atkins* 

Report a oj ouoou nrguud and dotonulnud in the id JudleUl Unurb 

in the Commonweal th oi 'dmuotts from Mur oh. UiOtl i .» .in ,, \iMVf 

both inclusive, Vol. T . . * * * 


’udley At V. Imi Tye* 

v I 

• t nh.n ! U* p n tl l aw 

To which is Added, tv 8UPuU;mont omit u 1 nl in* -■ 

, ueiUitv ining floma tow Joel n loom or t ho omua 

court of a prior da to * 

’.:u-Lt EswburyporL, Pu’dluiiod bj VUUicun Sawyer 4 0o« 1000* 

Edmund li. Ill nut, Printer. Volume U. 

Copyright not loo an above. 

Union catalog. 

u. 7 War., 3hd ; i* , or And. 

lly ‘..'il] Inn Pelham, tui An tl an 

inon - ta 

Po lham, Vll 1111 am * 

A By atom oi IJo ta l toitj rnprn tuuil* i j v ( th • . uu. u' n a • , i . * | * ha . * < l tool n1\n \ fi\i hi 

ty a now application of the uoormtual nnriu lu pi o n it m.oi i.Uh mmh mi- 
di-tionu a« wore uuuemsury t<» supply ilm'lnh tuunii. v i i 1 1 in i PoUmu.. 


Uostom Printed for Villi run Pelham, No, hu, UonihilL, IdOd, 

$ i'raaola, A iu rko r, Pr.lnU>rti) 

-IB, MlH5d*T, MHi, JIM. 

Union catalog* 

Author file. 






li Mur 
V J 1 1 

. hit 



1 0 i 

* * 

h>hu U 1 lnu i u 

urn - t;\ 

1 ’ ri > j i r 1 * it * > r u 

^ COKipiui i 1 m ) boing IV oyutum el temple ly dlnolpl. > 1 , inuinUnl 

the regulations of -uron Btoubou* late ingjor-n^neiHvi mef i > u motor** 

®*fccral of tliu Army o* t.ho United dtmtua. fUmla\ntuj t# Uu» Manual 

6X0 ro l ho 9 facing S, titujui, l^uilingS# whoi llu, •*, mitewltuuminu evolut \ onu 
and firings* Xn t:hur uitli duty or offioers Wld private a % Pent nod 

Uvi/° r ill ° uo ° vf tlie Hi lit la* 

11 oo end edition with additions nnd imp* ovn-outs* 

\ V Hi >1 \ t 

uUud Uj U. i) J, 

Prieto ru 

^t tiioir 

loot . 

^ ®P J r \ ( h t HO tl on U li I U II l Js 

y pore i 

Pr intorni luul iltjvtdunu rs, Uiul Pivu- 

TO o S' tliu Uoi>yl<lKh 1 i. Hold by U«w, > u.'l'uulo ttu.t -'UU, 
Lr Book-::i,or* *iid lVl»'Uu.:-«»j’llnw, 1 "‘ l w»‘ 


iffl# . , 

Union catalog* 

A j x. Mss* ods., 1808* 

r 276j 

o* 25 Mar*, 32d yr, of Ind. 

By Adorn ram Judson, Junr. , as Author 

1008 - 14 


Adoniram, Jr* 

The elements of English g 
Bostons Printed by Cushing 
Ho* 79, State Street; t oto 
Copyright notice as abovo. 
W-Ed.T, MHi. 

A.I.I. Author file* 

• By Adoniram Judson, Jun*, A. 3, 

& Lincoln* Sold by them at their office, 
etc. ) 1808. 




c. 2d liar*, o2d yr. of Ind. 

By right, Goodonov;, h Stockwoll, 
as Proprietors 

1800 - 15 

The minor love Hist, a collection of Brief and interesting 
xaancos, tales, narratives, fragments &c. &o, Selected 
compiled from various works and publications* 

Iio copy located* 

levels, ro- 
id original; 



c. 31 Mar., 52d yr. of Ind. 

By Thoms & Andrews, as Proprietors 

1808 - 16 

Pike, Nicholas. 

A new and complete system of Arithinotick composed for the use of the 
Citizens of the United States. By Nicolas rsic.j Pike, A. it., A.A.S. 
Quotation* Third edition, lie vised, corrootod and improved and more par-» 
tioularly adapted to the Federal currency* By Nathaniel Lord, A*M* 

Boston, Published by Thomas & Andrews, Proprietors of the Copy- Right 
- Sold at their Bookstore, No. 45, Newbury Street ,*. April, 1808.' 

J* T. Buckingham, Printer* 

, Copyright notice as above. 


Author file. 

Ue P08ited Dept, of State, Aug. 31, 1808. 



^rnbuli^ Jolin D* 

A lie tv_ 

c. 31 Mar*, 32d yr. of Ind. 

By Jo) in D* Turnbull, au Author 

1808 - 17 

ti 0 l ° Vood daemon, or the clock lias struck! A grand, romantic, oabalia 
. el ° 1;raina in throe aotsi into rspo rood vdth processions, pageants 

as perforsnsd at the Boston Theatre, with unbounded ap- * 
^%t| 8G V J* E. Turnbull, Author of “Rudolph, 11 &o, tbo, 

J o«ton, Printed by B* True, at the Columbian Museum Printing 

^ f fi oe . luoo. 

Copy ri r ht notice ft a ft ho m . 

r> > 0At/W, KK. 

rni^n catalog* 

. j t j, Author file. 

cabin* if466. 


o, 14 Apr., 33Jd yr, of Ind« 

9y Sphraln W* Allen, at Proprietor 

1 03 - 13 

p*f ri th , £ 

a . 

r rc 

2*C, V , 1 At, r: i, IT all , 

Jalor. catalogs 

. Aaa. cu*., lv . 

it J>00 ote. 






c , 



ua ' a ~ro . 

* t % j 

r. o 



.jt .or 

1 30 3 - 10 

i‘onc roj , l.lija.;. 

C 1m :,oeic ’ t iu 

copy lo oa tt>C. 

. %- 



o. 2; 

or Ir.d 

Apr., 22d yr. 

.o < r t . a- ' . w jr. 


l iCXl - 20 

*‘* r . * ate & iell rax.i ttxt, ro^.i u;.u i*4L'.:n v< hand, ;io rup..ioul oopie® 

vita the o capon© at parte of letter#. Ax. Alphabet of Capitals, ar— 
ac tcoorting to ir tlnilajrity lo, 

1 f lifKa i by !loca r i hirxan, Kwbor/port. . . L irvd ujo ,rdi * to 
Act of C aan’t ig the 26th day of April, 1803, by .ookcr l Pkinomn m 

Ko other date gf 


; I t a. Cv 1606, 

IT ~ * T 1 

• V - • 





0 m •* - * V fcp 


Prt^ut i c st ^ 

“ / : u> rt. s* 

■V v , 



. » 

■* # 

i _d 

• * 


T . 

* cc - e 


M v> 

- *. tt •>* 


* - ' 


** V 

130 J - 51 

- iW- - f *- - >> atu.. ;vi 

vo wiiiu.* ere abided a > *> olivet 


• ' • «c, ana 


Owav A 1 m m a » 


r rioted b/ law 
right notice ae above 

ire * 



9 * %*• ** W 



V « 

,284 j 

o. 13 Hay, 32d yr. of Ind* 

By Herman Kann, ag Proprietor 

1008 - 22 

to Drura or 1 ^ Assistant Containing instructions for >>eatin 0 
and Booth duties* With tho call 3 , rmroheo, and tatoos* 
Ho copy located* 

the English 

28 5 j 

o* 13 Hay, 32d yr# of Ind. 

3y Thomas h Andrcrrs, as Proprietors 

1808 - 23 

Alden, Abner. 

The Rcadort containing I. Tho art of delivery - articulation, accent, 
pronunciation, emphasis, paubos, hey or pitch of the voice, and tones* 

/ n eloction of Lo noons in tho various kinds of prose* II# Poetiok num- 
bers ftructuro of Th glioh verse - feet and pauses, soas ;ro ■ "d novomont, 
melody, Harmony and expression, rules or reading verse# Being the third 
part of a Columbian xercise* Tho ‘whole comprising an easy and systomati 
oal method of teaching and of learning the English L ang uage , 3y Abnor 

Aldon, A.T!. Third Edition, corrected and enlar ;ed* 

Wik t 3o st on : Pr i nt 



f ^ 


-■& * m 

m # V ^ - h # * ■ 

for Tho: as c. 


; revrs 

No# 45 

hcvrbury ftreet, July, 


ovn - 

Copyright notice as a: 

-Ed.T, MHi, RPJCB. 

Union catalog* 

A. I, I, Author file, 

deposited Dept, of ftate, Aug, 31, 1133, 


of Ind , 

n 16 ' r frr 32d yr. 

By Gilbert Fox, as Proprietor 
(Title of an Engraving) 

1308 - 24 

k* m 

Pox, Gilbert. „ . . , , ,, , 

His Sccollonoy James fullivan, -sq. lamteti 

graved by Gilbert Fox. Printed by F. Harrison. 

Stauffer* v. 3 (Fielding's supplement) p. 115: 

James Sullivan, 

0^*1 in reot*. bust head to leiv, r , r , 

ins: Painted by .m. h 9 • i^oyio ^ T 

>T Printed by F. Harrison. Lis */ 

c °py located. „ T . 

i 287) c , 26 July, 33d yr. of Ini. 

Thr Adoniram Judson, Junior, as 

Doylo • An 

Hi van lisqr 

1808 - 25 


So -v Adoniranu Jr, 

„ young lady's Arithmetics a oonpleto - 
Jf 0 f young norsons. More especially the fa 

A.b, Author of "The Element# 01 “igl-* 

'^1 Smarts . 

muleto Mercantile System; Tor tho 

fair sex* Adoniran Judson 

and Simons, Devonshire Street, Sold by 

„ „ . T ., grammar# 

3. Author of "The Elo: 

Bostons Printed by Sn011 ^ sellers. Also, by Bmry Cushing, 

them at their office, and D y U -0 -»o_ Joseph Avery, 

Providence, by Cushing A Ai>pl e ^° > ° * 

Plymouth. 1808. 


% h 

fopjrlMtt mo Moo ]rt nitnyo 



*1 Auf 


d .vr- *»r inil 

Hv ‘ oomnn ^ Aiulmw 1 #, (iff ivoprt olm 

It Kid - ?A, 


jYi’oortH, $tui 

r:u' wn ' °»\ .>!• I.lio p,. , I ,|,,| . Of |oX*(i|,n,„H Town M .,! 0 

r«« fwmirrtn, - Ovnrnnnrtt of U,,. ,..i„r - AUBtMOr*. Oon«ttblM, Oolloo- 

iwr, oi >t\\ 0 It - rv - VM M or lUf i |ivmy« | Hun/nyui'fl n[ I.hmIk i I** Feno# VI ')■ />$rrl t 

T\,\,\ Drt vtUTij Jrmmirorn of r r mid Town iiiTl.u.rii on taln-id 

th§ ifwvn oi^ Utn Oonuiunu/vut Hiii m 1 UKisiQhuHttii with d virlity of form# 

r th« UNO Of rtvuili tifHoom, To Uht'ili In praH ml Mm Constitution# Of 

8I\U. I 0,1 ,oiup»IU\ ttld or I lu> U 1 1 1 It’ll ftUMuj, mid Utu rnt,o In nddorl Um 

v . ; r fcnd duly of Jown#, I’nrlrihnn, m.d Plantation# - it plain and mynlnr 

i d ot l own ftoonunl.n rind n Tub, t# of OfllRII mid punlolffrionbn, 

Al«O f An Anpondin ooot.a Lnlnr; riomn tnnpOOtlOH &nd obhOf Inwn n I, Inr/'oj 
\7llb v> !irr um’;ul uni ini, Ify miiuhI Monjonn^ Kn<|, Antlinr of ilia Man n . 
JunHor, Vivbn In D,\ iy> 01. or v mul AmtnMomi iMai'I'u' n Covanth 


Vtl lonlon < ivlnlmi by ,1. T, UuoU l nplituu, for TllOfiiun mid Anti row w, llo. \U 
Wow bury VA . Aur, 1H00, * 9 

Co ’ rM i m> hi on In r or Min mUUi mllU.m, I!-! M|y f ifjfcli (lbOfl) 

nlUiOM|;h I 'd n imvrmUi otUtjIun wnti pul>.M ulmd In Aufi;, LUOM itPttnr tlio 

dnin of tii, dnpunti* or libtrt ittlo for oopyriftbb (Aup,* ij) f ~ 


A. 1,1 

r r 



*■#■ ^ . * fk ) 


o, 11 Au| *, dHtl yr. or I ml. 

Hy I tmuo It, Tttmdwo 11, an AnUior 
* T 1 11 o o f an Mnr,ra v I nr, ) 

UlOli - 27 



, I cm no ) i . 

*w 1 .iif 1 jm h 1 M rootO 1 
°®Py 1< >m 1 1 nd . 



o, ii bopt# 

I T a 

r, of i nd- 

MOD - 9ft 


^ * 

mm Inf >' rm l'i opr l nl.o ru 

|8 *Mdlot, Dftvlrt, 

I ( otil,$j*y Wo r| or o pontdonJ dortor l j>l»l on o( I.lio oxlnl.i i (.nniln*ovori : i7 

^ 4 * 1 ^ . ... . 1 . ... i. i .. t .... i t . * 

I I 

ft ho, 1 ndolmpU ntiO mul Biptllln 9 oil Urn nultjnola mol modu of 


A >m * IV John of Bnmu (JuolnUon. 

1 Boston i Printed duel bold Ity Mann 1 nr; Aj hirLii|^ No, Z 9 Conihlll 

uol«.l 09 rx# nl»ovo • 


it.ll’ '‘ ut " or Olo. 

’* Actj# and ’*Tlia Waijory Vjiu'/ 1 v, ♦!/, p# 




1 1 



291 j 

o. 6 Sept,, 33d yr. of Ind, 

By Samuel Mackey, as Proprietor 

1808 - 29 

Campaigns 6t the armies of France in Prussia, Saxony, and Poland, under th 

oomnand of His Majesty the Emperor and King in MDCGCVII a work destined 

to record the great events of that memorable era, and the brilliant 

achievements of the Generals, Officers and Soldiers, Accompanied with 

Biographical notices upon those who fell during that memorable campaign 

Also with historical and military details of the seiges and battles 

whioh have signalized the different Countries, through which the french 

fSio»] have just marched their armies. In four volumes*. Translated 

from the French by Samuel Mackay, A.M, Professor of French Language, 
Boston. Volume III, 

Boston* Published by Far rand, Mallory & co. 1808 

Volumes 3 and 4 are naged continuous lv, 


Union catalog, 

A, I, I, Author file. 


c. 6 Sopt., 33d yr. of Ind. 

By William Emerson, as Proprietor 

1808 - 30 

,M. Paster r Pastorj of the first Church in Boston, 

Emerson, William* 

A selection of psalms and hymns, embracing all the varieties of subject 
end metre, suitable for private devotion and the Worship of Churches 0 By 
William Emerson, 


MA: Bostons Published arid Sold by Hun roe, Francis, & Parker, No, 4 

Comhill. 1808, 

Copyright notice as above, except 5 Sept. 



u nion catalog. 


c. 17 Sept., 33d yr. of Ind 
By Joel Read, as Author 

1808 - 31 

• Joel, 

The New England Selection of Plain Pealinodist, oontaininj; a short 

potion to Psalmody for the use of Schools, and a variety of t 
L tcd tn _ , » 9 -—j. anrl rftlfiotfld. Bv Joel Pend- 

xo Psaimoay, ror wie uoo _ 

^ public worship original and selected. By Joel Kead. 

* '^tilatod title-page. Most of title and imprint tom out, 

^ard hass f Boston? 1808) 

' c alf rW ^ 8Ce Attleborough, Sept. 10, 1 l» 08. 

Author file. MHi only location given. 






o» 27 Sept*, 33d yr, of Ind. 

By 0. Shaw, A. Alboe, arid H. Mann, 
as Authors 

1808 - 32 


. Oliver, Albce, Amos, and Mann, Herman, compilers. 

The Columbian Saored Harmonist* or. Collection of Grammatical Music 
gy o* Shaw, A* Albee and II. Mann* 

Dodhom, Printed, typographically, at the Music Press of H* Mann; 
and for Sole at hi a Book-Store, at the Book-Store o in Boston; by 
0, Shaw, Providence; and A. Albeo, Med ft eld. October 1808. 
Copyright notice as above. 


Union catalog. 


A.I.I# Mss. ods., 1808. 

^2^8 j 

o. 27 Sopt., 33d yr. of Ind. 

Vt Oliver & liunroo, as Proprietors 

V # 

X808 - 33 

i nA CKa, James j _ , . 

The motor-' of Don Pranoisco de Miranda's late attonpt to effeot! a 

Revolution in South America in a serios of letters. R V ° 

wuo an officer under that General to his friend in the lh ted states. 
Towhioh is annexed the life of Miranda and a Geographical account ,and 

(Jeof n.phical notices) of Caraccas. 


Hi 1 


hoctom Published by Oliver and 1'unroe, 1308. 
The copyright notico is dated 7 Oot. 32d yr. _ 
"First published anonymously in Boston, 1000. 

Geo 1308 - 36. 



Union ccitalo 







29 Sept., 33d yr. of Ind 

( left vacant) 

1808 - 34 

Zedekiah, and others* 

The Meridian Harmony# 3/ Zedekiah 
Dedham Printed for the author *** 
D ^. MH. 

f* Mrs. ods*, 1808* 

^Posited bopt. of State, Jan. 1°, ltJUJ * 

r and others. 

by II* Mann ••• 1800, 






7 Oot., 33d yr. oi 
Knrrand, Mallory & 




1808 - 36 



# George Cheyne* 

r «< 

hi s sert at lone on 

■ l fi 07 

George Cheyne f huttuolc, 

“®yliton pri jso mo dn 1 a worn adjudgv 

flf* Eli J i 4 t % A 1 4 4. i ll¥ ft A quotations. 

lstonPris. Question# for th# years 180C and 

H P, IJeinfi the dissertation to which 

To which is prefixed the public 

of tlioir adjudication* 


rand, Mallorv k Co. (Suffolk Bides. . Boston) and 

and ifopkina k Earle, Philadelphia. Belcher k Armstrong, Printe 
1SCS5. ledication signed George Cheyne Shat tuck, Ho, 13, Y.'.'Ae 
Street, Cot. 5, 1308. 

Copyright notice as above. 


r\T ' UM 

rifi, w 1 * * 

Uni or* catalog. 

• t t. Author file* 

if * 

S»bim 7?871» 

{ 4 .. ^ J 

o, 10 Oct., 33d yr. of Ind* 

3y Oliver k Punroe, as Proprietors 

1808 - 36 

tSir^s, Janes j 

The history of Ton :rar. cisco Te Miranda *s a 
don in South Anerica, in a series of Letters. 


aa officer under that General, to his friend in vne u.o. Towhioh are 
waexsd Sketches of the Life of Kiranda and Geographical Notices oi 

Caraccas. Quotation. , .. «, OAQ 

in: : The second edition. Boston: Published by Oliver and Uunroe 1809. 

Copyright notice is dated 7 Oct., 32d yr. ias it is -or f.rst edit.on 
ioe 1803 - 33) 

Also variant issue: I oi , . „ A _ inin 

The second edition. Boston: Published by Edward 0 , 

Copyright notice is also dated 7 Cot., o2d yr. 

’ • 

ebiru 5353. (let, 2d, and 3d editions) 





11 Oct., 23d yr. of Ind. 
Hastings, Etheridge, k Bliss, 


1808 - 37 

c ®* jRries * first book for Children. In which the 

7he Columbian Orthographer j .. divided into syllable, and 

! rds Rre methodically arrange , begt aut horities. For the us© of 

-curate ly accented according to 

»hools. By Pike. Etlio ridge & Bliss, No. 8, State 

ooetont MU*} C l» r l..W, 1806. 

Street, and at the Lasn i, 

* t 

' Author file. 


.. 25 Oct.. yr. ct “• , 

By Isaiah Thomas, Jr.„®8 n p 

1803 - 38 

°i Jonatlian. iHtiister 

fcQgiOt tho Reverend Jonathan^'W^* of the 
I, J^Pton, )itt 8a ., and uftentards ‘ 

® l volumes. 

of the Gospol in 
College in New Jersey 


A i 

first American edition. Published at Worcester, by Isaiah Thomas, 
Jun. Isaac Sturtevant, Printer, 1800, 

Copyright notice as above, in volume one only. 

Volumes 6, 7, 8 were published in 1809, 

pLC, HBAfc, 

Uflion ca «al og • 

A,I # I. Wss, ods,, 1808. 

Sabin i 21967. 



o, 26 Oct., 33d yr, of Ind. 

Thomas l- 'Whipple, as Proprietors 

1808 - 39 

Horse, Jedidiah, and Parish, Elijah. 

A compendious History of New England, designed for Schools and private 
families. By Jedidiah Horse, D.D. and Elijah Parish, D.D. Second 
Edition vrith improvements by the authors* 

:f A: Published at Newburyport, by Thomas and Whipple, Sola v/holesal© 
and retail at their Book-store, No. 2 State Street, 1809. 
t Joseph Cushing, Printer, -Amherst, H.K. 3 
Copyright notice as above, 

DLC, M, 15 B, MSaE, NN. 

Union catalog, 

A. I, I. Ilss. ods., 1809. 

Sabins 50932. 

1 502 3 

c. 1 Nov,, 33d yr, of Ind. 

3y Samuel Holyoke, as Author 

1800 - 40 

-olyoke, S amue 1 . 

Tho occasional companion. No. Ill, containing No. 

^°ise - An anthem. No, 5 Hail the day - An ode. No. 

y m A 

* ** A Hymn adapted for Tiiank skiving and Christmas, 

^el Holyoke, A ,14. 

Exeter ... from tho music-press of Norris & Sawyer, 
Copyright notice as above, 
y . Verified by letter. 

4 Make a joyful 
6 Hail Returning, 
Composed by 

t303 3 

c. 11 Nov., 33d yr. of Ind* 

By Eldad Lewis, as Proprietor 

1808 - 41 

13 * * 


A po°i’ David * 

pl an *° etic ai Dictionary j or popular terms illustrated in rhymo, with ex- 
pa^ti For the use of Society in general, and politicians in 

Gulflr * part 1st. By David Hitchcock, Author of the Shade of Plato 

Co ^ ^ e '^- c 1 3 Press, I,enox. 

notioo as above. 

tin,* tij . MJI, 

I . I f, talo C. 

^Mni t!* cda *» isoo. 

- 3 2239 Note. 

Heni^r Starr, Printer. 1808 

o* 16 Nov., 33d yr. of Ind. 

J}y Daniel Hardy, Jr., as Author 


504 1 

1805 -42 

u«T*dV D* niel » Jr * 

‘ A thanksgiving Anthem. By Daniel Hardy, „ 
m Boston* Printed by Wanning & Loring, for 
Copyright notice as above. 


Union catalog. 

Metcalf • 

. A.M. 

the author, 1808. 


c. 23 Nov., 33d yr. of Ind* 

By Thomas & Whipple, as Proprietors 

1808 - 43 

German Text Copies for the uso of Schools. 

USaEt Kewburyport * Published by Hooker & Ehirman, 1003 




o. 17 Deo., 33d yr. of Ind 
By Elijah Bliss, as Author 

1808 - 44 

An’sssay oil linn comprising a minute inquiry into tho nature and 
of Ms mental properties, with a poem delineating Ids introduction 

Christianity. By Elijah 31iss. 

Ko copy located. 




c. 24 Dec*, 33d yr . of ind. 

By Lincoln & Edrnnds, as Proprietors 

1808 - 45 

Temple Samuel. _ . , . . 

An Arithmetical Primer, for young masters and misses; oorrainmg 
simply the first principles of that most useful art. Designed for the 
use of schools. By Samuel Temple, A«i*l. author of A oonoise Introduction 

practical Arithmetic, and the Child's asuiis'an • . 

^A: Boston; Printed by Lincoln and Edmands, and sold at theii Bookstore, 

No. 53, Cornhill. 1809. 

I Copyright notice as above 0 
- MH, J^Hi. 

^on catalog. 

Author file. 


o. 24 Jan., 33d yr. of Ind. 

% Robert Treat Paine, Junr., as Author 

1S09 - 1 

Mae Thomas. (Afterward, ?ain0 » Hationai r 0de’. ^ung^y Mr, Caulfield, 

ftt ^°** neroe and 1 “’ ro0 ^ 0;-u r> t a public festival. (liven in 

hen! HaW Exchange Coffee-House 3 ° s y^f P f iio6ton January 24, 

55* f the S e* niah ^ tri0t f'p b Lo Jun Station. 

• Written by Robert Treat laino, ox - 


printed and sold by Russell and Cutlor, for the author t J3ostonj 


Copyright notice as above. 

This is a four-page leaflet containing the Ode, 

and other libraries have a thirty- six page pamphlet entitled 
"Spain, an Account of the Public Festival ..." vrhich incluaos 

the Ode 3 p* 20—23, 

* X I. Author file. _ lt 

Sabin: 80852 (Entry for n Spain. An Account of the Public Festival. *. 

with explanation of the authorship of the Ode and its copy- 
right Proprietor) 

( 309 ) 

c« 6 Feb,, 33d yr. of Ind. 

By Mrs. Frances Ames, as Proprietor 

1809 - 2 

t i 

Ames, Fisher. m _ , . , 

V.'orks of Fisher Amos, Compiled by a number of his friends. To v/hic 

are prefixed notices of his life and character. Quotation. 

‘Boston. Printed and Published by T. 3. Wait & Co., Court Street. Io03. 

Copyright notice as above, except 0 hob. 

DLC, MH-L, mi i, 15VTA • 

Union catalog. 


A.IJ. Author file. 

Rabin: 1303. 


o. 8 Feb., 33d yr. of Ind. 

By Peter Bryant, as Proprietor 

1809 - 3 

2ryant, T/illiam Cullen. _ . . 

The Embargo; or Sketches of the times. A Satire. The second Edition, 

corrected j and enlarged. Together with the Spanish Revolution, and 
other poems. By William Cullen Bryant. 

®As Boston: Printed for the Author, by K. G. Bouse, ho. 5, Court Street, 

Copyright notico as above, 

t DLC 3 IS, MBAt, MHi, MH. 

■Jhion catalog. 

*•*.1. Author file. 
uab in: 8815. 

(31.1 . 

o. 10 ?Wb., 33d yr. of Ind. 

By William Charles White, as Autior 

1809 - 4 

^ e » William Charles. 

(j, Compendium, and digest of the 
jji, o s h'hite. Counsellor at Law. 
"Oston, Published by Munroe, 
® b ore, Uo. 4, Comhill, 
ijt; . G °Py right notioo as above. 

oataio E4 

* * 1 * Author filo. 

Jaws of Massaohusetts. 3y William 
Quotation. Vol. I, Part I. 

Francis and Parker, Shakospoaro Book' 

1309 . 



c. 16 Pec*, 33d yr, of Lad. 

3y Georg© Schaffer, as Author 



Schafer, ^eorge * 

^ cets of new C 

and Bass* By G m Sch 
Ko copy located* 

r * ** 



, arranged 
To be conti 

for the Piano 



c . 2 Mar * 
3y BpJ 

3od yr, 


r* ^-* 1 - 

1 o 


s, as rropnenor 



S outback, John* 
The life of 
a corals t e 

rns Sarse 


Svi rUv 

oOU'cnacn, written by hissslf * To which will he added 

ne State rriscn up no the present 
on this institution. 

of " ’ 

• - * 

V I 

1 OCX 



t j. wi.S o 

cne eh' 


of " If , " 

/- r 0 q t ^ 

of the Br: 

ortmrirr an ac 


u * j 

in 1803; and 


n’ 1 

6 , 

* ' - 

W s*/ 

Hist or - * c f 

this excellent institution. 
I»o information concei 
publish - r L . 

wcG i ten 11C ^ 1804 

J *“* 

Cp- - r 


j *• 

*" ' 

J A **-w 


r r. 
* - - 

‘TC Z 



♦ - V. 

* _g 

1 ^ 

^ A * - L v * _ j , 

r suffe 

ouner vessels insured at dif— 

w added 4 


Cl X 



- g -i- z ~n,” - 

vi j 

- ’ 

nor. 1 

place of s 

* * 

* ^ 

^ c 

n ti nf 

5 /Vj 

^ O W 9 


nns r 




eci 'jt 

3-1 VZ 

° • J 

- 2 ) 

- aZ 


! --on catalog, 

* cas«, 1803. 

s £ 3222 * 

• - • 

c „ v# 
■-£ tr 




C. i 

A yv >• 

**■ SL2.T * , 


V- I* 



i r* 

as rro 

si o r 

nc v ^ 

i , “* v 

.. * pier, o 

tb » Streets 

tiea , 1503 . 



1 oond in Boston wi 


am naruen, aaopne 

- 7 


p % * 

cae - :.: -s mjaeent exhibi 
Selectmen md 1 5 IT * 


as been located in the archives of the 
following worn c or tains iJ 

* • 

7 r * q 

« W p ■-* j- 


* % r\ 

s Office 

in ^ 

^ ^ i 

• * 

ire o: naps o: 
re to be found i 
collectors of t" 

-ion concur 
oston duI 

to:.. . 

_ w sen nr dv. 

1903 B 

(V.’j 1 -OyJLCS 01 KLAWii - 

a 005 oon or other ccliecnors or une sane, 
off, ISO 3 n 8 S* 

'■ I /u *1 “ J ^ v • v t - 1 

^1 ft nc}v r* r ^»-' , *c. 

j -'•7 . aSC, 

— ^ v » 


..ossessioa of the 



«. JL 




r. ^ 

- A.CO 

' ' * 

^ ice'- 

Sf . • 


^ / e 

1 pond far a.cvej 
Size 28 x 39 l/i 



^ Q ^ ’ £> 

ala fa 

^4l| 1 1 *P 

JSu * 

ch ( 

--w.i ^ 

uted), 70 ft 


i. n 

of Boston ard t v 


'Gitv r*i 

■’j OlotSrf « 

filed, with second inden 


O i/V -La 


^ _ i 

- :r: 


-On nne toiai 

n the archives of the 

oric f 3 Office) 

m r Mi m 

00 rn "rs 


^Surr eying Diriiio^) 

-b " 




c. 15 Apr., 33d yr. of Ind. 

By V/illiam Collier, as Proprietor 

1809 - 8 


n-ier . 

r-elicanaj or Gospel Treasury, containing a great variety of in- 
ti nr anecdotes, remarkable providences, and precious fragments* 
^f^ted chiefly from the London Evangelical Magazine* By Lillian 
Colli® 1 * A.M. Pastor of the Baptist Church in Charlestown, Mass* 

Boston i Published by Hastings, Etheridge and Bliss, State Street; 
and at their store in Charlestown* 1S09. 

Copyright notice as above 

Verso title-page: 

Printed at Charlestown, By Hastings, Etheridge t 

Vo lines 2 and 3 of this work were printed at Charlestown oy Sasiuo 
T. Armstrong, 1310. The title of the whole work in three volumes 

is: The gospel treasury. 

Union catalog* 

A.I.I . Author file* 



c* 20 Apr., 33d yr. of Ind. 
3y Jedidiah Horse, as Author 

1809 - 9 

iiorse, Jedidiah. A , 

Geography made easy; being an abridgment o le _ , _ uge 

Geography* To which are prefixed elements oi geography. - - _ AAmh. 

of Schools and academies in the United Stages o orica. American 

Morse, D.D. author of the American Universal Geography an d 

Gazetteer. Quotation. Illustrated with a map of the world and a map 

of i'orth-America. T m Pw* 4 rrt-AT» 

HWAi Boston? Published by Thoms & Andrews. J. T.^.am, Print , 


Copyright notice as above. 

Preface dated Apr., lc.03. Chailes oi^. e 

I. Author file. 



c. 21 Apr., -j *i 7 1 ’* of In< ^* . 

By Saiauel Uackay, as Proprietor 

1309 - 10 

Hn&ult-Y.aiin, Jean Baptiste Joseph ^enoh^of 1 ^. J. Regnault-Warin, 
The Magdalen Church Yard from the i strozzi e0 , Translated by 

8^J?f ,f J° meo and J p liet * French Language in Williams College 

r Maokay, ex-profoss or of ^ne 

• -‘‘i 7ol. I. ... . .. "•Hieridf'B and lilies. No. 8, State 

3osbon! Published by Hastings, ^ 1809. 2v. in 1. 

£t reet, and at their office m Charloooown, 

i.r„ ^°Pyright notice as above. 

V ’ MH * HN. 

A ^talog. 

* I * Author file. 

c. 11 May, 35d yr. of Ind. 

By Irene© A. T)e Lacroix, as Proprietor 


1809 - 11 

, 518 1 

Croix, Irene© Amelot de» 

* Pa le8^®»d regulations for the Field Exercise and r 
tv Tifth Infantry, issued August 1, 1791. Abridged. And all tl 


“.nAuvres added whioh have been since adopted uy the Emperor Na§oleon. 
rSo The MBond to consist of plates. 3y Col. Ironeo A. D. 

. ’ croix. late chief of Brigate in the French service. 

Ko copy of this edition located. MSA and HK have a th 

copyrighted in 1010. 



319 j 

o. 13 Hay, Sod yr. of Ind. 

By Edward Gillespy, as Proprietor 

- 12 

^The^litary instructor, or, new system of 

as now practised by the British army, accor. .ig _ +v e yilitia of 

comparative notes between the samo and the ro|u ® euba n , ol early deaon- 

strating the superiority of the fomer over the UM«r. J-*^* 1 ** 

with which it can be attained. In i_;irei.. ...rfce. 

rs steps, ob 1 i quing s, wheelings, turnings, to. 


for drill. Part II# 

* the exnrcis©) for funeral processions, ^ 
round of platoon manoeuvres and evolutions; conpns- *g 

c _ . « -i * r ».2 Y-. ^ vr* t'nr ftOTHSTian 


PS, Obliquings, wheelings, turnings, e * “ . J 

The new manual and platoon exercises f and lin^s, 

" m.rv>pssions. to. Part III. A complete 


- the duty of 

A Wilj * I A* W A L V A V ViA* Ja v ^ , I t ' A 

HeccKaaiBxided for adootion to the Hili^i& oi 

1 T ^ # % T_ 

- i ! 

Bv I 

r% * 



Boston. Printed and Sold by Joshua Cu slung. 


o no 

t notice as 

^■•1*1. Author file 




■ -yr 


5 June, Sod yr. of Ind. 

1S09 - 13 

a rrand , 


y, & co., 


'hi tty ^ Joseph* 

A Practical treatise on 

6 OX 

. or Bai Beers . orojiis— 

OiieoKo * X5,aAv * 

a K«nk notes* Joseph Chit y, 

OfV vi,- , _ VaYUr notes* ~>J » • 

0f\u tc8 » bankers ' cash notes, CJ- th0 se oond corrected and an 

^ ^h.0 » m A rxfitvr edition bu»ii «k Adrift 

ddle Temple. A new edition ir 

5** London editionj with the addition al’' 

Counsellor at Law. 

English and African 

(J ri 

* $ 7 Joseph hxoi j , 

•Mtal'MbiiAU u FArrwd, MW 

\ - Ml 

% 4 

y<~rBO title-page: 

* a® 

* Biles. 

®°Py right notice as above 

0 ft talog. 

* • Mas. cde., lbOb. 

Charlestov.-nj Printed by 

_;ar, w k . *1^, » , 


1303 - 14 

o. 16 Juno, 33d yr. of Ind. 

H./ Thomas 3. ’.fait & Co,, as Proprietors 

CftC rod extracts from the Scriptures of tlie old and new Testaments for the 
m oro convenient attainnont of a laiov/lodge of the Inspired writers. 

For tho use of f sohools andj families. Quotation. 
n ; A , Bostons Printed by Thos. B. Wait L Co., Court-Street, 1309. 
Copyright notice as above* 


Union catalog* 

t 322 j c. 17 duly, 34th yr, of Ind* 1309 - 15 

By Rev, Daniel Oliver, as Proprietor 

Griffin, John. 

A child’s memorial, or now tolcen for children exhibiting the early 
piety and happy death of 'liss Dinah Doudney, of Port sea, aped 9 years, 
delivered to a congregation of Children, in Orange Street Chapel, on few 
Year’s day, 1805, To which is added an account of L'iss Oarah Barrow, who 
vras burnt to death April the 4th, 1805, By John Griffin. Second Ana ri can 
Edition. With other lives, additions and corroccions. 

EBAt: Charlestown, (Mass.) Printed by Samuel T. Armstrong. 1309* 

Copyright notice as above* 

This is the only copy of the second Anencan edition located* 
m,k has the first American edition ^1309) and _3 has th© third 

American edition (1809) 

o. 17 July, 34th yr. of Ind. 

By William Charles White, as Author 

1809 - 16 

White, William Charles. . . . 

A compendium and digest of tho laws of Massachusetts. By -illiam 

Charles I’ihite. Counsellor at Law. Quotation. Vo_. I Paru u e 

l ’ Qs Bound with Volume 1, Part I (See 1309 - 4) s ®P a "'“ a 

Boston: Printed by Thoms B. Wait & Co., Court .-.*rect, 180.. 



Copyright notice as above. 
on catalog. 


c. 27 July, 34th yr. of Ind 
By William Allen, as Author 

1809 - 17 

Diotionary containing an 

An American Biographical and Historical Diou ^ eninent porsons 

? ‘|S»f TsoZttZ tLpr^i. .na . 

America from its first diso rj d of the United State*, 

of the history of tho several Colonies and 

Nt), Alien, A ,U. Quotation. id Rnd a r rand, Hal lory & Co., 

Published by William Hilliard, CamDriagwj 

Boston. 1009. 

^°py right notice as above. 

Veroo title-pagoi Hilliard & Motonlf, Printers. 

DLC W# HB| MBAt f I, SaE, MU A • 

Union catalog* 

c( ^ a *i 1009, 

popooitod Dept, of State, Sept. 1, 1809* 

f 326 j c* 17 Aug., 34th yr. of Ind, 1809 - 18 

By Thomas B. Wait & Company, 
as Proprietors 

Tho Civil Officer, or the wholo duty of Shoriffo, Coroners, constables 
and Collectors of taxes* 

MWAi Bostont Printed and published by Thomas fl* Wait & Co*, Court Street, 

Copyright notice as above. 

DLC, MHi. 

Union catalog. 

A*I*I* Author file. 

f 3 26j o, 10 Aug. 34th yr. of Ind. 1009 - 19 

By Thomas & Whipple, as Proprietors 

The military companion; being a system of company discipline founded on 
the regulations of Baron Steuben, Into Major-General and In s poo to r- 
Gonorol of the Amy of tho United Statos. Containing the manual ox- 
or ciso, facings, stops, turnings, wheelings, miooollanoous evolutions, 
and firings. Together vdth tho duty of offioors and privates. Orna-* 
nonted vdth handeoi^o copporplatos of company ovolutions. signed for 
Mil UB ° Third edition, improvod. 

1 Newburyport, Published by Thoaiae & Whipple* poorge Hough, Printer 
Concord f N*H., April - 1810. 

J»ion catalog. 

*"• ^ r; s. cds.^ 1810 (Entry undor Steuben) 



L th r 

c. 2 Sept*, 34th yr. of Ind. 

By Ioaiah Thomas, Junior, ae Proprietor 

1809 - 20 

°Pj Joseph, 

^Pted°+* ° n var ^ ous eubjoots, evangelical, devotional and practical* 
n Huo J ° tho P rom otion of Christian ploty, family religion, and youth ■ 
r *Prinpfi i doneph Lnthrop, D*I>. Pastor of the first Church in West 
^%k\ g e e ^^* fivo volumes* 

^Qcond edition, revised, corrected and enlarged. Published at 

^rooster j F}y ) oainh Thorntis, Jun. Sold at hiH rospootlvo Bookstore 

Vol ° 8 ^ on V/oroester* Thomas Diokman, Printer 1809-10. 5v* 

n-. 1 ^ 00 Vi % 4 6 liavo 1010 on their title-pages. 

.r°py nth* r 


C* l, B. - - 

A . j ' j °^tal 0g . 

• Mbs - Si*.. 



o, 8 Sept,, 34th yr. of Ind, 

By John Eliot, Junior, as Proprietor 

1809 - 21 

, ± John 

^ ' ^r&phioal dictionary, containing a brief account of the first 
h remand other eminent characters among the magistrates, ministers, 

6 °^ rary and worthy men, in New England* By John Eliot, D,D, Corresponding 
rot&ty of the Massachusetts Historical Society* Quotation, 

published by Cushing & Appleton, Salem, <5: Edward Oliver, State St,, 

U * Boston, 1809, E, Oliver, Printer, 

Copyright notice as above, 
PLC, M3, MRAt, NN* 

p n ion catalog, 

A.IJ# Author file, 

Sabin: 22168, 



c, 28 Sept,, 34th yr* of Ind, 
By Jolm No man, as Proprietor 

1809 - 22 

Carle ton, Osgood. 

The Pew American Pilot containing 9 
a large scale from St* Mary's river to 
from the best authorities, July, 1809. 
of the Mathematics, Boston, 

Ko copy located. 

harts of the coast of America on 
he Banks of Newfoundland drawn 
By Osgood Carleton, Esq, Teacher 


c. 30 Sept., 34th yr* of Ind 
By Daniel Belknap, a a Author 

1809 - 23 

Belknap, Daniel. 

The Middlesex Songster; containing a collection of the nost approved 
Bon 5S now in use. By Daniel Belknap, 

Dedham: Printed by H* Mann* 1809, 

Verified by letter from Jolm Hay Library, Brown University. 

Union catalog. 

^* I - 1 • iiss. cds., 1809. 

-’eposited Dept, of State, Mar. 28, 1810. 


0. 2 Oot., 34th yr. of Ind. 

By Isaiah Thomas, Jr, as Proprietor 

1809 - 24 

kldon, WllHam. 

a-], i story of the Heathen Gods, and Heroes of Antiquity. 

Mini Wl 0ri r;tnal translation of the battle of the Gods and Giants 

ROW! a ■» _j i _ ^.1 ttr* 4"Vi *t~Vi BrliU 4*1 t 4 

ch is 

valuable art clos* By Lilliaiti Sheldon, F.A.S. 

Qt p* 0 lamented with a number of elegant outs* 

*™>H»hed at Vioroeeter, By Isaiah Thomas, Jxm. Sold at hi 
c f ; °r«a in Boston and Uoroestor. Isaac Sturtovant, Printer 
ULg ^ ®Pyrlght notice as above. 

"wC ' “ nit . BH. 

~~^55«_cd3, j 1809. ... 






$ 52 1 

c. 17 Oct., 34th yr. of Ind. 

3y Lincoln & Edmonds, an Proprietors 



rjj-s. Eleanor (Read) 

*ptt *1 _ _ _ ^ ~ T"V 

person, --- Mr£J< T ; loanor a icrson; containing a brief 

i0i rs 

sketch of her life 

To which i3 added the Rev. Mr. Viorcester’3 

f 5 * o of her writings, 
tri^h » agi0 ned by hor death. Second edition. 

? 1,(110 Boston, Printed by Lincoln and Edmands, 1809, 

!fiI ' copyright notice as above. 

w T IVJ fv NN . 

DLC, MSft?, 

Union oataloB* 

Author file. 

,3? 3, 

c. 31 Oct., 34th yr. of Ind. 

By Sanuel Holyoke, as Proprietor 

1809 - 26 

U \ A * 

80l The occasional o ompani on j in twelve numbers; containing hymn tunes, 
odes, anthems, &o. Selected and composed by Samuol Hoiyoke, 

Has Ho. VII. Containing a Hymn, set throughout. 

Copy Right secured. Boston: Printed by Thomas Bacigei , Jr. rn.d.j 

CtY-MS: Has No. V. Containing Three anthems. Two ** *^ *, 

... Ten hymn tunes, and A doxology. i'rom the ,-Uoic Press o 

H. Mann, Dedham* (n.d.j 

S55S*wfSS^ , ‘SrS. Lie School of Music Library, which 
also has No. VTI of tnis title. 

Metcalf , 

Onion catalog. 

o. 1 Nov., 34th yr. of Ind. 

%r Joshua Belcher, as Proprietor 

1809 - 27 

ndes and practioe as established by the ^ eat ^ * 

Quotations. First American edition with larg 

Boston, Printed by Joshua Be loner. 

Copyright secured, 

u ftion catalog. 



Pa »ish 

C 4 Hov., 34th yr. of Ind. 

By Thomas & YJhipple, as Proprietors 

1809 - 28 


* Elijah. . or a ronoral description of all 

the I systera of modern - flomuiled from the latest 

i < ' ”i « the vrorld. Compiled from the latest 
“ Ae countries in the ,_ rB(r( , s ^ travels. Designed for 

fich and -^nerican Geog: 

AutW and ac& demies. Dy ^ MO( , rflnhv . « & 0 . &o. 

U A compendious sycton o 

vdth maps* Quotation. 


hurvport, (liass. ) Published by TI 

„ J JJeet. 1810- G reenou^h L Stcbbins, 
Copyright notice as above. 
mt-Ed .T, SK • 

rlC H* 1 ° ! 


Un i? tfss. cds., 

*b«> 60604 • 

( 336j 

and Wliipple, No 

2, State- 


e # 7 Hov,, 34th yr, of Ind, 

By Thomas & Andrews, as Proprietors 

1009 - 29 

^5* new and complete system of Arithmetick, composed for the use of ohe 
/'••Ksens of the United States. By Nicolas f sic.j Pike, A.M., a.A.S, 

. renth edition. Abridged for the use of schools under the direot an o 
ftuthor from the third Octavo edition vfhich was revised, corrected 
improved and more particularly adapted to the federal currency. By 

SKA^^stons Published by Thomas & Andrew, 1809. Buckingham L Tit comb, 

Printers . 

Copyright notice as above, 

DIC, MH-Ed.T, 

Union oatalog. 

Deposited Dept, of State, May 23, lolG, 



c. 7 Nov, , 34th yr. of Ind, 
3y Joseph Emerson, as Author 

1303 - 30 

The Evangelical Primer, containing a minor doctrinal^ catechism; and a 
minor historical catechism; to which is added the Westminster Assam ly 
shorter catechism; with short explanatory and copious s.ripture 
proofs and illustrations; for the use of families ana schools. By Joseph 

person Pastor of a Church in ^erly. SMnuel T . Amstrong. ,n.d 

•A; Charlestown, (Mass.) ^inted ana b , ^ doubt a typ0 - 

graphical error) Recommendations in the work are dated lo09. 

P^Bd.T, »H # 

Union catalog, 

^•Isl. Mss, cds,, 1809, 

• 3 


C. 9 Nov., 34th yr. of Ind. 

By Ezekiel Rich, as Proprietor 

180D - 31 


7he Gi veNmore* ble s sed than the receiver. A 
i r ?^ re Gation in Franklin. By Ilatlianael uimons, 

tin J nnftl Tl 



di scours© addressed to the 


Sold at their Dookstoro, 

°* 33, Comliill* 1309* 
°pyrifht notice as above. 

DiC, **»■ 5111 
& oatal°S. 





c. 17 i’ov., 34 th yr. ox' Ind. 

3y Rodolphus Dickinson, as Author 



piokinson, Rodolphus. 

A Digest of the powers and duties of Sheriffs, coroners, constables, 
4 ool lectors of taxes. By Jtodolphu6 Dickinson, Attorney at Law. 
tfWAi Springfield, Llass. Printed by Thomas Dickman, 1310. 

Copyright notice as above. 


Union catalog. 

A. 1. 1. Mss. cds. , 1810, 

Deposited Dept, of State, July 30, 1810, 

( 3W, 

c, 22 /Jov, , 34 th yr. of Ind. 
By Stephen Clubb, as Author 



Clubb, Stephen. . 

A Journal; containing on account of tue wrongs, sufferings, and nog ec 

experienced by Americans in Prance, By Stephen Clubb, late a prisoner in 

that Empire. Published at the particular request of & number of. citizens 

of the United States who were in confinement and treated as British 

prisoners of war ’.vixen Mr. Clubb left Prance, which was in the month of 

July last, he being set at liberty by express order of the Smperor. 


Mil: Printed at Boston, 1809. 

IM, MBAt, MH, MSaE , HN. 
ifnion catalog. 

Author file. 

Sabins 13795. 


c. 14 Deo., 54th yr. of Ind. 

By Josiah Goddard, as Proprietor 




fflpfcPd, Josiah . 

A new and evangeiioax and America, designed for the 

aost approved aut’iors boU in ^ P oooas io n of Public and 

°f Christians, and suited to almost every ooo 

*** worship. By Josiah Goddard. Quotati 
8 Copy-right secured according to av. 

Wiinehas Allen. 1309. 


*■ 9 

Pittsfield, Printed by 




ified by letter. 

5 * cds,, 1809. 

o. 23 Doc., 34th yr* of Ind. 

3y Hilliard c: Metcalf, as Proprietors 

1809 - 35 

John Quincy « 

^*** # tures on Rhetoric and Oratory, delivered to the two Senior classes 
fhrva r<i College. By John Quincy Adams, Esq. late Professor of 
^ 1 „? 0 and Oratory in that University. In 

8b0S° riV . . . . , * A Ill 1 V, «4 

•- § 

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two volume 

^ " „x 

Copyright notice, 1 Jan., 34th yr. (Typographical orrorr; 

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DM, - . , 


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